Dual Cultivation

Chapter 257 Prepare for Battle!

Chapter 257 Prepare for Battle!

"G-Guardian Spirit?"

Liu Lanzhi asked, hoping that Elder Wan did not think too deeply about her shocked reaction just now. Even better if he missed it.

However, Elder Wan was already laughing and dancing in his heart after seeing Liu Lanzhi's reaction, as he is almost certain that Liu Lanzhi is aware of the Guardian Spirit.

"That's right. The Million Snakes Sect is currently searching for a Guardian Spirit, and seeing your reaction just now, you must know something about it, right?"

Elder Wan asked her.

"No…" Liu Lanzhi could hear her heart beating like war drums. However, she managed to remain a calm face and said, "I was just surprised by the words 'Guardian Spirit."

And she continued, "Has the Million Snakes Sect found a Guardian Spirit? Congratulations."

Elder Wan chuckled and said, "Although we have indeed found ourselves a Guardian Spirit, we have not captured it yet. However, the Million Snakes Sect will do everything in its power to get their hands on it."

Elder Wan decided to play to Liu Lanzhi's tune, but he did not forget to indirectly threaten her by letting her know that the Million Snakes Sect is taking this matter very seriously.

"Is that so? But what does the Million Snakes Sect want our Profound Blossom Sect to do to help?" Liu Lanzhi asked.

"It's simple, really. We are not asking the Profound Blossom Sect to join our searches, but we will greatly appreciate it if you can notify us if anyone sees a white baby tiger. Of course, we aren't asking you to help us for free. Once we find the Guardian Spirit, we will greatly reward the Profound Blossom Sect for their cooperation."

Liu Lanzhi nodded and said, "I will notify my disciples and tell them to be on the lookout—"

"Oh, one more thing."

Elder Wan suddenly said, "If you find the Guardian Spirit and hide it from us and we find out, it won't be a pretty day for either of us…"

Liu Lanzhi narrowed her eyes and said, "I thought it was common sense that you should not threaten someone right after asking for their help."

Elder Wan chucked and said, "Do not take that offensively, fellow Daoist. It is merely a warning just in case someone has any funny ideas."

"Anyway, now that I have nothing left to say, I should take my leave."

Elder Wan turned around and left the Profound Blossom Sect, quickly disappearing from Liu Lanzhi's sight.

Once they were certain that Elder Wan had left, Elder Wu coldly snorted, "What an arrogant and rude individual. Sect Master, let's forget about them and not help them."

Liu Lanzhi shook her head and said, "He may be an asshole, but he has the ability to be one. In the Western Region, the Million Snakes Sect stands at the top. For them to even notice us is already a great honor."

"What about the Guardian Spirit? If there's really a Guardian Spirit in the vicinity, I am afraid that a war would break out and we might get caught up in it…"

Because Elder Wu isn't aware of Xiao Bai's presence, she has no idea about the situation.

"About that…"

Liu Lanzhi sighed, feeling perplexed.

If the Million Snake Sect learns that they have Xiao Bai, it would be disastrous for the entire Profound Blossom Sect, and Liu Lanzhi won't be willing to sacrifice her entire sect and its every disciple, even if it's for a Guardian Spirit.

"If only Xiao Bai is matured… But unfortunately, I cannot wait an entire month for her to grow up with the Million Snakes Sect actively searching around this place. I will have to let Xiao Bai go as soon as possible…" Liu Lanzhi sighed again.

"Fang Zhelan will not like this news one bit…"

Liu Lanzhi turned to look at the direction of the Chamber of Embrace, feeling regretful about the whole situation.

Suddenly, a powerful ripple appeared, spreading across the land at a rapid pace.

"Oh no!" Liu Lanzhi's face instantly paled when she realized what was causing the ripple.

"It's happening again… what is this ripple that contains a profound feeling? It also appeared four days ago." Elder Wu wondered as the ripples swept across her body, causing her body to tremble slightly.

Indeed, it was Xiao Bai who caused the ripples to appear. Because it has been four days since she was last fed the Seven Silver Blades, Fang Zhelan fed another one to her today before leaving for the Chamber of Embrace to meet with Su Yang.

"This must be the reason why the Million Snakes Sect chose to appear in this area! They also sensed Xiao Bai's Profound Qi four days ago!"

Liu Lanzhi didn't know what to do at this moment and could only stay standing there.

There was no way the Million Snakes Sect would not notice this when they are so close — especially when Elder Wan had left not too long ago.

After pondering for a moment, Liu Lanzhi bit her lips and shouted at Elder Wu, "Immediately gather all of the sect elders and disciples at the Center Court and prepare for battle! The Million Snakes Sect will be here at any moment!"

"E-Excuse me...?"

Elder Wu stood there with a dazed expression. She wasn't able to comprehend why Liu Lanzhi would be saying such things but nobody could blame her, as anyone in her situation would be shocked and dumbfounded.

"Hurry up and just do as I say! It's an order!"

After saying those words, Liu Lanzhi ran towards Fang Zhelan's living quarters, leaving Elder Wu standing there, looking like a dazed chicken.

Meanwhile, Elder Wan, who had just left the Profound Blossom Sect notified the Sect Master of the Millions Snake Sect of the ripple in the air.

"It's confirmed. The Profound Blossom Sect has the white tiger in their possession."

"Good, good, good! You know what to do, Elder Wan! I will leave everything in your hands!"

The Sect Master's delightful voice could be heard from the communication jade slip.

A few moments later, Elder Wan along with the other experts from the Million Snakes Sect approached the Profound Blossom Sect, and surrounding them was an aura of bloodlust.

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