Dual Cultivation

Chapter 249 Sect Master's Approval

Chapter 249 Sect Master's Approval

\"S-Sect Master… what did you just say?\" Lan Liqing stared at her with wide eyes, seemingly in shock.

Liu Lanzhi showed an apologetic smile and spoke, \"As an apology for teasing you, even making you cry, I will make your relationship with Su Yang an exception.\"

\"W-W-What…?\" Lan Liqing remained dazed, as she still couldn't comprehend the situation.

\"It was Su Yang who told me about your relationship with him, even requesting for me to be here, so you don't have to worry about being punished.\"

\"W-Why?\" Lan Liqing asked.

\"It's a bit complicated so I will spare explaining it for now,\" Liu Lanzhi shook her head.

\"All you need to know right now is that I, as the Sect Master, have approved of your relationship with Su Yang, thus you no longer have to worry about being punished for it. That being said, you will still have to wait until he becomes a Core disciple before flirting in public, as your current situation will surely create many problems for the both of us if known by the other sect elders.\"


Liu Lanzhi expected Lan Liqing to burst with excitement after hearing her words, but Lan Liqing only continued to cry. In fact, she cried even harder than before, which dumbfounded Liu Lanzhi.

\"E-Elder Lan? Are you okay?\" she asked her.

\"Yes…\" Lan Liqing nodded. \"I… I am just overwhelmed by joy… that the tears cannot stop falling…\"

After a moment of silence, Liu Lanzhi said with a slight smile, \"Although you may not believe me when I say this but I was greatly shocked when I heard your name come out of Su Yang's mouth, as you are the last individual in this place that I would expect to break this specific sect rule, and I can still barely accept it even now...\"

\"You… someone who remained adamant about staying pure for life for over thirty years, refused the courting of hundreds of handsome men, would end up losing your purity to a young disciple that has been with us for only one year… I am sure the previous Sect Masters are currently watching you in Heaven with wide eyes and crying expressions — especially after all the effort they had spent in trying to convince you to find a partner...\"

\"...\" Lan Liqing silently listened with a flushed face. She couldn't refute anything coming out of Liu Lanzhi's mouth, as she can barely believe it herself even right now.

\"If you don't mind me asking, why did you choose someone like Su Yang? Although I admit that he's incredibly handsome and charming as a young man and would surely grow up to be even more attractive in the future, there are plenty of men out there with better character and attitude than him…\"

\"I…\" Lan Liqing opened her mouth but only spoke a single word before turning silent again.

After spending a moment in silence thinking about her answer, Lan Liqing continued to speak, \"To tell you the truth, even I do not know why I chose someone like him…\" she said with a bitter smile.

\"All I know is that I feel safe whenever his presence is nearby, and there's this certain charm about him that I cannot help but feel attracted to…\"

\"...\" Liu Lanzhi narrowed her eyes. As much as she hates to admit it, she understood Lan Liqing's explanation, as she also feels the same way whenever she's with him.

\"Even though he's just a mere disciple… even though he's not even half my age…\" Liu Lanzhi began feeling frustrated the more she thought about it.

\"Why does it have to be Su Yang? What makes him so special? Besides his appearance and godlike techniques, there is nothing truly special about him, so why?\" Liu Lanzhi pondered.

\"Although it may be too late for an apology, I still would like to apologize for breaking the sect rules, Sect Master…\" Lan Liqing suddenly lowered her head once again and said, \"I'm sorry.\"

Liu Lanzhi did not reply to that statement, as she was certain that she would feel guilty if she accepted this apology.

\"I also broke this sect rule and cultivated with him — as the Sect Master, no less — so I am not in any position to accept her apology…\" she sighed inwardly.

\"Anyway, why don't you get off the floor already? I have known you ever since you were adopted by the previous Sect Masters, but they are not here right now, so I will hear about your relationship with Su Yang in detail in their stead,\" said Liu Lanzhi as she sat at the table nearby.

\"Sect Master…\" Lan Liqing wiped the tears off her face and followed Liu Lanzhi to the table.

Once Lan Liqing calmed down, Liu Lanzhi asked, \"So? When did all of this start? How long has it been since you have become a true adult? What were you thinking during that time? It must have changed your view regarding this world, right?\"

\"W-Wait a second, Sect Master… I cannot answer all of that at once…\"

A drop of sweat appeared on her forehead when Liu Lanzhi bombarded her with questions.

\"Just answer it one by one.\"

After spending a moment to prepare herself, Lan Liqing said, \"It all started when a close friend of mine recommended me to see Su Yang for my… body pain…\"

\"I was skeptical at first, but when he healed the pain in my body — something that I have been trying to solve for many weeks — I began trusting him, and my feelings for him also began developing around that time.\"

\"One thing led to another, and he somehow talked me into giving him my Pure Yin Essence…\"

Liu Lanzhi couldn't believe what she was hearing. Their relationship had started that early on?

\"W-Wait a second… Y-You cultivated with him before he was even an Inner Court disciple?\" Liu Lanzhi couldn't help but ask.

Lan Liqing confirmed with a nod of her head. \"It was shortly after he began selling his massage services.\"

\"B-But he was only at the Elementary Spirit Realm back then! There's no way he could have cultivated with your Pure Yin Essence at that time! Your True Spirit Realm Pure Yin Essence could have greatly injured his foundation and body! Hell, it's a miracle he's still alive!\"

\"Yet he managed to cultivate my Pure Yin Essence and breakthrough to the Profound Spirit Realm and become an Inner Court disciple,\" Lan Liqing said with a smile, feeling proud of him.

\"Unbelievable…\" Liu Lanzhi forcefully swallowed her shock. Just how many secrets does Su Yang have inside his sleeves? Is he really an 'embarrassment' of the Su Family? It just doesn't make sense — Su Yang's entire existence, that is.

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