Dual Cultivation

Chapter 274 Something Different About Her

Chapter 274 Something Different About Her

As Su Yang pounded Wang Shuren's body, her large breasts would jiggle wildly with each thrust.


Wang Shuren moaned loudly as she tightly hugged Su Yang's neck with her long arms, feeling as though she was going crazy from the pleasure that assaulted her burning body.

"More... I want to feel your warmth even more, Su Yang!"

Su Yang heard Wang Shuren's plea and hugged her body, and a soft and warm feeling pressed against his chest.

It was an exotic feeling. And coupled with the tight and squeezing feeling on his little brother, it made Su Yang felt as though he was in heaven.

However, because he did not want Wang Shuren to lose her ability to walk properly after this, he held back on his techniques and cultivated with her 'normally'.

Thus, after cultivating with Wang Shuren for nearly half an hour, Su Yang said, "I am going to release it."

"D-Do it inside…"

Wang Shuren said.

While she does not plan on getting pregnant today, she wanted to accept everything Su Yang has to offer her. And as long as she consumes a pill that prevents pregnancy no longer than five days after receiving his Yang Qi, she will not get pregnant.

Su Yang nodded and began thrusting even faster and harder.



A few moments later, Su Yang removed the restraint on his little brother and filled Wang Shuren's hole with Yang Qi.


Wang Shuren also climaxed, but it was obviously not her first time today.

"Haa… Haaa… Haaaa…"

Wang Shuren took a long moment to catch her breath afterward.

Su Yang unplugged his rod from Wang Shuren's hole and covered his body with robes again.

After resting for a few minutes, Wang Shuren also wore her undergarments and robes and prepared to leave.

"Su Yang… can I come back again to… you know?" she asked him with a bashful smile.

"I won't go easy on you the next time you come," he responded with a smile.

If he hadn't gone easy on her, Wang Shuren would not be standing right now, much less have the ability to walk.

"Then, I will see you again."

Wang Shuren left the place and returned to where her fellow disciples were waiting a few minutes later.




When Great Elder Han noticed Wang Shuren's figure, he immediately called for her, "Elder Wang! You are finally back! I was getting tired of waiting!"


Great Elder Han suddenly narrowed his eyes at Wang Shuren. He felt that there was something different about her right now — something that did not exist before leaving.

It felt like she had matured a little bit more, but such a feeling did not make sense to Great Elder Han.

The other people there noticed it too, but none of them were able to figure out why they were feeling this from her — nobody but Liu Lanzhi.

When Liu Lanzhi saw Wang Shuren for the first time after she returned, her eyes widened with disbelief.

"Before leaving, she had the aura of a maiden, but now… it's gone! Hell, I can even sense Su Yang's Yang Qi and smell his scent on her body!" she thought inwardly.

Although even a sharp individual like Great Elder Han did not notice such details, as an expert in this sort of thing, how can Liu Lanzhi miss it? In fact, she immediately noticed this change in Wang Shuren's aura at a glance! However, this knowledge only shocked her even further.

"This Su Yang… he actually managed to pluck Wang Shuren's Pure Yin Essence!"

In terms of status, Wang Shuren is slightly below Liu Lanzhi, who is the Sect Master of an entire Sect. However, in terms of influence and importance, Wang Shuren far exceeded Liu Lanzhi because of her identity as an Alchemy Master and her Burning Lotus Pills!

And for Su Yang to persuade such a figure to cultivate with him, even giving her first time to him, it was nothing short of a miracle. As for how Su Yang even managed such a feat, Liu Lanzhi could only imagine.

"I am done here, so I will be leaving now."

Wang Shuren said the moment she appeared.


Liu Lanzhu suddenly stopped her.

However, Liu Lanzhi had unconsciously stopped Wang Shuren, so she actually didn't know what to say and remained silent afterward.

"What is the matter, Sect Master?"

Wang Shuren turned around to ask her.


Wang Shuren narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

"Is she aware of what happened?"

Wang Shuren wondered inwardly, feeling somewhat anxious.

"If it's not too much to ask, and since you are already here, can I order some Burning Lotus Pills for my Profound Blossom Sect?"

Liu Lanzhi managed to make up an excuse for stopping her.

That being said, having some Burning Lotus Pills would greatly benefit them, too.

Hearing her words, Wang Shuren felt relieved in her heart.

"How many do you want to order?" she asked Liu Lanzhi.

"Would 10 Burning Lotus Pill be too much to ask?"

"No, it's fine."

Wang Shuren then retrieved her storage pouch and pulled out a few bottles of Burning Lotus Pill from inside and placed it on the table beside her.

"There are 30 Burning Lotus Pills here, you can have them for free," said Wang Shuren.

Not just Liu Lanzhi but even Wang Shuren's own people were dumbfounded by her generosity.

Normally, every Sect would not be allowed to order more than five at a time, yet she actually gifted the Profound Blossom Sect 30 Burning Lotus Pills at once? And all for free, at that? It sounded almost too good to be true.

"T-Thank you!" Liu Lanzhi hasty thanked her, as she did not expect such an outcome.

But after recalling Wang Shuren's relationship with Su Yang, her actions might not seem so outrageous after all.

As for the people from the Burning Lotus Sect, they took Wang Shuren's generosity as pity for the Profound Blossom Sect's situation and did not put too much thought into it, not to mention that those pills belonged to her, so they were in no position to object to her decision.

After gifting the Burning Lotus Pills to Liu Lanzhi, Wang Shuren left the Profound Blossom Sect.

However, before leaving, Wang Shuren said to Liu Lanzhi, "I will return later with your order for the Burning Lotus Pills."


Liu Lanzhi stared at Wang Shuren with a dumbfounded face as she left the place.

Then she looked at the 30 Burning Lotus Pills on the table not too far from her.

"Then what are these for?" she asked herself inwardly.

After thinking for a moment, she smiled bitterly and shook her head.

"So you are also ensnared by that dangerous man, huh."

Although she cannot understand why Wang Shuren would pick someone like Su Yang to be her first partner, she understood very well why Wang Shuren wanted to return for more.

After all, his dick is simply too good to not return for a second round!

After Wang Shuren and her group left, Liu Lanzhi secured the Burning Lotus Pills at a safe location before returning to the Yin Yang Pavilion.

As for Su Yang, he was busy with the female disciples that had been waiting outside for him.

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