Dual Cultivation

Chapter 256 Million Snakes Sec

Chapter 256 Million Snakes Sec

While Liu Lanzhi badmouthed Su Yang to Fang Zhelan like some ex-lover of his, somewhere in the Million Snakes Sect, one of the top Sects within the Eastern Continent, a meeting was being held.

"Regarding the news, are you certain that we have finally located that Guardian Spirit?"

The Sect Master of the Million Snakes Sect spoke in a serious tone as he glanced at the sect elders sitting around him.

"That is correct. We have received a report just a few minutes ago from one of our men stationed at the Eastern Region, and in the report stated that he felt the Guardian Spirit's Profound Qi somewhere near the Blossom City," said one of the sect elders.

"Blossom City, huh? Have everyone gather at that place and start searching for the Guardian Spirit from there! I want every nook and cranny searched — no exceptions!"

The Sect Master commanded.

"Right away!"

The sect elder bowed before leaving to complete the task.

Once the sect elder left, the Sect Master continued, "Finally, after months of searching, we have found that damned thing!"

The Million Snakes Sect accidentally came across this Guardian Spirit a few months ago, and they have been tracking it down ever since. However, because Guardian Spirits naturally elude from all sorts of surveillance and detection techniques, the Million Snakes Sect has been running around blind until today.

"Speaking of Blossom City, the Profound Blossom Sect is in charge of that place, and I want someone from this room to give them a visit. Perhaps they are hiding the Guardian Spirit," said the Sect Master.

"What if they really have the Guardian Spirit?"

Someone asked.

"Isn't it obvious what we have to do? Even if we have to use force, we will have them hand it to us!"

The people in the room began laughing with malicious grins on their faces.

"The Profound Blossom Sect may be famous for its overall high cultivation bases, but the only techniques they know are sexual techniques used in bed, so they pose absolutely no threat to us."

The Million Snakes Sect was willing to wage war against the Profound Blossom Sect if the Profound Blossom Sect happens to have the Guardian Spirit that they were looking for. 

"I will pay a visit to the Profound Blossom Sect."

One of the sect elders stood up and spoke, and surrounding this tall and bulky figure was a formidable aura that belonged to someone at the Heavenly Spirit Realm.

"Elder Wan, huh? Very well, I shall leave this matter to you."

The Sect Master nodded.

After a few more minutes, the meeting came to an end.




Four days later, dozens of experts gathered at Blossom City, which was only half an hour away from the Profound Blossom Sect.

"The Guardian Spirit was around this area four days ago and we are to search the vicinity for any clues. However, our main objective today is actually to wait for Elder Wan's signal. Once he knows whether or not the Profound Blossom Sect has the Guardian Spirit, he will notify all of us and we will back him up, so prepare for war."

"Profound Blossom Sect? Is that the place with all the perverts?"

One of the experts asked, and the area burst with laughter.

Meanwhile, at the Profound Blossom Sect, Elder Wu rushed towards the Yin Yang Pavilion.

"S-Sect Master! This is urgent!" Elder Wu screamed as she rushed into the place.

"What is the matter, Elder Wu? It's too early to be yelling like that."

Liu Lanzhi appeared from her room.

"M-Million Snakes Sect! Elder Wan from the Million Snakes Sect is here to see you!" Elder Wu said to her.

"What did you just say? Million Snakes Sect from the Western Region? Why would they be here?"

Liu Lanzhi frowned at the situation.

As far as she's aware, the Million Snakes Sect has no business with them, so why are they here? They even went as far as to sent one of their great elders, Elder Wan, to see them in person.

"Whatever the Million Snakes Sect want from us, for them to personally sent Elder Wan, it must be fairly important. Very well, I will go meet him."

Liu Lanzhi quickly left the Yin Yang Pavilion and followed Elder Wu.

A few minutes later, Liu Lanzhi could see a tall figure with a profound aura surrounding him standing near the entrance.

"Sorry for the wait, Elder Wu."

Liu Lanzhi greeted him with respect.

Despite being the Sect Master, Liu Lanzhi's cultivation base is far inferior to that of Elder Wu, who is only a Sect Elder, not to mention the Million Snakes Sect being a place they cannot afford to offend, so it was only normal for her to greet Elder Wu in such a manner.

"I believe this is the first time we've met, fellow Daoist Liu," Elder Wu said with a friendly smile, and he continued, "I apologize for the sudden visit, but my Million Snakes Sect has come upon a problem, and since we were already in the vicinity, I have come to seek for your help…"

Liu Lanzhi raised an eyebrow. Does the Million Snakes Sect have a problem that they cannot handle? That's unimaginable to her.

"If it's a problem that even the powerful and famous Million Snakes Sect cannot solve, the Profound Blossom Sect would most likely not be of any help at all. In fact, we'd probably just slow you down…"

Liu Lanzhi was not being humble at all, as that is what she truly believed.

"Oh, it's not that sort of problem."

Elder Wan chuckled, and he narrowed his eyes and casually spoke, "It's just that… have you seen a white baby tiger around? It's actually Guardian Spirit."

Hearing Elder Wan's unexpected words, Liu Lanzhi's face expressed shock for an instant, but she quickly changed it.

"He's here for Xiao Bai?!"

Liu Lanzhi finally realized why the Million Snakes Sect would show up before their Sect, but that only made her extremely anxious.

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