Dual Cultivation

Chapter 244 Stepping Down

Chapter 244 Stepping Down

"Senior, what brings you here today?" Liu Lanzhi asked him despite her urge to ask him where he's been lately.

"I am here to fulfill my promise," said Su Yang with a smile.

Liu Lanzhi raised an eyebrow in puzzlement.

"I do not understand…" she said a moment later.

Su Yang did not say anything else and waved his sleeves, causing a bunch of things to appear before Liu Lanzhi.

"T-T-This is…"

Liu Lanzhi stared with a gawking expression at the techniques and spiritual treasure that was piled into a small mountain before her.

"I picked these up during my travels, but because I have no use for them, I will give them to your Profound Blossom Sect," said Su Yang as he pointed to the dozens of treasures he had found in the Immortal Treasury's Treasure Room.

There were at least fifty cultivation techniques ranging from the Mortal-grade to the Earth-grade and over two hundred spiritual treasures ranging from the Spirit-grade to the Earth-grade.

Just the cultivation techniques alone were enough to significantly boost the prowess of a high-ranking Sect, much less a medium-ranking Sect like the Profound Blossom Sect. However, with the spiritual treasures added into the mix, the Profound Blossom Sect will skyrocket in prowess, becoming a Sect with great power and resource within not just the Eastern Region but the entire Eastern Continent!

"Y-You are going to give all of this to the Profound Blossom Sect? T-That's too much for an unworthy place such as this place!"Liu Lanzhi spoke in a trembling voice, her face filled with disbelief and shock, looking like she'd just entered Heaven.

"You don't want it?" Su Yang raised an eyebrow.

"T-That's not it… it just I don't know how to react… or how to repay you…"

The Profound Blossom Sect will gladly accept so many 'free' resources, but Liu Lanzhi feared that Su Yang might ask for something afterward.

And if that thing happened to be something that she cannot fulfill, what will happen then?

"You don't have to worry about repaying me. Just think of it as picking up trash that another man had left behind, as that is what it will become if you refuse to accept it," said Su Yang.

If Liu Lanzhi wouldn't take these from him, he would rather just throw them in the middle of the street and allow others to pick then up.

While these items may be worth fortunes for the people of this world, such techniques and treasures are no different than pebbles on the sidewalk in Su Yang's eyes — completely worthless.

Liu Lanzhi glanced at the pile of shimmering treasures before her eyes and swallowed hard, her mouth overflowing with saliva from a profound thirst.

"T—Then I will no longer be humble and accept your generous gift…"

Liu Lanzhi immediately went to retrieve multiple storage rings and pouches to hold the treasures, as there were simply too many treasures before her eyes to fit in a single storage ring.

After getting the storage rings, Liu Lanzhi tossed the treasures into them one by one, and on her face was extreme bliss, looking like someone who'd just won a lottery.

Su Yang watched Liu Lanzhi's childish behavior with a gentle smile on his face. Although there were many things that he disliked about this place, he respected them for being able to create an environment that is normally frowned upon even in the Four Divine Heaven.

When it comes to dual cultivation, where Cultivators cultivated alongside their lust, the majority of the world disdain such a vile cultivation method, as they believe that such practices defile the divine qualities of cultivation.

"Oooh! This is an Earth-grade Spirit Weapon!" Liu Lanzhi's eyes glimmered with light when she picked up a sword that emitted a profound aura.

"Here's another one!" Liu Lanzhi immediately went to pick it up after tossing the other Earth-grade spiritual treasure into the storage ring.

It took many minutes for Liu Lanzhi to completely store away the mountain of treasures even though she barely looked at them before tossing them into the storage rings and pouches.

And after she finished storing away the treasures, Liu Lanzhi looked at Su Yang with an embarrassed face and spoke, "That was unsightly of me… I was too excited and couldn't help myself…"

Su Yang shook his head and said, "Anyway, now that is over, it's time to tell you the real reason as to why I am here today."

"Eh? There's more?" Liu Lanzhi narrowed her eyes, feeling a weird aura in Su Yang's gaze.

"That's right, I came here to tell you that I will be stepping down as the Patriarch, which was only temporary in the first place, so you are free to finally search for an actual replacement."

When Liu Lanzhi first heard that, her mind did not comprehend it instantly and stared at him with a dumbfounded face. However, once she finally understood the meaning behind his words, her eyes widened with shock, and she shouted, "You are leaving already?! This is too sudden!"

Indeed, Su Yang's departure was as sudden as his first appearance — no warning or anything of sorts — like a lightning strike during a clear and beautiful sky.

"What's this? You actually want me to continue being the Patriarch despite being pressured to accept it when we first met?" Su Yang said with a slight chuckled.

Liu Lanzhi opened her mouth but no words came out. If Su Yang never pressured or bribed her to accept him as the Patriarch, she would have long begun looking for another Patriarch. But that being said, it was not as though she really disliked the situation, as not only did the Profound Blossom Sect receive his protection in return but he also gave them many treasures that they would have never been able to obtain by themselves.

In fact, while Su Yang did not really do anything to help the Sect during his few weeks as the Patriarch, his profound cultivation base and seemingly infinite wealth was the definition of an 'ideal' Sect Master in Liu Lanzhi's eyes, as his profound presence made her feel secure and filled with relief despite being the cause for the previous Sect Master's death.

Now that he will be leaving, Liu Lanzhi worried that she might not be able to find someone that is even half as qualified as Su Yang to be the replacement.

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