Dual Cultivation

Chapter 251 Seven Silver Blades

Chapter 251 Seven Silver Blades

Yun Nantian glared at Su Yang with an angry expression on his handsome face, feeling embarrassed by his scared reaction just now. What's worst, Fang Zhelan was there to see it.

"Who the hell is this Inner Court disciple and how did he enter the center court?" Yun Nantian immediately recognized his green robes but was unfamiliar with Su Yang's face. In fact, he'd never even seen him before.

"Are you Su Yang?" Fang Zhelan asked him.

"I am."

"Come inside, I have been expecting you."

Su Yang nodded and approached the door.

However, just as he took two steps, Yun Nantian shouted, "Hold it right there!"

"Junior apprentice-sister Fang, what is the meaning of this? Is this young man the reason you are busy? A mere Inner Court disciple?" he asked her with an unpleasant expression on his face.

"That is none of your business," she coldly replied.

Yun Nanting's body slightly trembled in anger, yet he managed to remain a calm expression when speaking to her, "Don't be like that, junior apprentice-sister. What will you gain from cultivating with someone at the Profound Spirit Realm like him? If we cultivate together, it wouldn't be a dream to achieve the Earth Spirit Realm before the Regional Tournament begin!"

Although the Profound Blossom Sect highly encourages its Inner Court disciples to participate in the Regional Tournament, even making it mandatory to become a Core disciple, the event actually accepts anyone below the age of 30, so there will be Core disciples from other Sects participating as well.

That being said, unless the Inner Court disciples defeat every opponent, they will be matched with individuals of similar cultivation base and age before they face off the Core disciples.

"Haha…" Su Yang couldn't help but laugh at Yun Nantian's futile effort. He has seen plenty of desperate men before but they always make him laugh.

"You dare laugh at me, Inner Court disciple?" Yun Nantian narrowed his eyes at Su Yang, his gaze filled with killing intent.

"What's wrong with laughing when a joke is told? Don't people normally do that?" Su Yang asked with a puzzled tone, seemingly truly confused by Yun Nantian's reaction.

"Joke? What did I say that was a joke to you?" Yun Nantian asked him with a frown.

"Everything you said sounded like a joke, kid!" Su Yang burst out laughing.

"K-Kid?! Courting death!" Yun Nantian's face flushed red, fuming at Su Yang's response.

Yun Nantian suddenly retrieved his identity jade slip and raised it before him.

"I challenge you to a death match!"

He shouted at Su Yang.

"Senior apprentice-brother Yun, I really do not have the time for any of this right now!" Fang Zhelan finally intervened, feeling slightly agitated by their childish actions.

"J-Junior apprentice-sister—"

"Disciple Su Yang, please come inside already," Fang Zhelan quickly interrupted.

Su Yang did not say anything else and walked inside the house whilst still laughing. At this point, it was as though he was trying to purposefully piss Yun Nantian.  At least that is what it seems like in Fang Zhelan's eyes.

"Junior apprentice-sister, wait—"


Fang Zhelan closed the door on Yun Nantian's face, leaving him standing there with a dazed expression.

Fang Zhelan seemed much colder to him today than usual, and Yun Nantian blamed Su Yang for losing face in such a way before her.

"Su Yang, huh! Just you wait! I will find out who your partner is and I will steal her from you! Not only that — I will even screw her right before your very eyes!" Yun Nantian's eyes flickered with flames of hatred.

Once inside the house, Fang Zhelan spoke to Su Yang in a cold voice, "Did the Sect Master not tell you to come here as soon as possible? Or do you have no sense of urgency? Making a Core disciple wait nearly an entire week for you, who do you think you are?"

Su Yang remained calm and said, "I had to prepare something before coming here, and that took up a bit of time."

Fang Zhelan narrowed her eyes, almost like she wanted to read his expression, and continued to speak, "And why are you trying to offend Yun Nantian? Are you aware of how dangerous a man he is when offended? He will now go after not just you but also your partner!"

"Thank you for the warning, but I have no partner, so there's nothing to worry about."

Su Yang responded with a smile. Although Fang Zhelan might seem cold and distant at first, Su Yang could tell that she's not entirely coldhearted.

"Anyway, where is the Guardian Spirit? I would like to see it first before we start anything."

Fang Zhelan remained silent for a moment before saying out loud, "Come out, Xiao Bai!"

Upon hearing Fang Zhelan's voice, a white ball of fur appeared from under the bed.

When Su Yang saw this white baby tiger, his eyebrows raised slightly.

"A Snow Tiger, huh."

"You know what type of Guardian Spirit Xiao Bai is?" Fang Zhelan expressed surprise.

"Naturally," he responded.

"It's a Yin Element Guardian Spirit born in only the coldest places at high altitudes. Did you perhaps find this little fella on a mountain?" he asked her.

Fang Zhelan nodded and said, "I found her at the Freezing Mountain in the Western Region."

Although she did not want to say it out loud, Fang Zhelan was deeply impressed by Su Yang's knowledge about Guardian Spirits — especially when nobody has been able to identify Xiao Bai when she was first brought back to the Sect.

"Perhaps he really has a way to help Xiao Bai mature within one month of time…"

Fang Zhelan thought to herself that such a possibility might actually not be too absurd and couldn't help but begin to feel excited about the future for Xiao Bai.

"Anyways, it had taken me this long to reach out to you merely because of this thing here…"

Su Yang retrieved a pot filled with soil from his storage ring. Growing in this pot was seven strands of silver grass, and if one looked closely, they would be able to see some sort of patterns in the grass.

"What is that?" Fang Zhelan could feel a profound feeling being emitted from these silver grass.

However, before Su Yang could even speak, Xiao Bai, who had been quiet and still near the bed suddenly roared and jumped at Su Yang with its mouth open, looking like it wanted to eat Su Yang.

"Xiao Bai?!"

Fang Zhelan, who was greatly startled by Xiao Bai's unfamiliar reaction, quickly went to grab Xiao Bai, fearing that she might injure Su Yang by accident.

"The thing in my hands is called Seven Silver Blades, and most immature Guardian Spirit would go crazy for them. In other words, they love to eat this sort of thing."

"If you let the Snow Tiger eat a single blade every four days, it will fully mature within a month."

Su Yang calmly explained the Seven Silver Blades to Fang Zhelan whilst Xiao Bai kept trying to break Fang Zhelan's restraints.

Ever since she smelled the aroma coming from the Seven Silver Blades, Xiao Bai has fallen in love with it, and she will do anything in order to taste it.

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