Dual Cultivation

Chapter 248 Su Yang Is Innocent!

Chapter 248 Su Yang Is Innocent!

After leaving Su Yang's living quarters, Liu Lanzhi headed to the Medicine Hall, where the disciples have been hustling with work after Lan Liqing punished them for being late to work.

"Master is really cruel… how could she toss all these work at us for being late despite having a reasonable excuse?" Yu Yan sighed.

"Unreasonable?! You want to speak of something unreasonable?! The fact that I am being punished alongside you guys despite not being late is unreasonable!" exclaimed Disciple Xiao, the only disciple there to dislike Su Yang and one of the few Outer Court disciples that have yet to cultivate with him.

"Sisters like us are supposed to share everything from our joyous moments to our painful moments!" Yu Yan shook her head and said.

"W-What kind of nonsense is that?!" Xiao cried out loud.

"Give it up, Sister Xiao…"

"That's right… You get nothing out of complaining to us... If anything, complain to Master…"

The other disciples said to her.

"This is all that Su Yang's fault!" Disciple Xiao cursed him inwardly. If not for him, would they have been late in the first place? And because of Su Yang, who has been their main topic for the majority of the time, she has been feeling left out of the group as of late as someone who has nothing good to speak about him.

Suddenly, just as Disciple Xiao opened her mouth to speak, Liu Lanzhi casually entered the Medicine Hall.

"S-Sect Master!" Disciple Xiao, who was the first to notice her entrance, immediately greeted her.

"This disciple greets the Sect Master!"

The other disciples quickly followed after noticing her.

"Is Elder Lan present? I am here to speak with her," said Liu Lanzhi.

'Y-Yes! Master is currently in her room finishing up the report regarding the Euphoric Oil…" said one of the disciples.

"Hoh? The Medicine Hall has already figured out all of the ingredients for the Euphoric Oil?" Liu Lanzhi was taken by surprise by the results, as she did not expect it at all.

"Yes, Sect Master. Our Master currently has the list for the ingredients."

"You have exceeded my expectations, Medicine Hall. You can all expect a raise in your salaries and Spirit Stones for the next three months," Liu Lanzhi said with a smile, and the disciples reacted with controlled excitement, as they didn't want to behave too unruly before the Sect Master.

"Anyway, I will go upstairs to meet with Elder Lan now," said Liu Lanzhi as she left the disciples alone to head upstairs.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Elder Lan, it's the Sect Master."

The door to Lan Liqing's room opened a few seconds later, and Lan Liqing greeted her at the door.

"Disciple Lan greets Sect Master."

"Let's talk inside."

Lan Liqing nodded and closed the door after her.

Once they were inside, Lan Liqing said, "Sect Master, we have finished analyzing the Euphoric Oil, and here is the list of ingredients. As for the report, I am almost finished with it…"

Liu Lanzhi accepted the list and read its content.

"Indeed, it's the exact same as the list Elder Zhao provided…" she thought inwardly.

Every ingredient in Lan Liqing's list was also in Elder Zhao's list so there was no doubt that these are the actual ingredients required to create the Euphoric Oil. As for the method… she will have to wait and see if Su Yang is willing to share it with her before they waste resources for even more testing.

"You don't have to give me the report," Liu Lanzhi said to her.

"Eh?" Lan Liqing stared at her with a dumbfounded expression. "I understand…"

"Anyway, I am actually here for a different matter," Liu Lanzhi suddenly said, her eyes narrowed on Lan Liqing.

Lan Liqing became puzzled. Why else would the Sect Master be here if not for the Euphoric Oil.

"It's about your relationship with Su Yang," Liu Lanzhi said without any warning, shocking Lan Liqing, who nearly choked upon hearing her words.

"W-What are you talking about. Sect Master?" Lan Liqing resisted her urge to cry and asked.

"You don't have to hide it… I am fully aware that you have cultivated with him," Liu Lanzhi said, making Lan Liqing's worst nightmare into a reality. And more importantly, how did she find out?

"S-S-Sect Master… I-I can explain…" Lan Liqing began trembling in fear for the consequences, and she dropped to her knees to kowtow.

"It's all my fault! I was the one who seduced Su Yang, even using my status as a Sect Elder to pressure him!"

Lan Liqing began lying in order to push all of the blame to herself so that Su Yang wouldn't be punished or at least have a lesser punishment. However, little did she know that Liu Lanzhi already saw through her lies before she even finished speaking.

And seeing Lan Liqing's reaction, Liu Lanzhi felt like teasing her for a bit before telling her the truth.

"Elder Lan… are you aware that Sect Elders are prohibited from cultivating with disciples?"

"I am…"

"Then do you know the consequences for breaking this sect rule?" Liu Lanzhi narrowed her eyes at Lan Liqing and made an expression that was filled with disappointment.

"I am aware…"

"What else do you have to say to me?"

"This disciple has no excuses, nor does she plan on asking for forgiveness. However, please, do not punish Su Yang, an innocent disciple, due to my own foolish mistakes."

Liu Lanzhi almost burst out laughing when she called Su Yang innocent. However, she admired Lan Liqing for trying to protect Su Yang, even putting all the blame on herself.

"I cannot do that, as he also bears some responsibility in all of this…" Liu Lanzhi wanted to see how Lan Liqing would react to this.

"N-No way… Please! Sect Master, I am willing to do anything! Just spare him!" Lan Liqing begged with her forehead touching the ground, her eyes dripping with tears.

"I guess this is enough…" Liu Lanzhi thought to herself. It would be bad for her if Lan Liqing complained to Su Yang about this.

"Raise your head, Elder Lan… It was Su Yang who told me about your relationship…" she said.

"...What?" Lan Liqing slowly lifted her head to look at Liu Lanzhi, and on her face as an expression of profound disbelief, looking like she just learned that her family was murdered by bandits.

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