Dual Cultivation

Chapter 259 Is This the End for the Profound Blossom Sect?

Chapter 259 Is This the End for the Profound Blossom Sect?

After Liu Lanzhi left, Su Yang and Fang Zhelan proceeded to head to the Center Court, where all of the other disciples were waiting.

Once they were at the Center Court, all of the disciples there turned to look at them.

"Senior apprentice-sister Fang!"

The disciples there were elevated to see Fang Zhelan there, as her presence gave them a sense of security.

"Senior apprentice-brother Su is here too…"

When the female Outer Court disciples saw Su Yang approach them a calm expression on his face, they also experienced a mysterious feeling that helped them calm down. It was almost like the disciples indistinctively believed that they will be safe if his presence was nearby.

However, not everybody there was excited to see Su Yang's face — especially when walking beside him was Fang Zhelan, almost like they were together before arriving at this place.

"It's you again!"

Yun Nantian walked out of the crowd and approached Su Yang, seeming prepared to cause trouble for him.

Seeing this, Fang Zhelan stood before Yun Nantian.

"Stop it! We do not have the time for this, nor are we in the situation!" she spoke in a cold voice.

"Junior apprentice-sister…"

Yun Nantian bit his lips and stared at Su Yang with narrowed eyes.

"Are you not ashamed to stand behind a lady like this? And you call yourself a man? Hmph!"

Su Yang narrowed his eyes slightly, as Yun Nantian was beginning to piss him off.

"If you don't turn around now, don't blame me for not giving you any face!"

A dangerous aura emitted from Fang Zhelan's figure, causing Yun Nantian to tremble slightly.

Yun Nantian believed that Fang Zhelan was protecting Su Yang from him, which only made him feel more agitated. But little did he know, Fang Zhelan was actually protecting him from Su Yang, who was clearly not someone he could offend.

That being said, if Yun Nantian does not want to listen, she will have no choice but to let him walk towards death.

Suddenly, one of the sect elders there began speaking out loud, "Everybody! Calm down!"

All of the disciples there turned to see a group of sect elders approaching them.

In the front of these sect elders was Elder Sun and Elder Zhao, and although they seemed calm on the outside, their hearts were actually filled with worry about the situation.

"Although we are still not entirely aware of the situation, the Sect Master has ordered all of us to gather here just in case something happens," said Elder Zhao.

Because Elder Wu was in a hurry when she passed the word, all of the sect elders there are still unaware of the situation. However, since it was the Sect Master's orders, they will ask questions after obeying her commands.

"Elder Wu, care to explain the situation now that all of us have gathered here?"

Elder Sun asked her with a frown.

While he has no clue what is happening, he knew that the Profound Blossom Sect and its disciples are at risk, or else there wouldn't be such a gathering right now — one of the protocols during emergencies.

As the Chief of the Disciplinary Squad, Elder Sun is aware of all protocols, and this situation would only occur during times of war.

"I-I am also not clear about why this is happening."

Elder Wu shook her head.

"The Sect Master only ordered me to gather everyone here and prepare for battle."

"What? This is too sudden. Who are we fighting?" Elder Zhao asked her.

"T-T-The… The Million Snakes Sect…"

Elder Wu mumbled after a moment of silence, her voice filled with disbelief.

"What did you just say?!"

Not just Elder Zhao but all of the sect elders there exclaimed at the same time, their voices filled with shock and disbelief.

"The Million Snakes Sect from the Western Region?! Why on earth do we have to fight them?!"

"That's right! This is the Million Snakes Sect, the strongest power from the Western Region, that we are talking about!"

All of the sect elders and disciples were in disbelief. Since when did they offend a colossal place such as the Million Snakes Sect?

"F-Forget about the reason they are attacking us! What are we supposed to do against such a mountain?!"

Not just the sect elders but the disciples began panicking.

If the Million Snakes Sect were truly coming for them, there's no way that they would be able to defend themselves.

At this moment, they are all just chickens gathered in one spot on a chopping board, ready to be slaughtered and without a chance to retaliate!

"Calm down!" Elder Sun suddenly roared.

The place immediately became silent.

Elder Sun looked at Elder Wu and spoke, "Are you certain that you are not mistaken? I do not want to doubt you, but this is just too absurd… This is the Million Snakes Sect that we are talking about. In their eyes, we are nothing but ants. Why would they even bother with us?"

Elder Wu sighed and said, "I don't blame you for doubting me, as I am also doubting myself as we stand here and speak. However, Elder Wan from the Million Snakes Sect was here speaking with the Sect Master not too long ago, and he mentioned about a Guardian Spirit being in the vicinity."

"Guardian Spirit?!"

Elder Zhao's eyes widened with shock as he finally understood the situation.

Because Elder Zhao holds an important position within the Profound Blossom Sect and happens to be someone that Liu Lanzhi completely trusts, he is one of the few people that is aware of Xiao Bai's existence.

"It couldn't be… how did they find out?"

Elder Zhao suddenly recalled the ripples that had appeared just before this gathering and came to a realization. It's no wonder why he sensed something familiar from the ripples that carried profound energy.

"Good heavens… Is this the end for the Profound Blossom Sect?" he wondered inwardly with a desolate feeling in his heart.

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