Dual Cultivation

Chapter 290 Lecturing the Junior Disciples

Chapter 290 Lecturing the Junior Disciples

On the same day, a few hours after Su Yang cultivated with Sun Jingjing, another unexpected individual made an appearance before Su Yang.

"Su Yang, I'd like to personally thank you for saving the Junior Disciples, especially Qi Yue, whom I've known for a very long time now. I cannot imagine what would've happened to her if you didn't save her from the bandits..."

Lan Liqing bowed to Su Yang with an earnest expression.

"I was simply doing my job as a disciple of this place."

"There's no need to be humble." Lan Liqing smiled.

And she continued, "By the way, are you free right now? It's been a while since we last cultivated, you know?"

"Although I would love to cultivate with you right now, I am actually going to the lecture hall right now, so if you don't mind waiting until afterward."

"The lecture hall? Which sect elder is giving lectures right now?" Lan Liqing was certain that no sect elders were giving lectures at this time.

"I am the one that will be giving the lectures."

"What? Who will you be lecturing?" Lan Liqing looked at him with wide eyes.

"The Junior Disciples, as the Sect Master had instructed."

"The Sect Master ordered you to lecture the Junior Disciples? Why would she do that?"

"A punishment for a small mistake I made," Su Yang casually smiled.

"Anyway, I have already notified the Junior Disciples of the lecture, and I am heading there now."

"Do you mind if I come, too?"

Lan Liqing asked, feeling quite interested in how Su Yang will be lecturing these kids.

"That's fine; it'll be a public lecture, anyway."

Lan Liqing nodded and followed Su Yang to the lecture hall in the Inner Court, as that was where the Junior Disciples are all gathered.

Sometime later, when Su Yang arrived at the Lecture Hall, around 70 Junior Disciples greeted him.

"Good morning, senior apprentice-brother!"

The Junior Disciples were slightly surprised to see Lan Liqing there, too. Will she also be partaking in this lecture?

"This disciple greets Elder Lan!"

"I am only here to watch," said Lan Liqing as she walked to the back of the lecture hall.

A few moments later, once everybody was seated, Su Yang walked to the stage and spoke calmly, "Good morning, disciples. My name is Su Yang, and I will be your instructor today."

"Before I start my lecture, I have a question for all of you — what is the purpose of dual cultivation?"

A few Junior Disciples immediately raised their hands.


Su Yang randomly picked one of them.


The Junior Disciple stood up and began explaining, "The purpose of dual cultivation is to cultivate!"

"A simple and correct answer, but dual cultivation is much more than just that; it's a bonding between two individuals — one that will last an eternity if you do it properly."

"How do we do it properly?"

Someone asked.

"That would be through pleasure. The more you are able to please your partner, the stronger that bond will become. After all, if you cannot please your partner, they will simply find someone else who can."

"Thus, pleasure will be the main topic of today's lecture."


Lan Liqing, who has been silently watching the lecture, couldn't help but feel amazed by Su Yang's calm and smooth lecture. Even though it's only just started, she can tell that Su Yang has a profound experience in lecturing others.

"His calmness… the profound aura that surrounds him when he speaks… it's almost like he's been doing this for many years…"

Lan Liqing began wondering if Su Yang was a great teacher in his past life.

"There are many types of pleasure in this world, but I will be focusing on the type of pleasure that affects your body physically."

Su Yang then randomly picked one of the Junior Disciples, who was a male, and asked him, "How would you pleasure your partner?"

"Umm… by caressing her body gently?"

"Hoh? And which part of her body will you be touching?"

"The lower part…?" The Junior Disciple replied with a doubting voice.

Su Yang shook his head.

"If you can only please a woman by touching that area, you are the definition of mediocre."

Su Yang then turned to look at Lan Liqing and spoke, "Elder Lan, if you don't mind, would you come up here so I can demonstrate something to these young disciples?"

Lan Liqing did not think too much and nodded.

A few moments later, when Lan Liqing stepped onto the stage, Su Yang whispered in her ears, "This will be quite stimulating…"

"Eh? What are you going to do to me in front of all these Junior Disciples?" Lan Liqing became hesitant, as she did not want to show them anything embarrassing.

"Don't worry, I won't do anything weird."

"If you say so…"

Su Yang then stood directly behind Lan Liqing and placed his hands on her back.


Lan Liqing's body trembled when she felt Su Yang's fingers caress her back. Despite wearing robes, it felt as though she was naked when being touched by him.

The next moment, Su Yang pressed one of his fingers in specific locations on Lan Liqing's back, pushing his fingers deep into her skin.


Lan Liqing released an uncontrollable moan when a sudden wave of pleasure assaulted every inch of her body, and she fell to her knees a second later.

The Junior Disciples' eyes widened at the scene. What just happened? Why did Lan Liqing react the way she just did? All Su Yang did was poke her back with one of his fingers!

"Elder Lan, if you don't mind, why don't you tell these disciples here what kind of feeling went through your body just now?" Su Yang said to her.


After taking a moment to calm down, Lan Liqing mumbled in a voice that was barely audible, "It was a feeling that made my entire body feel weak and sluggish… but it was an extremely pleasurable feeling."


The Junior Disciples expressed awe upon witnessing Su Yang's techniques. He managed to force a sect elder to her knees from pleasure with just a single finger!

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