Dual Cultivation

Chapter 263 Instant Death

Chapter 263 Instant Death

As Xiao Rong descended from the heavens with her real appearance, all of the eyes staring at her was filled with awe and admiration, as none of the people there have seen such a beautiful young lady.

Although she looked to be around thirteen years old, Xiao Rong's beauty surpassed that even of Liu Lanzhi by many times, and one can only imagine what kind of fairy she will grow to become as an adult.

However, while the experts from the Million Snakes Sect would like to stand there all day to admire Xiao Rong's beauty, her bloodthirsty aura quickly shook their bodies back to reality.

"S-S-She's flying!"

One of the experts quickly noted.

Only Cultivators at the Sovereign Spirit Realm have the ability to fly in the sky with their Profound Qi, but in this place where Heavenly Spirit Realm is the peak, very few people know of such a cultivation level.

That being said, because of his vast knowledge, Elder Wan immediately recognized Xiao Rong to be a Cultivator at the Sovereign Spirit Realm.

"S-S-Sovereign! It's actually a Sovereign! How could such a legendary being exist in this place, much less protecting this unimpressive Profound Blossom Sect?!"

As far as he was aware, Sovereign Spirit Realm Cultivators are only a legend. However, after seeing Xiao Rong's flying ability and sensing her tyrannical aura, he could only come to such a conclusion.

While Elder Wan was experiencing the shock of his life, Xiao Rong's small feet finally touched the ground.

She looked at the experts from the Million Snakes Sect with a nonchalant expression that seemed extremely cold in their perspectives.

"You have made my Master upset, so I will have to kill you."

After saying those words, without even allowing the experts to react, Xiao Rong waved her sleeves, causing an arc of Profound Qi that resembled an invisible blade to swept across the place and directly towards the thirty experts.

The blade of Profound Qi traveled at a speed that was so quick that nobody from the Million Snakes Sect was able to react, and in less than half a second, it sliced the heads off nine bodies from the group of terrified experts.

Elder Wan and the others felt a shiver down their spine, and their body trembled uncontrollably in terror.

Within a blink of an eye, one-third of their group has been killed.

What kind of ludicrous prowess is this? What kind of monster could kill nine Earth Spirit Realm experts with a mere wave of her sleeves and treat them as though they are truly ants?


A few of the experts from the Million Snakes Sect immediately screamed with a horrified voice after witnessing the scene, even dropping on their butt. Some of them even pissed their pants after seeing Xiao Rong's fearsome strength.

However, the truth was that Xiao Rong had barely used her strength, and she was merely playing with these humans. If she really wanted to kill them as quickly as possible, all she needed to do was sneeze with not even half of her cultivation base and all of these so-called 'experts' would be erased from the face of this planet.

After killing nine people, Xiao Rong turned to look at the other 20 left, her gaze filled with entertainment.

While Ghost Cats are usually docile creatures by nature and rarely kills, once they begin killing, it will always result in a bloodbath at the end, and this is even more true for Phantom Cats. This is also why most people rather stay away from them, as they are not only hard to find but they are also extremely dangerous if offended.

"W-W-Wait a second… L-Let's talk about this!"

Elder Wan shouted at the sky instead of Xiao Rong, as she's only being commanded by the mysterious voice.

"W-We will not only leave the Profound Blossom Sect alone from now on but we will also forget the fact that nine of our people have died here today! As for the Guardian Spirit, you can have it back!"

Elder Wan would very much rather discard the Guardian Spirit than offend a Sovereign Spirit Realm Cultivator anymore. As for what the Sect Master of the Million Snakes Sect might think of his actions, he will have to return and find out — if he manages to return alive.

However, the profound voice merely chuckled in a sneering manner.

"If I kill all of you here today, I will have the same results."

Elder Wan trembled upon hearing such ruthless words. It appears that this senior is much more dangerous than he'd expected.

"Why must you go this far? What benefit will you get out of killing us? It will only enrage the Million Snakes Sect even further! In fact, the entire Million Snakes Sect will be here within the next day if none of us returns!"

"Hahaha… such familiar words, where have I heard it before? Oh, right… the Profound Blossom Sect had begged you for the same thing just minutes ago…"

Nearly all of Elder Wan's hope in surviving were shattered after hearing the voice's words. It was clear to him that they had offended the voice to the point where mercy is no longer an option for him.

However, just as he thought that, the voice continued to speak.

"However, you speak of some truth. If nobody from your group returns to warn them, I will have to kill off the entire Million Snakes Sect — not that I have any problem with that, either."


Just as Elder Wan regained some hope, the voice immediately slapped his face with some brutal words.

"Xiao Rong, kill all of them except him."

In the next second, before Elder Wan could even react, Xiao Rong waved her sleeves again, causing powerful ripples to spread, almost like when a rock is dropped in a still lake.

The ripple moved incredibly fast, and the instant it touched the experts from the Million Snakes Sect, all of their bodies exploded into a bloody mess, creating a slight drizzle of fresh blood.

In a mere instant, all but one person from the Million Snakes Sect has ceased to exist without even being allowed the chance to scream.

Elder Wan could feel his mental state collapse as his dark green robes were dyed with the fresh blood of his fellow disciples, and he stood there for the longest time, silent and frozen like a real statue.

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