Dual Cultivation

Chapter 239 The Desire to Cultivate!

Chapter 239 The Desire to Cultivate!

After Elder Sun entered the house with Su Yang, Elder Sun spoke, "I will keep this short and simple, what you are doing right now has caused too much of a commotion and the sect elders have decided to stop it once and for all."

"Quite straightforward," Su Yang said, his expression still calm.

"Although you aren't doing anything against the sect rules, it has led to many male disciples unable to cultivate, and we cannot allow this to happen anymore. I hope you can understand that it was only brought to the sect elders' attention because of the constant complaints being thrown at them, and they are all fed up with it."

Elder Sun explained to Su Yang that although they wanted him to stop doing this, they were only forced to by the disciples.

"Hmmm… is that so?" Su Yang remained nonchalant, and he continued, "So it's my fault that these disciples are unable to please their own women, huh? I thought the Profound Blossom Sect encourages its own disciples to cultivate with as much as possible, and that is what I am simply doing."

Elder Sun knew that it wouldn't be easy to convince somebody like Su Yang, but he tried regardless, "That is true, but in your case, it is something the Sect has never seen before. I am certain that nobody within the Sect would have expected a single individual to cultivate so many people that it's actually causing trouble."

"And what will you do if I refuse? Since I am not breaking any sect rules, you will need a better reason to convince me to stop. As a matter of fact, why don't the Profound Blossom start teaching its disciples how to pleasure women better?"

"Su Yang, this is not a matter you can refuse, as every Outer Court sect elder are expecting you to stop this charade," Elder Sun frowned.

"Charade? That's hurtful, Elder Sun. All I am doing is helping the Sect by pleasuring the female disciples, but because of some complaints, you are willing to take away the happiness of these women? I am ashamed to be apart of a place with such a mindset." Su Yang shook his head, seemingly in distress.

However, despite his little act, Elder Sun did not believe it for a second and said, "Although I have only spoken with you a few times, I know your character very well, Su Yang, and you are not the type to be saying such words."

Su Yang smiled and said, "Then you clearly don't know me at all…"

Seeing how this is going nowhere, Elder Sun sighed, "What will it require for you to stop this madness? I am only here to send you a message. If you do not want to listen to me, then you will have to deal with others, and they are not as patient as I am."

Su Yang looked at Elder Sun with narrowed eyes. Although the Yin Qi he gets from cultivating with all these Outer Court disciples were minuscule at best, it's been a while since he last cultivated with so many women without any breaks, and he quite enjoyed it despite not benefiting as much as he'd like from it.

Though, while it may not affect Su Yang that much if he were to stop cultivating with these Outer Court disciples, he does not like it when people force things on him.

"Let me get this straight — you only have a problem with what I am doing because the female disciples that are coming to me for pleasure would not return to their partners, and they are complaining, correct?"

"In a sense, yes." Elder Sun nodded.

"Then you won't bother me if those disciples stop whining, right?"

Elder Sun looked at him with a pondering expression, thinking to himself, "What is he thinking of doing this time?"

"If you can make that happen, then the sect elders would have no more reasons to stop what you are doing."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Who do you think I am?" Elder Sun spoke with an arrogant voice, "If I say that the sect elders won't bother you, then they will not!"

After a moment of silence, Su Yang nodded and said, "I will take your words for it."

A second later, he approached the door.

"Where are you going?" Elder Sun asked him.

Su Yang did not say anything and went outside.

Once he was outside, every disciple there looked at him with worried expressions, wondering if something troubling had occurred, as Elder Sun is chief of the Disciplinary Squad, and there's only one reason why he would make an appearance in the Outer Court.

"I have three things to announce," Su Yang suddenly began speaking in a loud enough voice for even the people in the back to hear it.

"One, I will no longer continue this service."

When Su Yang said those words, every female there felt as though someone had stabbed them in the heart with a sharp sword.

"What?! Did something happen?!"

"Is it because of Elder Sun?!"

"This is too sudden! I have been waiting here for hours!"

An uproar occurred outside Su Yang's living quarters, and Elder Sun could feel a drop of sweat dripping off his face when he heard his name constantly being mentioned by the masses. Sure enough, the disciples have immediately considered him as the reason for Su Yang closing his doors.

"Quiet down for a second! I still have two more things to say!" Su Yang roared, instantly hushing the place.

"Although I will no longer be doing this as a service, my doors will still be opened to anyone who wishes to cultivate with me! So nothing has changed!"

"What is the meaning of this?!" Elder Sun stared at Su Yang with a dumbfounded expression.

And before the female disciples could even celebrate the news, Su Yang continued speaking, "However, that being said, because most of you have been neglecting your partners, I will be in trouble if this continues! If you want to continue cultivating with me, make sure that you at least don't ignore your partners! Because at the end of the day, I am not your partner — only a disciple of the Profound Blossom Sect with the desire to cultivate!"

The entire place turned completely silent, and it remained quiet even many seconds after Su Yang's words. Everybody there was at lost for words — Elder Sun included.

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