Dual Cultivation

Chapter 275 Heavenly Spirit Realm

Chapter 275 Heavenly Spirit Realm

Two days have passed since the Burning Lotus Sect visited the Profound Blossom Sect.

Nothing notable happened in these two days, and the Profound Blossom Sect has been as quiet as ever.

On the third day, a figure approached Su Yang's living quarters early in the morning.

After spending the last week taking care of Xiao Bai and making sure that she's fine, Fang Zhelan could finally leave Xiao Bai alone in the house again.

There were loads of questions she has in mind for Su Yang, especially regarding the presence she felt during the Million Snakes Sect's invasion.

Once she reached the front doors to Su Yang's living quarters, Fang Zhelan took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

A few moments later, a figure opened to the door to greet Fang Zhelan.

However, it was not Su Yang who showed up at the door. Instead, it was a small young girl in plain white robes.

Fang Zhelan raised an eyebrow upon seeing this little girl, as she does not recall seeing her before.

"What do you want?" Xiao Rong asked her with a nonchalant voice.

"Is… Is Su Yang inside?"

Xiao Rong nodded.

"Can I see him? I came here to cultivate," she said.

"Master is currently in closed cultivation, you cannot see him until he is finished."

"Is that so... Can you let him know that Fang Zhelan was here to see him?"

Fang Zhelan then turned around and began walking away.

Meanwhile, inside Fang Zhelan's mind, she wondered who this young lady was.

Then she suddenly recalled Liu Lanzhi mentioning about this little girl who massacred the people from the Million Snakes Sect.

"She couldn't be that little girl that the Sect Master had spoken about, right?"

Fang Zhelan's body trembled when she realized the high possibility that the little girl who killed the Million Snakes Sect could be inside Su Yang's living quarters at this moment.

However, she also felt a sense of relief that there could be a very powerful expert currently residing in their Sect, as it made her feel secure, especially in such times.

"She also called him Master…"

Fang Zhelan could not imagine how Su Yang managed to meet such a powerful expert, much less become her Master.

That being said, perhaps this little girl is the real reason why Su Yang reached the Earth Spirit Realm at his young age.

Meanwhile, Su Yang was in the process of breaking through to the Heavenly Spirit Realm.

After consuming Wang Shuren's Pure Yin Essence, something that he did not expect to achieve this soon, his cultivation base took a decently-sized leap, allowing him to barely make it to the Heavenly Spirit Realm.

Su Yang sat inside his room and cultivated in silence for the entire day.

While he certainly did not need an entire day to breakthrough to the Heavenly Spirit Realm, he wanted to do it slowly and perfectly so that there would be no flaws in his foundation.

Although the Heavenly Spirit Realm is nothing too special and not even halfway to the peak, it marks a new beginning for Cultivators that reach this stage, as this is where Cultivators have truly entered the cultivation world, becoming a true Cultivator.

In the Four Divine Heavens, if you were below the Heavenly Spirit Realm, one would not even consider you as a true Cultivator but a mere mortal with slightly superior strength and speed, as it is at the Heavenly Spirit Realm where one can really utilize their Profound Qi to its full potential.

At the end of the day and his cultivation, Su Yang opened his eyes, revealing two bright and profound jewels that flickered endlessly and seeming to contain countless stairs.

Su Yang took a deep breath and thought to himself, "I have finally attained the Heavenly Spirit Realm, but if I were to return to the Four Divine Heavens now, I would definitely die without even being aware of it."

Even if he has the choice to return to the Four Divine Heavens right now, and as much as he wanted to return, Su Yang would hold off on that decision until he is more confident in his own ability to protect himself.

Because if he were to return to the Four Divine Heavens in his current state, there's a high chance that he could die just from being near a fight between two Divine Realm Cultivators, not to mention the countless dangerous entities and unforgiving nature that is all too common in that place.

"Sovereign Spirit Realm… No, I should be good even if it's just the peak of the Heavenly Spirit Realm."

At this moment, Su Yang has decided to make the peak of the Heavenly Spirit Realm his goal before returning to the Four Divine Heavens. If he finds a way home before then, he will remain in this world and cultivate until he is ready.

However, that kind of ideal situation is something that would work only if they have the luxury to sit around and wait. If their way home will not wait for them, he will have no other choice but to leave this place even if he isn't fully prepared.

"The peak of the Heavenly Spirit Realm, huh… If I continue to cultivate at this pace, I should reach the second level of the Heavenly Spirit Realm by the Regional Tournament. Once that is done, I will probably have to leave this place…"

If Su Yang truly wants to reach the peak of the Heavenly Spirit Realm before Qiuyue finds a method to return home, then staying in the Profound Blossom Sect will only hinder his progression. Because at this rate, it will take him many years to achieve the peak of the Heavenly Spirit Realm, especially when the strongest Cultivators in this place are at the mere Earth Spirit Realm.

"Half a year… this may be the last moments I spend in this place for a very, very long time…"

A few minutes later, Su Yang left his room.


Xiao Rong was outside waiting for him.

"A human by the name of Fang Zhelan came to visit you during your closed cultivation," she immediately notified him of her visit.

"Thank you." Su Yang nodded.

"I will be back soon."

Sometime later, Su Yang left his living quarters and approached Fang Zhelan's place.

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