Dual Cultivation

Chapter 245 Unrequited Love

Chapter 245 Unrequited Love

Liu Lanzhi pondered and pondered ways to convince Su Yang to stay as their Patriarch, even if it's just in name, as his presence alone was the result of her security as of lately.

But alas, at the end of the day, even if she could think of excuses, Liu Lanzhi didn't dare to try and make someone as powerful and mysterious as Su Yang stay any longer than he desired, as such tactics would surely backfire on her and the Sect.

"Although it is regrettable and a profound loss for our Sect that you will be leaving, I understand and respect your decision," she said a moment later.

Su Yang nodded, but he was not finished with her yet, and he spoke, "While I will no longer be here, I can guarantee you that the Profound Blossom Sect will still receive my blessing and protection for at least a few more months, so you can find my replacement without having to worry about external issues."

Liu Lanzhi's eyes flashed with excitement, and she bowed deeply, "Thank you, Senior!"

Although she cannot imagine how he will protect the place whilst being absence, Liu Lanzhi did not doubt his words and accepted it.

"Now all that is done — before I leave this place — I have another offer for you," said Su Yang with a mysterious smile on his face.

"..." Liu Lanzhi looked at Su Yang with an anticipating expression.

"Before I leave for good, why don't we cultivate once more? I can tell that your cultivation has benefited greatly from our last session."

When Liu Lanzhi heard that, her eyes widened and her jaw dropped to the floor.

Indeed, her cultivation progress has increased significantly ever since she cultivated his Yang Qi that was richer than any individual she has cultivated with before.

"If you don't want to, then I will take my leave…" Su Yang said to her when she remained silent.

"W-W-Wait! I want to cultivate with you again!" Liu Lanzhi immediately said, her face seemingly filled with desperation.

Without him, who was slightly worse than Su Yang in terms of technique, her sexual frustration will not be relieved properly unless she goes to Su Yang, an urge she has been resisting as of lately.

And without saying anything else, Liu Lanzhi removed the sash around her robes and allowed everything that covered her smooth skin and tender-looking body to slide off her body.

Su Yang also removed his robes a few moments later, before getting into the bed with Liu Lanzhi and cultivating with her.

However, unlike their previous session, Su Yang did not hold back on his techniques and even surpassed the 'Disciple' Su Yang, which profoundly surprised Liu Lanzhi, who thought that she would never be able to experience pleasure beyond what Su Yang could bring to her body.

"Ahhhh! Oh my god! Y-You weren't this intense before!" Liu Lanzhi moaned crazily as all of the frustration in her body disperse.

"I held back last time because of the lecture," Su Yang replied as he caressed his fingers across her smooth body that was constantly trembling from the pleasure.

"Ahhhh~! Mmmmm~! Ahhhhhhh~!"

Liu Lanzhi could feel her mind slowly enter a profound state that was similar to enlightenment. It made her body feel as light as feather, allowing her to feel as though her body was ascending towards Heaven while being wrapped in a blanket of pleasure.

And even with all of her experience, Liu Lanzhi has never experienced anything like this before, which made the occasion that much more enjoyable.




Liu Lanzhi moaned nonstop throughout the night, as their cultivation session lasted until the sun began peeking over the horizon.

After their long and intense cultivation session, Liu Lanzhi laid on her bed with a dazed expression as she was mesmerized by Su Yang's overwhelmingly rich Yang Qi that overloaded her cave.

"W-What kind of Yang Qi is this? It's much more profound and powerful than before!" she cannot even imagine what kind of cultivation base one would need in order to create such intoxicating Yang Qi.

In the midst of her thoughts, Liu Lanzhi turned her head to look at Su Yang, who was already putting his robes back on his body, with an engrossed gaze, looking like a maiden in love.

"This feeling… is this love?" Liu Lanzhi couldn't believe how easily she had fallen in love, much less with someone she knew nothing of — especially when she has not experienced such a feeling before with any of her previous partners.

In other words, this is Liu Lanzhi's first time experiencing love in her life despite having hundreds of cultivating partners to this point. However, to be fair, most people in this Profound Blossom Sect cultivate not because of love. In fact, the majority of dual cultivators only think for themselves when cultivating and only see their partners as cultivation resources like Spirit Stones and the likes.

Su Yang was no different. Besides a few individuals amongst the countless of partners he's ever had, he treated them as cultivating resources and nothing more. That being said, it was not as though Su Yang would toss them to the side after cultivating with them.

"Will I… ever see you again?" Liu Lanzhi asked him in a soft voice.

"Of course," he responded with a mysterious smile, "and it will be sooner than you will ever expect."

The distress in Liu Lanzhi's heart lessened after hearing that, but she still felt disheartened about the whole situation.

"Why did I have to fall in love with him at the very last moment, much less with someone like him?" she sighed inwardly, thinking that out of the countless men out there, she had to fall for someone that she cannot imagine standing beside without feeling unworthy.

"Is this karma for the countless men out there that I have made experience the same feeling?"

After Su Yang left the place, Liu Lanzhi did not immediately cultivate the rich Yang Qi in her body that was akin to a priceless treasure and instead laid on the bed pondering about her unrequited love.

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