Dual Cultivation

Chapter 260 Escaping with Their Lives

Chapter 260 Escaping with Their Lives

"Elder Zhao, do you know something about this?"

Elder Sun noticed his weird reaction and decided to ask.

Elder Zhao sighed and said, "There's no point in trying to hide it now… One of our disciples happened to encounter a Guardian Spirit a few months back, and we have been raising it ever since then. However, it seems like the Million Snakes Sect has learned of it. You should already know by now just how precious a Guardian Spirit is and what many people would sacrifice to get their hands on one."

Elder Sun's eyes — and everybody there — widened with shock upon hearing such words.

"A Guardian Spirit, you say?"

Elder Sun couldn't believe that the Profound Blossom Sect would actually have such a precious yet dangerous thing in their possession. However, since a colossal power such as the Million Snakes Sect noticed a small place like them, it wasn't too unbelievable after all.

That being said, what's even more unbelievable to Elder Sun was the fact that Liu Lanzhi had allowed a Guardian Spirit to be even near the Profound Blossom Sect despite knowing very well that they are in no position to raise one — especially when they would not be able to protect it.

Having a Guardian Spirit may be a fortuitous encounter to some, but it is akin to a disaster waiting to happen if it falls into the hands of unworthy places such as the Profound Blossom Sect.

In other words, unless you have the ability to protect the Guardian Spirit from being stolen by others, one would normally avoid it or act as though they've never seen it before.

"And you kept silent despite being aware? Elder Zhao, how could you be so…"

Elder Sun shook his head in disappointment.

"Perhaps both the Sect Master and I were blinded by the overwhelming prowess a Guardian Spirit could bring to the Sect when we agreed to keep and cultivate the Guardian Spirit, or maybe we truly believed that we would be able to keep it a secret until it fully matured, but alas, as you can see what disaster it has brought upon us…"

Elder Sun shook his head and said, "I understand your feelings to a certain extent, but this is not the time to sit around and regret, as we still have to deal with the Million Snakes Sect."

"Elder Wu, where is the Sect Master right now?"

Elder Wu shook her head.

"She disappeared after giving me the order to gather everyone here."

Suddenly, Fang Zhelan appeared from the crowd, and she spoke, "The Sect Master went to meet the Million Snakes Sect… with the Guardian Spirit."

"Disciple Fang!"

The sect elders there turned to look at her.

"How do you know this?"

Elder Sun asked.

"I spoke with her just before coming here," she responded.

"As for the Guardian Spirit… I was the one who found it and pleaded the Sect Master to keep it."


The sect elders there wanted to blame Fang Zhelan for the situation right now, but they believed that she was only trying to help the Sect, not to mention they would also do the same if they were in her shoes.

"Does this mean the Sect Master went to face the Million Snakes Sect by herself?"

Elder Sun suddenly realized.

Elder Zhao also came to this realization and immediately shouted, "I want half of the sect elders here to follow me and gather with the Sect Master! The other half will stay here with the disciples just in case the Million Snakes Sect really plans to attack us!"

"Yes, Elder Zhao!"

Although it will be a battle that cannot be won, Elder Zhao did not mention it, as he did not want to lower the morale any further than it ready is. That being said, everybody there that knows the name 'Million Snakes Sect' is already aware of their chances, so even if Elder Zhao did not say anything, they are all well aware that it will be an impossible battle.

"Let's go!"

Elder Zhao led the sect elders to the entrance.

However, just as they took two steps, the entire ground began to tremble, and a loud explosion resounded from a distance.


Debris began falling from the sky, and a large door landed a few meters away from Elder Zhao.

"The entrance door! The Million Snakes Sect has arrived!"

When the disciples and sect elders saw the entrance to their Profound Blossom Sect fall from the sky, all of their faces immediately paled.

Many of them quickly began to realize that they were all just waiting to die, so they all began running away from the place.

"Where do you think you are going?!"

One of the sect elders shouted at the disciples running from the scene.

"I am leaving this place! If I have to fight the Million Snakes Sect, then I might as well kill myself right now!"

The disciple cried out loud with tears and snot on his face.

The sect elder expressed anger and opened his mouth to scold — but he quickly realized that what the disciple had said was only the truth.

Once one disciple began running from the scene, many others followed, as none of them wanted to die to the Million Snakes Sect.

Many sect elders there felt pain in their hearts after seeing hundreds of disciples run away, but none of them bothered to stop them, as such scenes are a common sight when two Sect fight each other — especially when one of them has no chance of winning.

"If you want to leave, you may leave."

Elder Zhao suddenly spoke out loud.

"Although all of you have pledged complete loyalty to the Sect, I will not blame you for wanting to survive. However, if you leave today, you may never take another step into this place ever again."

Elder Zhao's words caused many disciples there to stop running and start pondering. However, a few moments later, almost all of them began moving again, as they were not willing to sacrifice their life for the Profound Blossom Sect.

In fact, there were even some sect elders amongst the deserters.

Seeing this scene, Elder Sun shook his head and sighed.

"What a pity..."

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