Dual Cultivation

Chapter 288 Tasting Sun Jingjing

Chapter 288 Tasting Sun Jingjing

Su Yang and Liu Lanzhi left Fang Zhelan and Xiao Bai alone a few minutes later.

"Su Yang, wait a moment."

Liu Lanzhi stopped him before he could leave fully.

"What's the matter, Sect Master? Have you changed your mind and decided to scold me for what happened a few days ago?"

Su Yang asked with a smile on his face.

"Hmph! Although I won't punish you for that, I still haven't forgotten about what you did to my face, and I sure hope that you haven't forgotten about it, either!"

Su Yang raised an eyebrow, wondering what she's referring to.

After a quick moment of pondering, he finally recalled that incident where he slapped her face to wake her up from her seemingly eternal slumber.

"Oh, that? What of it?" He casually responded.

"I am giving to give you your punishment right now!"

Su Yang did not say anything and waited for her to continue.

"As punishment for slapping my face, I will have you lecture the Junior Disciples for a few days!"

Su Yang raised his eyebrows again. He will be lecturing the Junior Disciples?

"Shouldn't it normally be sect elders in this role? Are you sure that you want me, an inexperienced and illiterate disciple, to lecture the future of this sect?"

Su Yang asked.

When Su Yang put it like that, it made Liu Lanzhi rethink her decision.

However, after recalling the slick man that is Su Yang, she spoke, "Although I call it a lecture, you won't need to write or read for this, so it'll be fine. In fact, the topic of the lecture will all be decided by you, the instructor."

"So I can make the lecture anything I want it to be?"

"That's right."

Liu Lanzhi nodded.

"However, that being said, the topic should remain in our field of expertise, which is dual cultivation."

"That's fine; it's not as if I know anything else."

Su Yang shrugged with a smile.

"So, when do I start? And how many lectures do I need to give?"

"I don't care when you decide to give these lectures, but there should be at least once a week. As for how many…"

After pondering for a moment, she continued: "Seven. I want you to give seven lectures. You can do all of it within a week, or you can extend it to seven weeks. As long as you complete seven lectures, I will forgive you for slapping my beautiful face."

Su Yang did not refute at all and nodded.

"Very well, I shall give these Junior Disciples even lectures."

Unbeknownst to Liu Lanzhi, Su Yang had already considered teaching these Junior Disciples a thing or two before she came to him. In fact, even without this punishment, he would've gone to her and ask for permission to teach these Junior Disciples.

His reasoning for wanting to teach these Junior Disciples was simple; he felt that the overall quality of dual cultivation in this place was lackluster, especially for a place that specializes in it, so he wanted to kick the standards up a notch or two.

"As long as you understand. Just use this jade slip to notify them of the date you will be giving the lecture."

Liu Lanzhi left him alone after giving him a jade slip.

On the way home, Su Yang pondered how he should lecture the Junior Disciples.

"On-hand experience will be impossible considering their age, but there are plenty of other methods to teach them."

After returning home, Su Yang began preparing materials for the lecture.




On the following day, an unexpected visitor arrived at Su Yang's living quarters.

"Su Yang, are you free right now?"

Sun Jingjing, who stood outside his door, asked him.

"I am."

"That's good."

Sun Jingjing nodded.

After a moment of silence, she continued, "Then, would you like to cultivate with me?"

Su Yang raised an eyebrow, feeling slightly surprised by her sudden approach.

"You… You don't want me as a partner?"

Sun Jingjing asked after receiving no answer for a few seconds.

Su Yang chuckled and spoke, "I was just slightly surprised due to it being so sudden. Come inside, I will gladly cultivate with you."

Once they went inside, Sun Jingjing sat on his bed with a stiff expression, seemingly nervous about the situation.

In fact, this is the first time in her life that she's ever been this nervous.

"Umm… to tell you the truth, I am still pure… so this will be my first time…"

Sun Jingjing decided to tell him the truth, something he already knew since the first day he met her.

"And you decided to choose me as your first partner? I'm flattered."


Sun Jingjing blushed at his words.

Sometime later, once Sun Jingjing had prepared her heart, she began removing her robes.

A few moments later, once they were both naked, Sun Jingjing approached Su Yang.

"Although I have zero experience in this, it's not as if I know nothing…"

Sun Jingjing went to grab Su Yang's already stiff little brother and began stroking it gently with her smooth hands.

Next, she moved her mouth closer to the tip and began licking it.

Once she familiarized herself with this sensual feeling, Sun Jingjing opened her mouth wide and accepted Su Yang's thick rod into her mouth.

And for the next few minutes, Sun Jingjing would not think about anything besides the stiff rod that was in her mouth, almost like she had grown addicted to it.




While Sun Jingjing savored every corner of his little brother, Su Yang thought to himself, "Not bad for her first time…"

Although she was rough and forceful at first, Sun Jingjing quickly learned to use her mouth pleasantly, and within mere minutes, she was sucking on Su Yang's rod as though she was an expert.

After another few minutes, Su Yang said to her, "Let me pleasure you now."

Sun Jingjing nodded and laid on the bed, not even bothering to cover her beautiful body.

She had medium-sized breasts, a slim and untainted body, and a delicious-looking flower that was ready to be plucked at any moment now.

However, Su Yang did not immediately penetrate her and decided to taste her wet little cave with his mouth first.


Sun Jingjing gasped from shock as Su Yang's lips gently pressed against her cave, and within moments, she felt as though she'd just entered heaven, screaming and moaning in delight.

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