Dual Cultivation

Chapter 255 Effects of the Seven Silver Blades

Chapter 255 Effects of the Seven Silver Blades

Both Liu Lanzhi and Fang Zhelan covered their ears when Xiao Bai roared, feeling as though the entire world was shaking at that moment.

"Xiao Bai! What is happening to you?!" Fang Zhelan cried out loud, feeling quite scared of the situation — especially when the atmosphere in the place suddenly became dreadful, feeling like it had turned into a life or death situation.

However, Xiao Bai ignored Fang Zhelan and continued to roar, her eyes glowing a silver light and her white hair standing straight, looking like a terrified cat.

Meanwhile, Su Yang turned to look at the direction of Fang Zhelan's house and thought to himself, "I forgot to mention to her that the Snow Tiger will get a little bit excited after consuming the Seven Silver Blades… oh well."

After shrugging his shoulders, Su Yang continued to walk back to his living quarters. What happens to Xiao Bai is no longer his issue but Fang Zhelan's problem.

Inside Fang Zhelan's living quarters, Xiao Bai slowly returned to normal after roaring for a few more moments. After eating the Silver Blade, it simply felt the need to release some excess energy out of her body because the vast amount of Profound Qi from the Silver Blade was making her body a little too excited.

"X-Xiao Bai… have you finally calm down?" Fang Zhelan spoke with a messy head, feeling like she'd just gotten out of the bed after a bad night.

Xiao Bai nodded with a refreshed expression.

"What happened just now?" Liu Lanzhi couldn't help but look at Xiao Bai with a surprised expression.

For it to have an Elementary Spirit Realm cultivation base and cause even an Earth Spirit Realm expert like her to feel pressured, the prowess of a Guardian Spirit is truly profound and unrivaled.

However, this only made Liu Lanzhi more excited about Xiao Bai's future once it matures.

"I don't know, this is also my first time seeing her like this," said Fang Zhelan.

After pondering for a second, she continued, "Maybe it's because she consumed the Silver Blade. The amount of Profound Qi she released just now is much more than what she could normally release."

Liu Lanzhi swallowed her saliva, and she unconsciously mumbled, "What if a human consumes the Seven Silver Blades?"

Fang Zhelan heard her whisper and responded, "I have also asked the same question, but Su Yang warned me that humans cannot consume it unless they want to die."

"I-Is that so…"

Once the place calmed down, Fang Zhelan went to inspect Xiao Bai's body.

"Sect Master! Xiao Bai's cultivation base has reached the Profound Spirit Realm! She had a breakthrough just now! And she's already at the third level of the Profound Spirit Realm!"

Fang Zhelan announced in an ecstatic manner.

"Really?! That's great news!" Liu Lanzhi's face also beamed with excitement upon hearing the news.

"This Seven Silver Blades is unbelievably effective… I am still having a hard time believing that a single blade of grass managed to boost Xiao Bai from the peak of the Elementary Spirit Realm to the third level of the Profound Spirit Realm when over two dozens monster cores barely filled her stomach!"

"This Su Yang… to think he could create something else besides the Euphoric Oil that has such profound effects… one has to wonder what else he has hidden in his sleeves." Liu Lanzhi sighed inwardly.

After seeing Xiao Bai's incredible rise in power, both Liu Lanzhi and Fang Zhelan no longer had even a shred of doubt that Xiao Bai will fully mature within one month of time.

However, what was even more incredible than the effect of the Seven Silver Blades would be Su Yang's ability to cultivate such a resource.

His abilities that could only be described as heaven-defying made Liu Lanzhi ponder the meaning of life, as everything about him defied her knowledge and expectations.

"First he survived consuming the Pure Yin Flower… then his explosive rise in cultivation base… his godly techniques, and now, he has become an Alchemy Master with incomprehensible abilities…"

Everything about Su Yang made Liu Lanzhi think of him as an experienced expert instead of a youngster with only 16 years old experience, as there's no way a 16-year-old could possibly know so many things that would take hundreds of years if not thousands of years to fully master.

In fact, Liu Lanzhi has already begun to believe that Su Yang might be the reincarnation of an incredibly powerful Alchemy Master — one that has tasted many women in his previous life.

"Did Su Yang say anything else before leaving?" Liu Lanzhi decided to ask Fang Zhelan.


Fang Zhelan opened her mouth but quickly closed it, nearly revealing Su Yang's true cultivation base at the Earth Spirit Realm.

"Does the Sect Master already know of his true cultivation base or…"

"Disciple Fang?" Liu Lanzhi raised an eyebrow after Fang Zhelan remained silent for quite some time.

After pondering for a moment, Fang Zhelan decided to keep the fact that Su Yang has reached the Earth Spirit Realm despite being an Inner Court disciple a secret, as some things are better off left unsaid.

"Besides asking me to cultivate with him, he has not said anything else."

Fang Zhelan finally said.

"What? Su Yang asked you to cultivate with him? What was your response?"

Normally, Liu Lanzhi would not bother with such businesses, but Su Yang was the topic, she just couldn't help but ask.

Fang Zhelan nodded and said, "I agreed. We will meet at the Chamber of Embrace four days from now."

"Is that so…"

"Is the Sect Master familiar with him? If so, can you tell me more about him?" Fang Zhelan suddenly asked.

"What's this? Our Disciple Fang is actually interested in a mere Inner Court disciple? Very well, let me tell you all about his tricky and ill-mannered character…"

Liu Lanzhi proceeded to talk trash about Su Yang, mentioning to Fang Zhelan how he's always arrogant and scheming things.

Fang Zhelan sat there and listened, and she couldn't help but notice how lively Liu Lanzhi acted when speaking about Su Yang despite talking bad about him; it was almost like she was talking about her ex-partner or something.

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