Dual Cultivation

Chapter 291 Fingers of Fulfillmen

Chapter 291 Fingers of Fulfillmen

"As you have just witnessed, there are other places you can use to please your partners, even if it's a spot that seems completely innocent and uncommon. As long as you have the technique, you can please your partner without touching their sensitive parts."

The Junior Disciples forcefully swallowed their saliva, feeling a strong desire to learn this technique.

"However, in order for you to fully understand it, I will have all of you here experience it for yourselves — this technique."

Su Yang pointed to the Junior Disciple that was the closest to him and said, "I want everybody to line up behind her, and when it's your turn, come up to the stage."

The Junior Disciple who was first in line eagerly went onto the stage.

"And to make this even more exciting, if you manage to stay on your feet after experiencing my technique, I will reward you with one hundred Spirit Stones."

"One hundred Spirit Stones?!?!"

The Junior Disciples were shocked by Su Yang's generosity. Although one hundred Spirit Stones may not seem a lot, it's was enough resources for them to cultivate without nonstop for the next year or two!

"I will begin now."

Su Yang slowly moved his hand towards this Junior Disciples back, before poking a specific spot on her back with a single finger.


The Junior Disciple suddenly felt a profound feeling overwhelm her body, causing her entire body to fall on the floor, almost like she'd just been shocked by electricity.


The other Junior Disciples watching felt their jaws hit the ground after witnessing this scene. This one hundred Spirit Stone might actually be much harder to obtain than they initially thought.

"Are you okay?" Su Yang asked the Junior Disciple as he helped her get back on her feet.

"W-W-What was that feeling…?"

The Junior Disciple couldn't stop her body from trembling, as the aftereffects were still present. In fact, the feeling had stimulated her body so much that she'd pissed herself a little bit.

Once the first person experienced Su Yang's technique, the next person went on the stage.


Unlike the first disciple who barely managed to control her bladder, the second Junior Disciple not only fell to the floor but also straight-up pissed herself after experiencing Su Yang's godly finger poking skills.

"You can go to your room and clean yourself before returning," said Su Yang.

"Eh? But I don't want to miss the lecture…"

"You don't have to worry about that because I will not start the lesson until everyone returns."

Such words meant that Su Yang was expecting plenty more Junior Disciples to piss themselves.


The Junior Disciple nodded and left the lecture hall to clean herself.

Taking at most a minute of time for each disciple, Su Yang managed to have all 70 disciples there experience his techniques within half an hour.

At the end of this demonstration, the number of disciples that managed to remain standing after being poked in the back by Su Yang was unsurprisingly zero.

Once all of the Junior Disciples have returned after leaving to clean themselves, Su Yang asked them, "Tell me what you learned from this experience."

The Junior Disciples exchanged glances. Besides learning what 'true' pleasure felt like, they couldn't think of anything else.

After a moment of silence, a little girl raised her hands.

"That's my little girl!"

Lan Liqing smiled inwardly when she noticed Qi Yue raise her hands.

"Go ahead."

"Umm… I have noticed that the places you poked were all different for everybody! Maybe each person has a different pleasure spot?"

Su Yang smiled and nodded, "Excellent observation."

And since he didn't really expect anyone here to notice that point, Su Yang decided to reward Qi Yue for her achievement.

"Here's one hundred Spirit Stones."

Su Yang casually threw a bag of Spirit Stones towards Qi Yue, who frantically went to catch it.

The other Junior Disciples looked at her with envious gazes, regretting that they weren't the one who noticed.

"Don't worry, there will be plenty more chances for you to earn something during my lectures."

The Junior Disciples immediately became hyped, and their focus for the lectures became much more serious.

"What an expensive carrot he is using to keep these Junior Disciples serious about his lectures…"

Lan Liqing's eyes were wide open from shock when Su Yang casually handed a Junior Disciple one hundred Spirit Stones. That's already more than her annual salary! And just from answering a mere question correctly!

Lan Liqing could not think of any sect elders that would be rich and crazy enough to use this tactic. However, this kind of unpredictable behavior is only a fraction of what she loves about Su Yang.

"Like she said just now, everybody has a different vital spot, but that's not all, as there are usually more than one of these spots on any given individual."

Su Yang continued with the lecture.

"Now that all of you have seen and experienced the technique firsthand, I will be giving everyone here a chance to learn it."

After saying those words, Su Yang waved his sleeves, causing seventy pieces of paper to appear and fly towards the Junior Disciples.

"On that piece of paper is a technique that will allow you to sense and awaken these vital spots, causing intense pleasure to those experiencing it, and its name is Fingers of Fulfillment."

"It is said that this technique was created by the God of Pleasure, and if you treat it carelessly or recklessly, the God of Pleasure will curse you for an eternity, depriving you of pleasure for life."

The Junior Disciples forcefully swallowed their saliva upon hearing such a background to this profound technique.

"With that said, all of you are to study this technique for the next hour before I test your comprehension skills immediately afterward."

The Junior Disciples wasted no time and immediately delved into the technique.

All of them wanted to impress Su Yang, but even more, learn this technique that may very well change their lives forever.

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