Dual Cultivation

Chapter 289 The Sun Family Will Not Allow It!

Chapter 289 The Sun Family Will Not Allow It!



It hasn't even been five minutes since Su Yang began licking her little sister and Sun Jingjing was already out of breath from all the screaming and moaning.

"Do you need a break?"

Su Yang asked her a few minutes later.

Sun Jingjing wiped the tears of pleasure from the corner of her eyes and shook her head.

"Please… continue…"

Su Yang nodded and stood up.

He then pressed the tip of his rod into Sun Jingjing's tight hole, before tearing the seal that preserved her purity apart with one strong thrust.


Feeling her cave being ripped open by Su Yang's monster, Sun Jingjing cried out loud.

"So this is dual cultivation!"

Sun Jingjing closed her eyes to feel the profound feeling that was circulating all over her body.




Su Yang drilled Sun Jingjing's hole continuously for the next half an hour, and it felt like he was digging a well, as there was water constantly leaking and spraying from the hole.

After a few more minutes of dual cultivation, when Sun Jingjing seemed to be at her limit, Su Yang released his Yang Qi into her.

Sun Jingjing's body trembled and also released the last drop of Yin Qi that was within her.

A few moments of silence later, Sun Jingjing asked him, "Can I come again…?"

"Anytime you want," responded Su Yang with a smile.




Sometime later, after Sun Jingjing left Su Yang's living quarters, she went to meet with Elder Sun.

"You… you really did it, huh…"

Elder Sun instantly recognized the change in her aura and sighed deeply.

"That's right. I cultivated with him."

Sun Jingjing nodded, her voice even filled with a sense of pride.

"Do you regret it?" Elder Sun asked.


 After a moment of silence, Sun Jingjing smiled and said, "I regret… not meeting him earlier in my life…"

Elder Sun's eyes widened from surprise.

"Grandfather, I have decided."

Sun Jingjing suddenly said.

"Eh? What do you mean by that?" Elder Sun asked.

"I want to continue our lineage with him. I want to bear his child."

"What?! This is too sudden!" Elder Sun immediately stood up from his seat and exclaimed loudly.

"Cultivating with him is one thing, but bearing his child?! You have no idea what you are talking about! I — the Sun Family will not allow it! And you are still too young!"

Elder Sun strongly rejected Sun Jingjing's idea.

However, Sun Jingjing remained calm and said, "I never said that it will be anytime soon. By the time I want to bear his child, the Sun Family will definitely be supportive."

"What makes you so confident that the family will accept it?" Elder Sun frowned.

"In the cultivation world, power is of the utmost importance — even more important than appearances and status. And knowing the Sun Family that is always chasing after fame or power, once they learn of Su Yang's existence, it will only be natural for them to chase after him."

"That brat is powerful? Although I admit that he is someone with a special characteristic, it does not amount to being powerful."

Sun Jingjing shook her head and spoke, "You did not see the way he handled those bandits… In fact, I purposely skipped a few details about that day…"

Elder Sun's frowned only became deeper.

"What do you mean by that?"

Elder Sun recalled Sun Jingjing's explanation on the day of the rescue mission, but he couldn't figure out what she purposely hid.

"During my explanation, I only mentioned that there were a few bandits… However, if it was just a few bandits, why were the four sect elders unable to handle them? That is simply because they were all at the True Spirit Realm and the Profound Spirit Realm."

"What did you say?!"

Elder Sun couldn't believe that he had missed something like this! What's more, even the Sect Leader and the other sect elders also missed it!

"Su Yang, being only at the Profound Spirit Realm, managed to kill all ten bandits by himself and with ease, and half of them were at the True Spirit Realm, an entire realm about his own cultivation base… That is something even grandfather, who is at the peak of the True Spirit Realm, cannot easily achieve..."

"As for the bandits' hideout… I cannot even imagine how he saved those people from such a place…"


Elder Sun turned silent, but it was not because he was shocked. Instead, he was pondering something Sun Jingjing had said just now.

"If I recall correctly, you said the bandits were named the Red Mountain Bandits, right? Although I have only heard of them once because they operate mostly within the Southern Region, it was a story where a thousand of these bandits had raided an entire city, stealing everything before burning it to the ground."

"A… A thousand…? Are you sure about that number, grandfather?" Sun Jingjing expressed her doubts, as even she cannot believe that Su Yang could have dealt with a thousand bandits at once...

Elder Sun nodded. "I can do some research on them, but I am certain that they are a large group of bandits if not one of the largest within the Southern Region."

"But no matter their number, just his feat of defeating those ten bandits alone is praise-worthy… even if he's not at the Profound Spirit Realm."

"Eh? Are you implying that Su Yang may have already surpassed the Profound Spirit Realm and entered the True Spirit Realm?" Sun Jingjing questioned.

"I cannot be certain because he's always hiding his Profound Qi, but his aura is not something a mere Profound Spirit Realm should have. I would not be surprised at all if he's already reached the True Spirit Realm."

Although Elder Sun is not aware, Su Yang has not been concealing his Profound Qi at all. The reason Elder Sun could not see his Profound Qi and came to the assumption that Su Yang is hiding his Profound Qi is simply because of the huge disparity between their cultivation bases.

"Wait… you cultivated with him, right? Can't you tell his cultivation base from his Yang Qi?" Elder Sun suddenly asked.

Sun Jingjing smiled bitterly and said, "This is my first time coming in contact with Yang Qi, and you expect me to know such a technique?"

"Anyway, it does not matter if he is at the Profound Spirit Realm or the True Spirit Realm. I have already decided to dedicate my life to him, and neither you nor the Sun Family will change that."

"Haaaa… Looks like I will have to visit the Sun Family later…" Elder Sun thought to himself while sighing inwardly.

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