Dual Cultivation

Chapter 262 Kill Them All!

Chapter 262 Kill Them All!

"P-Please wait for a second!"

Liu Lanzhi raised her voice in panic.

"Why must you go this far? You will get nothing out of bullying a place like us!"

Elder Wan shook his head and said, "You are right, we will get nothing even if we rob this entire place. However, as a Sect Master, you should already be well aware of how the cultivation world work. If we leave you alone now, it will only make the Million Snakes Sect look like a place with pushovers, and other places will take advantage of that."

Liu Lanzhi could not refute his words. In the cultivation world, no matter how strong one may seem, even if the slightest weakness is shown, it will be taken advantage of by others.

This is especially crucial to places like the Million Snakes Sect — a place with both status and power, as there are people out there searching for such weaknesses every day to gain an advantage over them!

"And although this may seem like a situation that could be swept under the rug, you never know who might be watching…"

Liu Lanzhi gave up all hope after hearing Elder Wan's last words.

"At least allow me to bear all of the punishment! You can torture me however you like — even take my life! Just leave my disciples out of this!"

Elder Wan's eyes flashed with coldness, and he spoke, "Unfortunately, showing sympathy to people like you is also a sign of weakness!"

Then, he raised his hand and waved it downwards like a flag.

"Kill everybody in this place! I want even the chickens dead!"

Elder Wan commanded.

"N-No way…" Liu Lanzhi dropped to her knees as over thirty experts approach her with bloodthirsty expressions, her complexion pale, looking like all the blood in her body was drained.

"Hahaha! I have been waiting for this!"

"Profound Blossom Sect, you can only blame yourself for trying to take the Guardian Spirit for yourself!"

"However, the biggest offense is that you have lied to the Million Snakes Sect!"

The experts laughed as their aura exploded with the desire to kill.

Just as Liu Lanzhi collapsed on the floor from stress, a ripple swept the place, carrying a profound voice that seemed as though it belonged to God.

"The 'strong' using excuses to bully the weak, how many times have I witnessed such scenes before…?"

Elder Wan frowned upon hearing the voice and seeing the ripples.

"Who's there?! Show yourself!"

"Show myself? Who are you to command me?"

The voice was filled with a feeling of sheer dominance, almost like it belonged to a ruler of sorts.

"You are not worthy to be in my presence, much less request for my audience! Who the hell do you think you are?!"

The voice suddenly exploded in anger, sounding like thunder during a heavy storm.

Once the voice raised in volume, so did the ripples, causing a profound and terrifying aura to cover the entire Profound Blossom Sect.

When Elder Wan and the other Million Snakes Sect sensed this pressure, their faces instantly paled, as they finally realized that the individual behind this voice far exceeded their expectations!

As for Liu Lanzhi, she stared at the sky with a dazed expression.

"This voice… Senior?"

Liu Lanzhi's eyes began to flicker with hope.

"W-What is happening? Who the hell is this voice?!"

The Million Snakes Sect experts immediately fell back to Elder Wan's side, their expression filled with shock and fear.

"How the hell am I supposed to know that such an existence existed within the Profound Blossom Sect!"

Elder Wan felt like screaming out loud.

That being said, he did not believe that one individual could shake the entire Million Snakes Sect, and he spoke, "I don't know which senior is speaking, but we are from the Million Snakes Sect from the Western Region."

Elder Wan believed that there was no way such a powerful individual would not be aware of the Million Snakes Sect.

However, the voice merely sneered coldly at the name, "Are you trying to scare me or something with a place that is filled with ants like you?"

"A-A-Ants…? You dare curse at the Million Snakes Sect?"

Elder Wan mumbled in a dumbfounded voice.

A few seconds later, Elder Wan exploded in anger, and he yelled towards the sky.

"I don't care who you are! The fact that you don't dare to show your face means you are afraid to reveal your identity to us!"

He then turned to the experts by his side and shouted, "Ignore him! He can't do anything to us if he doesn't even show himself! Kill everybody here and force him out from whatever hole he is hiding in!"

The experts seemed hesitant at first, but once they recalled that there were thirty of them and one of him, their bloodlust remerged and stronger than ever.

"Is that so… what a pity."

The voice resounded once again, but this time it was filled with calmness, before turning silent.

A few moments of silence later, the voice returned, but it was void of emotions.

"Kill them all."

The voice only spoke three words, but once it appeared, the entire atmosphere changed.

Killing intent immediately enveloped the place — along with a powerful aura that none of the people from the Million Snakes Sect have ever experienced before.

This aura instantly brought the experts from the Million Snakes Sect to a halt, even forcing them to fall on the floor from the insane pressure that bore upon them like a mountain.

A few seconds later, a small figure could be seen appearing from beyond the clouds in the sky.

It was an extremely beautiful young girl with a petite body and silver hair and silver eyes, looking like a real goddess was descending from the heavens.

Her beauty immediately dazed the experts from the Million Snakes Sect, causing them to forget their purpose there, as they have never seen such a beautiful and flawless being before.

"W-Who is that?"

Even Liu Lanzhi was dazed by her appearance.

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