Dual Cultivation

Chapter 246 Xiao Bai

Chapter 246 Xiao Bai

Once he left the Yin Yang Pavilion, Su Yang returned to his living quarters, where there were already disciples outside and waiting for him early in the morning.

Meanwhile, after Liu Lanzhi spent a profound amount of time pondering about the disguised Su Yang, she also left the Yin Yang Pavilion to deliver the notes Su Yang had given her.

The first Core disciple Liu Lanzhi decided to visit was obviously Fang Zhelan, who was taking care of the Guardian Spirit for the Profound Blossom Sect, as she is the only individual this Guardian Spirit would listen to for some reason.

"Su Yang? I do not know of any disciple with that name," Fang Zhelan said to Liu Lanzhi after being asked about Su Yang.

"Are you certain? If both of you have never met then how could he have possibly learned of the Guardian Spirit?" Liu Lanzhi pondered with a serious expression.

"I can't answer what I don't know," Fang Zhelan spoke with a nonchalant expression, and she continued, "However, I am certain that she has never left this room, so unless this Su Yang sneaked in here without my knowledge, I cannot imagine how he could've learned of it."

The possibility of another individual leaking the information was also unlikely, as only the most trusted and important individuals are aware of the Guardian Spirit.

"Anyway, why don't you read the note?" Liu Lanzhi handed Fang Zhelan the note Su Yang gave her.

Fang Zhelan looked at the note and casually accepted it before reading it.

Although her face remained uninterested for the first few moments, Fang Zhelan's eyes flickered with a weird light after she finished reading all of its contents.

"What does it say?" Liu Lanzhi asked her.

"Sect Master didn't read it yet?" Fang Zhelan looked at her with slightly wide eyes. She was certain that Liu Lanzhi would've looked at the note before giving it to her. How unexpected and surprising.

"Well… no, I have not..." Liu Lanzhi did not want to risk offending Su Yang and the secrets to the Euphoric Oil and resisted her urge to peek at the contents despite her curiosity.

"This Su Yang… he's saying that he can awaken the Guardian Spirit and turn it into an adult within one month of time…" Fang Zhelan revealed the contents of the notes.

"What did you just say?!" Liu Lanzhi's eyes widened with great shock.

Awakening is another term for when a Guardian Spirit reaches adulthood. However, such occasions are extremely rare and incredibly difficult to achieve as they require a massive amount of resources and care in order to even attempt to awaken.

Under normal circumstances, even an influential and wealthy Sect would require over a dozen years of time and countless resources to awaken a Guardian Spirit, much less a Sect like the Profound Blossom Sect.

By now it should be obvious how difficult raising a Guardian Spirit is, yet for Su Yang to say that he can awaken a Guardian Spirit within a month of time, something that even elite Sects would not dare to imagine — it sounded straight bullshit.

"This Su Yang… he's quite the joker, huh?" Fang Zhelan couldn't help but shake her head, thinking that Su Yang was only messing with her.

However, Liu Lanzhi stared at Fang Zhelan with a serious expression.

"S-Sect Master…? Don't tell me you actually believe his words, right?" Fang Zhelan asked her, who seemed to be in deep thoughts.

"I… I cannot say for sure…" Liu Lanzhi spoke in a sighing tone. "Knowing him, he's probably not joking at all. As for how he's going to do it, I cannot even imagine it."


Fang Zhelan became speechless, as she's never seen the Sect Master act like this before.

"To be able to make the Sect Master like this… who is this Su Yang…?" she wondered in curiosity.

"Anyway, where is the Guardian Spirit right now? I don't see—"

Just as Liu Lanzhi opened her mouth to ask, a small figure appeared from under Fang Zhelan's bed.

"There you are!" Liu Lanzhi immediately smiled upon seeing the white ball of fur under the bed.

"Xiao Bai, greet the Sect Master." Fang Zhelan said to the white animal.

When the little fur animal heard Fang Zhelan's words, it tilted its small head slightly down towards Liu Lanzhi's direction, greeting her with a bow.

Liu Lanzhi could feel her heart melting when she saw the cute little animal that resembled a baby tiger bow to her.

"Hello, Xiao Bai…"

However, when Liu Lanzhi tried to speak with it, the baby white tiger shrunk its head back into the bed and disappeared into the darkness.

Seeing this, Liu Lanzhi could only smile bitterly. Even if she's the Sect Master and Fang Zhelan's Master, the Guardian Spirit does not care for anybody else besides Fang Zhelan.

That being said, since Fang Zhelan was the one who found the Guardian Spirit in the first place, it made sense that it wouldn't trust anyone besides her.

"Anyway, I need you to speak with Su Yang, and don't forget to bring Xiao Bai along with you."

"You want me to take Xiao Bai out of this room…?" Fang Zhelan asked her just to be sure.

"Uhh…" Liu Lanzhi turned speechless for a moment before saying, "Ignore that. I will have Su Yang come here instead…"

Liu Lanzhi nearly forgot about Xiao Bai being a secret.

After that was decided, Liu Lanzhi left the place a little bit later to meet with the other Core disciples.

Once Liu Lanzhi left, Fang Zhelan sighed, "Did something happen to the Sect Master? She seems so different as of lately…"

A few moments later, she said out loud in a gentle voice, "Xiao Bai, you can come out now."

After hearing her voice, the baby white tiger slowly crawled out from under the bed and approached her.

Fang Zhelan then retrieved a Yin Element monster core from her storage ring and fed it to the Guardian Spirit.

"You really have a bottomless stomach, huh? Within just a few weeks you have eaten almost all of the Lightning Cat Monster Cores that would last for an entire year even for someone like me…" Fang Zhelan sighed. At this rate, she can't even imagine what its appetite would become once it reaches adulthood.

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