Dual Cultivation

Chapter 252 In Exchange for the Seven Silver Blades

Chapter 252 In Exchange for the Seven Silver Blades

"C-Calm down, Xiao Bai!"

Even with her peak True Spirit Realm cultivation base, Fang Zhelan was barely able to keep Xiao Bai, who was at the peak of the Elementary Spirit Realm, under control.

This shows just how superior and profound a Guardian Spirit prowess is and why even the top sects would start a war for one.

If Xiao Bai reaches maturity, then it could fight even Earth Spirit Realm Cultivators whilst being at the Profound Spirit Realm!

"Su Yang, what do you want in exchange for that Seven Silver Blades?"

Fang Zhelan quickly asked him. She doubts that he was willing to give it up for free.

"Just name a price and it's yours!"

Even if she does not have enough Spirit Stones, Fang Zhelan was certain that the Profound Blossom Sect would pay for her, as this Seven Silver Blades could very possibly help Xiao Bai mature, something Liu Lanzhi would not refuse even if it would cost a fortune.

"I don't need your Spirit Stones…"

After obtaining tens of thousands of Spirit Stones from the Immortal's Treasury, Su Yang no longer needed any more wealth, as it would only be akin to adding a few more drops of water into an ocean.

"If you don't want Spirit Stones then what do you want?"

After pondering for a moment, Fang Zhelan's eyes narrowed, and she asked, "Don't tell me that in exchange for the Seven Silver Blades, you want my body…?"

If Su Yang did not desire Spirit Stones, there was only one other reason why he would approach her with the Seven Silver Blades — especially when one considered her fame and beauty within the Profound Blossom Sect. After all, he was the one who gave her the note.

Su Yang shook his head with a smile and said, "If you think I approached you merely for your body, then you have underestimated my character."

"Merely? So you are thinking of it?" Fang Zhelan asked.

"Of course, I would not refuse a cultivation session with you if given the chance, but that being said, I do not intend on asking you for your body in exchange for the Seven Silver Blades."

Su Yang did not deny that he wanted to cultivate with her. However, he also did not intend on taking advantage of her feelings for Xiao Bai by using the Seven Silver Blades to pressure her into cultivating with him, as that would be beneath someone like him.

After saying those words, Su Yang handed the entire pot of Seven Silver Blades to her and said, "I never intended on asking for anything for the Seven Silver Blades, as this is my way of assisting the Profound Blossom Sect."

Su Yang wanted to help the Profound Blossom Sect grow into a place with formidable power before he leaves for the Divine Four Heavens. This is also one of the reasons why he'd rather stay here and cultivate with these disciples that would not affect his own growth much despite having the choice to go a place where there are much stronger individuals in general like the Holy Central continent — especially when he has Qiuyue's flying boat, which will make his travels that much easier.

That being said, even if he went to the Holy Central Continent and cultivated there, his cultivation base would only grow so much before hitting a bottleneck that cannot be surpassed due to the quality of the Profound Qi in this world.

In other words, he will experience the same problem that Qiuyue is currently facing. No matter how much talent they have or what heaven-defying technique they cultivate, neither of them will be able to breakthrough unless they are in the right environment.

Su Yang's action dumbfounded Fang Zhelan, who was still doubting his true intents.

"You don't want anything in exchange for the Seven Silver Blades? Are you sure?" she asked just to be sure.

"Although it may be valuable to Guardian Spirits, the Seven Silver Blades are fairly easy to cultivate," he said.

"Wait… you cultivated these yourself?" Fang Zhelan doubted herself at first and decided to ask him.

Su Yang nodded, confirming her thoughts.

"I-Impossible…" Fang Zhelan was truly shocked by this point.

How could someone at the Profound Spirit Realm and a mere Inner Court disciple cultivate something that will help Guardian Spirits reach its maturity, something that will cause a bloodbath if known? Hell, she'd even never heard of the Seven Silver Blades until today!

"If he really cultivated these himself, then I cannot imagine how the world will react if they learn of his abilities…" Fang Zhelan could feel herself sweating after learning heaven-defying Su Yang's ability.

But of course, in Su Yang's eyes, the Seven Silver Blades are a common thing in the Four Divine Heavens and are considered as baby food but for Guardian Spirits instead. In other words, they are not rare as Fang Zhelan thought them to be.

"Go ahead and feed a single blade to the Snow Tiger," he suddenly said to her.


Fang Zhelan released Xiao Bai from her hold and quickly grabbed the Seven Silver Blades before Xiao Bai could swallow it whole.

"Xiao Bai, sit down!"

The white ball of fur immediate sat down when Fang Zhelan showed the Seven Silver Blades to her.

Fang Zhelan then plucked one of the seven silver grass from the pot and fed it to Xiao Bai, who swallowed the entire thing whole after chewing just a few times.

After eating the grass within seconds, Xiao Bai stared at Fang Zhelan, clearly asking for more.

Fang Zhelan turned to look at Su Yang, who shook his head and said, "I should warn you that each Silver Blade contains a large amount of Profound Qi, and if you feed it more than the recommended amount, it could greatly harm the Guardian Spirit, even killing it."

Su Yang's words easily scared Fang Zhelan, prompting her to immediately hide the pot of Silver Blades into her storage ring despite Xiao Bai's begging looks.

"Thank you for everything," she spoke in a sincere tone, even bowing her head slightly to him, something that rarely happens.

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