Dual Cultivation

Chapter 243 Patriarch's Return

Chapter 243 Patriarch's Return

\"You can relax, Sect Master. I have no intention of trying to sacrifice my limited peaceful days for a mere Guardian Spirit,\" said Su Yang.

Because who knows what chaos will happen once he returns to the Four Divine Heavens, Su Yang wants to at least enjoy this peaceful time.

Liu Lanzhi did not doubt Su Yang for some reason. If it was somebody else before her right now, their conversation will definitely be vastly different and not something this peaceful and calm.

It was almost as though she unconditionally trusts Su Yang, and even Liu Lanzhi is aware of it herself.

\"Is it because of his composure, or is it his charm that is affecting me like this? Even though he is a mere kid and I am the Sect Master… it's been like this ever since the Inner Court assessment…\" Liu Lanzhi stared at Su Yang was a pondering gaze, seemingly dazed by his presence.

\"Anyway, is there anything else you need here? I will answer all of your questions regarding the Euphoric Oil once you fulfill your side of the agreement.\"

Liu Lanzhi quickly shook her head and said, \"As long as you keep your promise and keep your mouth shut about the Guardian Spirit, I have nothing else to say to you.\"

After saying those words, Liu Lanzhi turned around and approached the exit.

However, before she could even take two steps, Su Yang opened his mouth to speak, \"Sect Master, since you are already here, why don't I relieve some stress from your body like before?\"

Su Yang wasn't willing to let Liu Lanzhi leave so easily since she's already there.

Liu Lanzhi immediately stopped moving after hearing his words and turned around to stare at him with narrowed eyes.

\"Don't get ahead of yourself, Su Yang. What happened during the Inner Court assessment was a unique occasion. Don't think you can treat me as though I am just another disciple because we cultivated one time during an examination.\"

\"You can say whatever you want but I can tell that your body is filled with frustration. How long has it been since you last relieved yourself?\" Su Yang spoke with a smile on his face. \"It's not good for the body if you keep it like that, you know?\"

\"Nonsense!\" Liu Lanzhi sounded a bit angry, but that was due to Su Yang hitting it on the mark regarding her body feeling frustrated.

While she did not want to admit it, the last time Liu Lanzhi cultivated was when Su Yang last visited her as the Heavenly Emperor, which was many weeks ago.

\"What do you gain from lying at this point? I know it, you know it, and most importantly, your body knows it.\"


Liu Lanzhi remained silent this time around, yet her face was slightly red; it was almost as though she was holding herself back.

After a moment of silence, Liu Lanzhi spoke, \"I can't. There are too many disciples outside.\"

Su Yang chuckled and said, \"What do a few disciples matter at this point when they already saw you enter my house? Unless you tell them yourself, who would dare to spread rumors?\"

Liu Lanzhi turned silent again, but she was thinking inwardly that what Su Yang said made sense, as nobody would believe that the Sect Master will disobey the sect rules.

That being said, Liu Lanzhi did not want Su Yang to continue acting as though he always has the upper hand, so as much as she wanted to cultivate with him, she still refused.

\"No means no, Su Yang. If you ask me again, I will punish you for overstepping your boundaries as a disciple.\"

Liu Lanzhi anticipated Su Yang to react to her words, but alas, Su Yang's expression remained nonchalant, and he calmly nodded, \"It's unfortunate, but you didn't have to make it sound as though I am forcing you. Don't worry, Sect Master, as I will no longer bother you from this point forth.\"

Although Liu Lanzhi felt that something wasn't right here, she didn't pay much attention to it and said, \"As long as you understand your position as a disciple.\"

Liu Lanzhi left the place a few moments later, and Su Yang continued to welcome female disciples into his house as though his interaction with Liu Lanzhi never happened.

Once Liu Lanzhi returned to the Yin Yang Pavilion, she cursed loudly, \"Damn that Su Yang! He thinks that he can have everything go his way just because he is somewhat decent with his techniques! If it weren't for his background and our perplexing relationship, I would have long punished him for his behavior!\"

After cursing for a few moments straight, Liu Lanzhi laid on the bed and closed her eyes to rest.

As she rested, she wondered where the Patriarch had disappeared to for these last few weeks; it was almost like he no longer existed.

\"He could've at least notified me…\" she sighed inwardly.

Time passed quickly as Liu Lanzhi fell asleep in her room thinking about where the Patriarch might have gone, and by the time she reopened her eyes, it was already midnight.

However, Liu Lanzhi immediately noticed a figure in the very corner of her view.

\"S-S-Senior!\" Liu Lanzhi hastily got off the bed to greet him when she finally recognized his face.

For him to appear so suddenly right after she was just thinking about him... What a scary coincidence.

\"H-How long have you been sitting there?\" she asked him, who was sipping tea by himself at the table.

Su Yang placed the cup of tea down and turned to look at her with a calm expression, \"Not too long, just a few hours.\"

\"What?!\" Liu Lanzhi couldn't believe that she didn't wake up to his presence despite being there for so long!

However, after thinking about his profound cultivation base, it was no longer as unbelievable to her.

That being said, Su Yang had lied about being there for hours, as he'd just arrived a few minutes ago and wanted to mess with her.

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