Dual Cultivation

Chapter 250 Meeting Fang Zhelan

Chapter 250 Meeting Fang Zhelan

After spending many minutes chatting with Lan Liqing, Liu Lanzhi realized just how much Lan Liqing love Su Yang. What's more, it appears that Su Yang has been snooping around the place more than she'd expected. Hell, the fact that he managed to swoon someone like Lan Liqing as a mere Outer Court disciple is nothing short of a miracle.

"I think I have heard enough now…" Liu Lanzhi said after listening to her whole story.

"Anyway, just remember that until Su Yang becomes a Core disciple, you should still remain cautious when meeting him."

"Yes, Sect Master!" Lan Liqing nodded, feeling as though a mountain has been lifted from her body after revealing everything to Liu Lanzhi.

Liu Lanzhi left Lan Liqing alone a few moments later, returning to the Yin Yang Pavilion.

Lan Liqing released a deep sigh of relief after Liu Lanzhi had left. She nearly had a heart attack in the beginning due to Liu Lanzhi's teasing and could still feel her heart throbbing like drums at this second.

"That Su Yang could've at least warned me beforehand. I nearly died of shock just now!"

Despite her complaint, she was grateful to Su Yang for revealing the truth to Liu Lanzhi, even convincing her to allow it. How he managed such a miracle, she cannot imagine, but that's simply one of the many charms about Su Yang.

Meanwhile, Su Yang just finished cultivating with his 20th partner for the day.

"Ahhh… senior apprentice-brother, how are you cultivating with this many girls and not burn out from exhaustion? Even if your Yang Qi is abundant, how you remain stiff despite cultivating continuously without rest is simply unbelievable..."

The disciple asked him whilst she laid on his bed naked.

"Anything is possible if you put your mind to it," he replied with a smile.

After the female disciple left, Su Yang went outside and said to the other disciples that were waiting outside, "I apologize in advance for this sudden announcement but I will take a break from cultivating for the next few days."

Although the girls were disappointed by the announcement, they did not blame Su Yang for wanting to take a break, as he has been cultivating for the last few days without rest.

"You do not have to apologize for that, senior apprentice-brother. If anything, we should be the ones apologizing to you for taking up so much of your time…"

"Fellow disciple is right. Take all the break you want and we will patiently wait for your return!"

"Thank you for understanding," said Su Yang.

Once the female disciples scattered from his living quarters, Su Yang enclosed himself within his living quarters for the next few days without taking a step outside.

"Master, what are you doing?" Xiao Rong returned from playing during one of these days and asked him.

"I am growing a plant," he casually responded.

Sitting before Su Yang was an empty pot of soil, and for the past few days, he has been feeding the thing that was buried within the soil with his Profound Qi using a unique technique.


Xiao Rong stood there and watched him work. However, she was not interested in what he was doing at all. Instead, she stared at Su Yang's handsome face as he worked.

"Master, what's that weird smell coming from your body? It smells sort of like female humans."

"It's Yin Qi," he calmly responded.

"Yin Qi? What's that?"

"Females release this type of qi when they are overwhelmed with pleasure."

"Xiao Rong cannot understand…"

"It's fine if you not understand right now."

Su Yang did not feel like explaining what 'lust' mean to a Phantom Cat, much less one with the mentality of a child. 

"Anyway, are you finished playing? I will be staying here for the next few months, so you can go a little bit further to play if you like."

Xiao Rong shook her head and said, "Xiao Rong has played enough."

Su Yang raised an eyebrow.

"Could she have already traveled the entire world?" he wondered.

Knowing the Phantom Cat's godlike speed that even gods fear, it wouldn't be weird if she'd already seen every city in this world in just a few days and not just once but twice.

"Xiao Rong will stay here with Master," she said a moment later.

"It will be very boring if you stay here with me, you know."

"Xiao Rong will be okay," she said with a calm voice.

After spending hundreds of years alone in a desolate area such as the Immortal's Treasury where she is the only living being, Xiao Rong has become immune to boredom, not to mention that beasts don't mind being bored in general. In fact, just being beside Su Yang would be more than enough for her to be entertained.

"If you say so."

Thus, for the next few days, Su Yang focused on growing his mysterious plant while Xiao Rong watched him from the sideline like a doll.

Meanwhile, Fang Zhelan had remained in her living quarters for these days, patiently waiting for Su Yang to see her.

"Where is that disciple?! I have been waiting for him for an entire week now!" Fang Zhelan complained as she combed the silky white fur on Xiao Bai.

*Knock* *Knock*

Suddenly, the door to her living quarters was knocked on.

"Is that him? He's finally here!" Fang Zhelan quickly went to open the doors.

However, the person that greeted her at the door was not Su Yang. Instead, it was another Core disciple, one named Yun Nantian.

"Senior apprentice-brother Yun, what are you doing here?" she asked him with an unwelcoming expression.

"I am here to see if junior apprentice-sister would like to cultivate with me," said Yun Nantian with a bewitching smile on his handsome face.

"Sorry, but I am currently busy." Fang Zhelan quickly refused.

However, Yun Nantian did not immediately leave and continued to stay around, even offering to help her.

"What are you busy with? Since I have nothing else to do today, I can lend you a hand."

"There's nothing you can—"

"Are you Fang Zhelan?"

Suddenly, another voice resounded behind Yun Nantian.

"Who?!" Yun Nantian nearly pissed his pants when Su Yang suddenly appeared behind him like a ghost, and he jumped away like a cat having its tail stepped on by accident.

How did he not notice him at all?

Fang Zhelan narrowed her eyes at Su Yang's handsome face. "This is Su Yang?" she said inwardly.

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