Dual Cultivation

Chapter 261 Disciples Leaving Left and Righ

Chapter 261 Disciples Leaving Left and Righ

All it took was for one person to decide to leave, and within minutes since the first disciple decided to leave, more than half of the disciples there have followed and abandoned the Profound Blossom Sect, choosing their life over the place that could be considered their home.

In their minds, it was not worth sacrificing their lives over an unwinnable battle against the Million Snakes Sect.

In fact, although the sect elders there were pained by the disciples' decision to leave, none of the sect elders blamed them for their actions, as they were truly in a desperate situation that seemed hopeless.

What's worse, after just a few more minutes, more disciples and sect elders decided to toss away their identity as Profound Blossom Sect disciples.

At this rate, even if the Profound Blossom Sect manages to survive against the Million Snakes Sect, almost all of its disciples will be gone afterward. And what use is a Sect if there are no disciples to manage it?

"Junior apprentice-sister Fang, let's leave together. To offend a place like the Million Snakes Sect, this place is doomed regardless of whether we survive today or not."

Yun Nantian said to her. He was also prepared to leave, but even in the last moments, he wanted her to accept him, perhaps even leave with him and start another life together at another Sect. And with their talents, there will be plenty of Sects that will accept them regardless of their backgrounds.

However, Fang Zhelan shook her head.

She didn't give Yun Nantian any reasons, but she felt that all of this was her fault. If she hadn't found Xiao Bai and brought her back to the Profound Blossom Sect, this would've never happened.

"Even if I were to die here today, I will not leave this place."

Fang Zhelan said to herself inwardly, her gaze filled with resolve.

Meanwhile, Lan Liqing looked around the place for Su Yang but was unable to find him.

"Don't tell me he decided to leave, too?" she sighed inwardly.

Because of the situation, all of the disciples from the Medicine Hall has decided to leave the Profound Blossom Sect, leaving her alone.

While she would also like to leave with her life intact, the Profound Blossom Sect has done too much for her to simply abandon it — especially when it's because the previous Sect Masters had adopted her that she is still alive today.

After many minutes later, only a few dozen disciples and sect elders were left in the Profound Blossom Sect, most of which are people who have no other place to go.

Elder Zhao looked at the remaining disciples and smiled.

"It's your last chance to leave," he said.

However, the disciples shook their heads.

"Even if I leave, there won't be a place for me to go."

"I owe the Profound Blossom Sect too much to simply abandon it — even if my life is at risk."

"That's what I like to hear!" Elder Zhao managed to laugh despite the desperate situation.

"Very well. If we survive today, I will make all of you Core disciples even if I have to beg the Sect Master!"

"Now, let's go and meet up with the Sect Master."

Since there were only so few of them left, Elder Zhao has decided to bring everyone there with him to meet up with Liu Lanzhi.




At the Profound Blossom Sect entrance, once the Million Snakes Sect arrived, they blasted the entrance doors away and entered with force.

Upon entering the Profound Blossom Sect, the people from the Million Snakes Sect were immediately greeted by a beautiful female standing a few meters away, and in her grasp was a baby white tiger.

"The Guardian Spirit!"

When the Million Snakes Sect saw Xiao Bai, their eyes glowed with excitement. After months of searching, they have found it at last.

Elder Wan from the Million Snakes Sect stepped forward and spoke, "Fellow Daoist… what is the meaning of this?"

He decided to allow Liu Lanzhi to explain herself, but it was merely for his own entertainment.


Liu Lanzhi remained silent for a few moments before speaking out loud, "I have no excuses today, nor do I plan on making things difficult for the Million Snakes Sect, so here is the Guardian Spirit that you seek."

Liu Lanzhi immediately placed Xiao Bai on the ground and stepped back.

"All I ask of you is to leave the Profound Blossom Sect alone. If you are not satisfied, I am willing to bear all of the punishment alone."

Liu Lanzhi has no intention of fighting the Million Snakes Sect — especially when she is fully aware of their chances of winning. In fact, unless they force it upon them, the Profound Blossom Sect will not raise their weapons.

"That's quite the request coming from someone who lied straight to my face…"

Elder Wan narrowed his eyes, his expression grim.

Liu Lanzhi trembled upon sensing the killing intent from Elder Wan.

"It was not my intention to lie to you, as your visit was too sudden. In fact, I had planned on giving you the Guardian Spirit even if you never returned. If only I was given a few more days..."


Elder Wan began pondering.

"First thing's first, grab the Guardian Spirit before it runs away again."

Elder Wan commanded one of his people.

One of the Earth Spirit Realm experts immediately went to grab Xiao Bai, who couldn't resist the domineering strength being used to resistant her.

Xiao Bai began to scream, even looking at Liu Lanzhi for help while squirming left and right. But alas, Liu Lanzhi remained standing there like a frozen statue.

Once the Million Snakes Sect has secured Xiao Bai, Elder Wan said, "I admire you for making this easy on us. However, the fact that you lied to me — and the Million Snakes Sect — I no choice but to make it hard on you to set an example for others so this kind of situation does not repeat itself in the future."

Liu Lanzhi's eyes widened, and her heart squeezed tightly from stress after hearing his words. Even though she does not know what Elder Wan was planning, she had a feeling that it would not be good at all for the Profound Blossom Sect.

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