Dual Cultivation

Chapter 254 Peak of the Earth Spirit Realm

Chapter 254 Peak of the Earth Spirit Realm

"How will you help me reach the Earth Spirit Realm? What kind of tricks do you have up your sleeves?" Fang Zhelan did not immediately get too excited and asked him with a serious expression, as she cannot be certain that Su Yang would have that capability.

"There are no tricks involved."

Su Yang responded with a smile.

Suddenly, after Su Yang said those words, a profound and domineering aura emitted from his body, causing a powerful ripple to spread in the room.

Fang Zhelan could feel her entire body tremble in shock after sensing the powerful energy coming Su Yang's body. Her eyes widened, and her jaw dropped to the floor as she realized that the Profound Qi coming from his body belonged to the Earth Spirit Realm!

Although she wasn't able to discern what level he was at due to her lack of cultivation base, Fang Zhelan did not doubt that the profound energy surrounding Su Yang is something only Earth Spirit Realm experts could achieve!

"I-I-Impossible!" she exclaimed with a shocked voice.

How could a mere Inner Court disciple be at the Earth Spirit Realm when even the most powerful sect elders in the Profound Blossom Sect are also at the Earth Spirit Realm? Could this Su Yang have been hiding his real cultivation base the entire time? What if this Su Yang is merely an expert in disguise and the real one is somewhere else?

"Although I did not intend on revealing my true cultivation base so soon, I will make an exception for you," said Su Yang with a smile.

That being said, since his cultivation base will be revealed at the Regional Tournament regardless, Su Yang wouldn't be concerned at all even if it was revealed before that.

And it's not like he's actively trying to hide his cultivation base. In fact, the only reason nobody has noticed so far is simply because they did not have the ability to see his cultivation base!

"Don't worry, I am truly an Inner Court disciple of the Profound Blossom Sect and not some expert in disguise," he continued after reading Fang Zhelan's concerned expression like a book.

"I was at the Profound Spirit Realm not too long ago, but after a fateful encounter, my cultivation base made a leap through the dragon's gate."

Fang Zhelan opened her mouth but didn't know what to say next, so she closed it and remained silent for the next few moments while her mind tried to make sense of the situation.

"T-Then the method that will help me reach the Earth Spirit Realm… is it to cultivate with you?"

Fang Zhelan asked in a slightly shaky voice, clearly still shocked by his sudden reveal.

"I won't force you if you don't want to."

Fang Zhelan narrowed her eyes and focused on Su Yang's handsome face.

After a moment of silence, she spoke in a much calmer tone, "Are you certain that I will reach the Earth Spirit Realm before the Regional Tournament?"

"The Regional Tournament?" Su Yang suddenly started laughing. "That's too long! I can guarantee you that you will reach the Earth Spirit Realm within two weeks and at least the fourth level in half a year if you cultivate with me!"

"F-Fourth level of the Earth Spirit Realm?" Fang Zhelan looked at him with a dazed face. Is that even possible, or is he simply trying to entice her? Because what he's telling her is basically that she will reach the Sect Master's level within half a year of time! 

"You will understand once you have a taste of my Yang Qi," he chuckled.

Fang Zhelan narrowed her eyes, and after another moment of silence, she nodded, "Very well, I will cultivate with you. However, if your techniques suck, I won't bother with you even if you can help me!"

"That's reasonable," Su Yang nodded.

"When do you want to cultivate?" Fang Zhelan asked him.

"Anytime you want," he quickly responded.

"Then meet me early in the morning at the Chamber of Embrace in four days," said Fang Zhelan.

Su Yang agreed to her arrangements and left the place a few moments later.

Once Su Yang left, Fang Zhelan requested for Liu Lanzhi's presence with a communication jade slip.

A few minutes later, Liu Lanzhi showed up at Fang Zhelan's house.

"What happened? Did Su Yang give you a hard time?" Liu Lanzhi immediately asked her.

Fang Zhelan shook her head and retrieved the Seven Silver Blades to show Liu Lanzhi.

"What is that? I can feel a vast amount of Profound Qi within it!"

Fang Zhelan proceeded to explain to Liu Lanzhi the Seven Silver Blades and what happened today.

"The Seven Silver Blades will allow Xiao Bai to mature within a month, and he's given it to me for free despite my generous offers, saying how he only wanted to help the Sect grow."

"That's what he said?" Liu Lanzhi's face made a weird expression upon hearing that. Su Yang was thinking for the Sect when he gave her the Seven Silver Blades? Knowing Su Yang's nature, she couldn't help but doubt that statement.

Liu Lanzhi then inspected the Seven Silver Blades and nodded in amazement, feeling like she was looking at a peerless treasure.

"Did he tell you how he obtained this?"

"He said he cultivated it himself, but I am not sure how much of that is true," said Fang Zhelan.

Liu Lanzhi looked at the herb and thought inwardly, "It's most likely true, as he is an Alchemy Master who created the Euphoric Oil…"

"By the way, why is it called the Seven Silver Blade when there are only six blades here?" Liu Lanzhi asked.

"Oh, I have already fed one to Xiao Bai," said Fang Zhelan as she pointed to Xiao Bai, who was visibly shaking in the corner of the room at this moment.

"Why is she trembling like that?" Liu Lanzhi asked after seeing Xiao Bai's condition.

"What?" Fang Zhelan, who didn't notice it until it was mentioned, immediately turned to look at Xiao Bai.

"I-I am not sure…" Fang Zhelan shook her head.

"Xiao Bai, are you okay?"

However, just as Fang Zhelan approached Xiao Bai, a powerful pressure appeared in the room, and Xiao Bai opened its wide mouth and released a deafening roar, causing the place to tremble like an earthquake.

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