Dual Cultivation

Chapter 292 A Special Reward

Chapter 292 A Special Reward

"This Fingers of Fulfillment technique… is that what you have been using during your massages?"

Lan Liqing walked beside Su Yang and asked him as the Junior Disciples studied.

"Sort of…" Su Yang smiled.

Lan Liqing shook her head inwardly. A technique created by the God of Pleasure… it's no wonder why Su Yang's massages feel out of this world. 

An hour later, Su Yang clapped his hands and said loudly, "It's been an hour now."

Although they were fully focused on the technique and did not want to stop, the Junior Disciples stopped studying and lifted their heads to look at Su Yang.

"Each of you here will pair up with someone of the opposite gender and use the Fingers of Fulfillment on them. Of course, due to the uneven ratio of male and female, if you do not have a partner, just make do with someone."

A few minutes later, after scrambling around trying to find their friends, the Junior Disciples all found their partners.

"If you are standing on my right side now, you will be going first, and the other individual will face you with their backs."

The Junior Disciples followed his instructions and quickly got into position.

"Good. Now I want those of you on the right side to find the vital spot on your partner and poke that spot, and you a minute before switching positions with your partner."

The Junior Disciples wasted no time and immediately began looking for the vital spots on their partners.

A few of these Junior Disciples that had grasped the Fingers of Fulfillment to a certain extent within that hour took just a few seconds to locate the vital spot on their partner. However, the rest of these Junior Disciples did not manage to locate this vital spot even after spending an entire minute.

Some of these Junior Disciples even poked a random spot on their partner's back in desperation, hoping that they'd guessed correctly. However, Su Yang easily saw through their bullshit. That being said, he did not say anything and continued to watch these disciples.

A minute later, Su Yang spoke, "Now switch positions."

After the Junior Disciples swapped positions, Su Yang gave the starting signal, and these Junior Disciples immediately began searching for their partner's vital spot.

When this short minute was over, Su Yang clapped his hands and spoke, "Stop."

The Junior Disciples turned to look at him.

"The majority of you were not able to locate your partner's vital spot, but you should not be discouraged over this result."

"As for those of you who were able to locate your partner's vital spots, if I were you, until you can instantly see these vital spots, I wouldn't be celebrating yet. In fact, although you located their vital spot, you were unable to awaken it, bringing pleasure to them. Unless you can do both of these things, you have not learned the Finger of Fulfillment yet."

Suddenly, one of the disciples raised her hand.

"What is it?"

"Senior apprentice-brother, how far can one achieve with this technique?"

Hearing this question, a mysterious smile appeared on Su Yang's face.

"Although it may seem simple and straightforward, this technique is actually infinitely profound and deep. In fact, if you can master it, then you can bring even gods down to their knees with a single finger."


The Junior Disciples believed that Su Yang was exaggerating this technique to make it seem more impressive. If only they knew that Su Yang was speaking from experience…

"Anyway, this marks the end of today's lecture. Keep cultivating the technique I gave you today and we will meet again next week at the same time, where there will be another test."


The Junior Disciples expressed surprise when they heard his words.

Again? He will be lecturing them again?

"This isn't a one-time thing?" Someone asked.

"Including today's lecture, I will be doing seven lectures over the course of the next few weeks," said Su Yang.

The Junior Disciples immediately jumped in excitement upon hearing this news. It should be obvious by now that these Junior Disciples are quite fond of Su Yang and being taught by their savior and idol only made the lessons more enjoyable.

With that being said, they also found today's lecture very informative and profound. In fact, this is the most they've ever learned ever since becoming a Junior Disciple!

What's more, they even gained a new and precious technique that greatly suits this kind of place!

"Oh, one more thing. During the course of my lectures until the last day, if anyone here can locate and awaken my vital spot, I will give them a special reward."

"What kind of special reward?!" Someone couldn't hold their excitement and asked.

"That will be up to you to find out," he responded with a smile.

After dismissing the Junior Disciples, Su Yang said to Lan Liqing, "Why don't we head back and continue our business?"

Lan Liqing smiled and whispered in his ears, "My little flower has been soaking wet ever since you awakened the lust in my body…"

Su Yang chuckled and said nothing else before taking Lan Liqing back to his room, where they cultivated intensely for the remainder of the day.

"Seventh level of the Earth Spirit Realm, huh? You have grown a lot."

"This was only possible because of your Yang Qi, Su Yang."

Lan Liqing smiled.

Because of his rich and powerful Yang Qi, Lan Liqing's cultivation base has experienced tremendous growth. In fact, all of the disciples that have cultivated with him felt as though they were a carp leaping through the dragon's gate afterward.

"By the way, your Yang Qi feels and tastes different than usual… Did something happen?" Lan Liqing asked him after noticing this change.

While she can tell that it's definitely of higher quality than previously, unlike Fang Zhelan, she wasn't able to see Su Yang's Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivation base even after tasting it.

"A slight breakthrough," Su Yang casually answered with a smile on his face.

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