Dual Cultivation

Chapter 273 Punishing Wang Shuren

Chapter 273 Punishing Wang Shuren

Once Su Yang's hand reached the sash that was keeping Wang Shuren's robes together, he slowly pulled it, causing the flamed robes to fall onto the ground.

Wang Shuren's face reddened when she saw Su Yang's gaze staring at her body intensively.  However, oddly enough, she was not bothered by it. Unlike the dirty and perverted gazes that people usually give her, Su Yang's gaze was filled with tenderness and love; it was actually a pleasant feeling that made her body feel warmer.

"S-Su Yang…"

Wang Shuren looked at him with a slightly anxious gaze, seemingly worried about what's about to happen — not that she was not expecting such a result in the first place.

"Don't worry, I will guide you…and your body."

Su Yang spoke as he pulled her to the bed.

Wang Shuren laid on the bed with her black undergarments in plain sight, enhancing her mature beauty even further.

"If this takes too long, my people will become suspicious…"

Wang Shuren suddenly said to him.

Su Yang nodded and proceeded to remove the black Dudou that covered Wang Shuren's large breasts.

Once removed, a large pair of pale and beautiful breasts with pretty pink tips was revealed before Su Yang, who immediately feasted upon it with his eyes.

Out of all of his partners in this small world, be it the chest or the butt, Wang Shuren definitely has the biggest proportions. However, despite having such big additions, she remained graceful and her body was slim and tall, almost like an hourglass.

Hell, even in the Four Divine Heavens, there were not many women that he knew could beat Wang Shuren in terms of size, especially the two melons on her chest.

"Excuse me…"

Wanting to have a taste of her melons, Su Yang quickly but gently placed his mouth directly on Wang Shuren's breast, before using his tongue to tease her erect nipples.


Wang Shuren released a loud moan as an otherworldly feeling quickly enveloped her entire body.

After teasing Wang Shuren's breasts for a few moments, Su Yang suddenly slipped one of his hands into the undergarment that was covering Wang Shuren's treasure room.

He then used his fingers to caress the soaking wet flower petals whilst still sucking on her breasts, causing Wang Shuren to moan even louder.

"Ah…. Ahhhh… Ahhhhhhh!"

Wang Shuren was feeling an indescribable feeling of pleasure at this moment, and both her heart and mind became filled with lust.

"S-Su Yang…"

Wang Shuren gazed at Su Yang's handsome face with passionate eyes. She has never felt such a way towards another individual, much less a young man that was only half her age. As for her anxiousness, it had long disappeared without even being aware of it herself.

Sometime later, Su Yang pulled his hands out of Wang Shuren's underwear, and her Yin Qi dripped all over the bed from his hand.

Thinking that Su Yang was done, Wang Shuren used this time to catch her breath from all that moaning, but before she could even rest for a few seconds, Su Yang's hands were already pulling down the last undergarment that kept her body from being completely bare.

Once the last piece of undergarment was stripped from Wang Shuren's body, Su Yang opened her legs and moved his mouth towards her soaking wet little sister.

Su Yang kissed the oozing slit before invading Wang Shuren's cave with his snake-like tongue.


Juice continuously flowed from Wang Shuren's lower body as she moaned loudly, and she could feel as though electricity were dancing in her veins, which was causing her body to tremble with delight.

After Su Yang was satisfied with the taste of Wang Shuren's Yin Qi, he began to remove his own robes.

Wang Shuren slowly opened her eyes when she heard Su Yang's clothes dropped to the floor. Although her mind was still feeling weird and befuddled after experiencing Su Yang's tongue, she quickly recognized the thing between Su Yang's legs that resembled a sword pointing towards the heavens.

"So big…"

Wang Shuren gasped in shock.

"Such a big thing will be entering my body? Will it even fit?" she couldn't help wonder inwardly, even feeling slightly fearful.

Su Yang did not immediately penetrate Wang Shuren and instead gave her some time to rest.

"Are you sure you want this?" Su Yang suddenly asked her. "It's not too late to reconsider."

"What are you saying now when you have already defiled my body to such a point…"

"Defile… that's a harsh way to describe it."

Wang Shuren chuckled and said, "Since we are already at this point, if we don't continue, it will only be more difficult for me to face you in the future."

Su Yang turned silent for a moment before speaking, "I am doing this because—"

"It's fine, you don't have to say anything."

Wang Shuren suddenly interrupted him while shaking her head.

"I am fully aware that I cannot keep you for myself even if I give you my body, nor am I expecting anything to come out of this, as this is your lifestyle and cultivation world."

Wang Shuren proceeded to spread her legs and continued speaking, "I only hope that you will not forget about me… that's all."

Wang Shuren was certain that Su Yang will enter a world where someone like her does not qualify to exist in the near future, and there is a high chance that he might even forget about her once it happens. However, if there's a way for her to remain in his memories when he becomes a figure that could only be viewed from a far distance, then she is willing to do anything — even giving him her Pure Yin Essence.

"Is that so…"

Su Yang calmly nodded, and he proceeded to approach Wang Shuren's eager body with his stiff rod.

"However, you are clearly underestimating me…"

He suddenly said, causing Wang Shuren to stare at him with a puzzled expression.

"No matter who you are, once our bodies have connected, you will always hold a place within my heart, so forgetting you is simply impossible. Although I cannot fully accept you right now because of complicated reasons, I will also not abandon you. If you are willing to follow me when the time comes despite my flaws, I will gladly take you with me wherever I go."

Wang Shuren's eyes widened from shock after hearing his words. She was so dumbfounded that she didn't know how to respond and could only stare at him in silence.

"With that said, it's time for your real punishment to begin…"

Su Yang said as he pushed the tip of his rod into Wang Shuren's tight cave, causing a profound sensation to assault her body.

Upon feeling her bottom lips being spread apart and the pain that came along with it, Wang Shuren quickly forgot about their conversation just now and could only focus on the situation at hand.

However, her mind could not think about anything besides the feeling of Su Yang's thick rod that was tearing her virgin hole apart as it went deeper and deeper into her body.


Wang Shuren bit down on her lips trying to resist the pain.

A few seconds later, once Su Yang's rod filled her hole and the pain began to gradually disappear, Wang Shuren wiped the sweat off her forehead and sighed in relief.

"It's still too early to be relieved."

Su Yang suddenly said with a grin on his face.


Wang Shuren looked at him with a stunned face.

It was at this moment that Su Yang began moving his hips, thrusting his thick rod in and out of Wang Shuren's body.

Feeling Su Yang's thick rod rubbing her hole and the burning sensation, Wang Shuren immediately began moaning crazily.




Thus, their true cultivation session has begun.

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