Dual Cultivation

Chapter 242 Guardian Spiri

Chapter 242 Guardian Spiri

"I want you to assist me with my cultivation," Su Yang said with a calm face.

Liu Lanzhi frowned and said, "You do realize that you are speaking to the Sect Master of this place, right?"

"I didn't mean you specifically," Su Yang shook his head. "I want you to find me cultivating partners — at least until the Regional Tournament."

Liu Lanzhi for some reason felt uncomfortable when Su Yang said that — especially the first part.

"How surprising," she snorted coldly, "You are the last person in this entire place I would expect to ask for help regarding such issues. How would you explain the situation outside, then? You have nearly the entire Outer Court female population waiting in line to cultivate with you!"

Su Yang smiled and spoke, "Indeed, I don't truly require assistance, but it would take too much time if I were to look for them one by one. If I could have the someone, the Sect Master no less, mention my name to them, it would lessen the time I need to convince them and increase the time I get to cultivate."

Liu Lanzhi looked at him with a slightly confounded expression, and she asked, "By them, who exactly are you speaking of?"

"The Core disciples, of course."

Liu Lanzhi's eyes widened with surprise. She truly didn't expect Su Yang to go for the Core disciples already!

"Aren't you getting ahead of yourself, Su Yang? Even if you are an Inner Court disciple, very rarely will Core disciples agree to cultivate with people with inferior cultivation bases," Liu Lanzhi said.

The disparity between the Profound Spirit Realm and the True Spirit Realm is nothing short of substantial, so Core disciples would rather cultivate with sect elders or seek for cultivation partners outside of the Profound Blossom Sect.

Su Yang chuckled and said, "You don't have to worry about that, as I have my own ways to convince them. I just need you to bring them to me."

Liu Lanzhi believed that Su Yang was trying to bite more than he can chew but, in reality, Su Yang is already being humble with his choices.

"You may be confident in yourself, but you are also underestimating the Core disciples' standards. Even if you are the most handsome man on earth, if your Yang Qi lacks quality, they wouldn't even consider cultivating with you!"

Su Yang did not feel like repeating himself and remained quiet with a smile on his face.

After a moment of silence, Liu Lanzhi spoke, "Are you sure that is all you want for the information regarding the Euphoric Oil?"

"Are you asking me to ask for more?"

"Of course, not! I just didn't want to see you complaining to me afterward!"

"You don't have to worry about such things," he shook his head and continued, "I am a man of my words — and despite my experience, I have had very little moments of regret."

Liu Lanzhi raised an eyebrow at him, who sounded as though he has lived a very long life.

"A sixteen-year-old like you shouldn't speak as though you are 16,000 years old," she scoffed at him, and continued to speak, "Anyway, I will accept your request. However, what exactly do you want me to do?"

"It's simple, really. Just give this piece of note to each and every single one of the female Core disciples," said Su Yang as he handed her a bunch of notes.

Liu Lanzhi accepted the notes and said in a dumbfounded voice, "You already had these prepared before I arrived? It's almost like you expected me to…"

When Liu Lanzhi came to the realization and stared at him with wide eyes, Su Yang mere smiled and said, "Oh, I have another note that's specifically for that girl with the Yin Element Guardian Spirit."

Su Yang pulled out another note and handed it to her.

"Fang Zhelan?!" Liu Lanzhi's eyes widened at the name on the note.

"How did you learn of her Guardian Spirit?! It is something that even most sect elders are unaware!" she quickly asked him.

"I had a feeling," he responded with a casual shrug.

"Impossible!" Liu Lanzhi was shocked speechless.

The fact that Fang Zhelan is trying to cultivate this Guardian Spirit is something the Profound Blossom Sect has been keeping as a tight secret because Guardian Spirits are very rare in general, as they can become a powerful ally for whoever raised it — something that even powerful Sects would not hesitate to steal for themselves.

Some would compare Guardian Spirits to your every-day beasts in the wild, but that is a misconception only ignorant individuals would believe, as they are vastly different.

Because of the divine qualities in their blood, Guardian Spirits are mostly related to holy deities, and once they are grown, their power far exceeds any beast found in the wild. Not to mention all Guardian Spirits are born tame, so it is extremely difficult to raise one and influence it — especially when it is young.

To put into perspective their strength between a wild beast and a Guardian Spirit at the first level of the True Spirit Realm, the Guardian Spirit may rival even human cultivators at the Earth Spirit Realm whilst the mere beast would at best rival a human at the third level True Spirit Realm.

And because of their natural ability to hide their presence from people and beasts alike, Guardian Spirits are very hard to find unless one has a unique technique specifically for locating them.

In fact, the only reason Su Yang realized that Fang Zhelan was cultivating a Guardian Spirit and not a mere wild beast was due to Xiao Rong, who had mentioned it to him when she arrived at the Profound Blossom Sect for the first time.

"Su Yang, the fact that we have a Guardian Spirit within our Sect is a secret that cannot be leaked outside no matter what! Because if it does get leaked, who knows how many powerful backgrounds will attack us in order to steal the Guardian Spirit for themselves! Not to mention that the Guardian Spirit we are cultivating is still at a young age! If known, a war may even break out!" Liu Lanzhi warned him with a grave expression.

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