Dual Cultivation

Chapter 238 Anonymous Vote

Chapter 238 Anonymous Vote

The sect elders spent the next half an hour pondering in silence.

If they continued to allow Su Yang to operate his little business, then the male disciples will complain about their partners ignoring them.

But if they stop Su Yang from giving away massages, it will become the female disciples' turn to complain to them.

No matter which path they decide to take, it will not be able to satisfy both sides and anger the other.

"Any better ideas?" the senior sect elder there asked after many ideas later.

"If it's impossible to satisfy both parties, why don't we just pick one? The other side will calm down once given the time."

"That's true, but which side do we pick?"

"Why don't we have an anonymous vote? We either stop Su Yang and anger the female disciples or ignore the situation and anger the male disciples."

The sect elders there exchanged glances with each other and agreed to vote anonymously.

A few minutes later, once the votes are cast, the senior sect elder counted the votes.

"Nine of us would rather ignore the situation, while the other ten wants Su Yang to stop his business."

When the five sect elders that voted to support Su Yang's business learned of the results, their faces showed signs of regret, as they will no longer be able to experience Su Yang's massages anymore.

"Although it was anonymous, I will say that I voted against Su Yang." One of the sect elders suddenly spoke. "It is one thing if the female disciples are angry, but if the male disciples lack partners to cultivate because of Su Yang, it will greatly affect our Profound Blossom Sect, as their only way to strengthen themselves is through dual cultivation."

The sect elder explained, showing logic to his reasoning for being against Su Yang.

And after hearing such an explanation, those who supported Su Yang began having second thoughts.

Even if half of the male disciples from the Outer Court do not cultivate, the entire Sect's overall prowess will be lowered, which could pose a great threat to their security.

"But females are extremely unpredictable beings, especially when they are disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect… Who knows what crazy thing they will do if we deprive them of their pleasure, and this is coming from a female..."

"If most of the sect elders step up, nothing will happen and everything will return to normal before we know it. Even if they are mischievous, they won't dare to cause too much trouble for the sect elders."

The place turned quiet after that.

A few moments later, the senior sect elder spoke, "Then it's decided. Although it is regrettable that things have come to this point and he has technically done nothing wrong, we will need Su Yang to stop his business, as it is creating too many conflicts and anger amongst the disciples."

After another moment of silence, the senior sect elder continued, "That being said, who would like to be the one to speak with Su Yang about our decision?"

The sect elders there began exchanging glances once again, but all of them held a perplexed expression.

Although half of them voted against Su Yang, none of them actually dared to be the one to physically stop Su Yang's business, as they did not want to appear responsible for shutting Su Yang down, because the female disciples would surely flood that individual afterward.

When many minutes have passed and nobody wanted to volunteer for this task, one of them raised his hand and spoke, "Since nobody here wants to volunteer despite eagerly agreeing to shut Su Yang's business down just moments ago, I will do it."

The sect elders in the room all turned to look at the man who just spoke.

"Are you sure about this, Elder Sun?"

The one who had volunteered was none other than Elder Sun, Sun Jingjing's grandfather.

"Somebody has to do it, right? Not to mention I have spoken with him a few times before, so I am best suited for this task."

"Sorry to trouble you, Elder Sun."

Elder Sun shook his head and left the place soon later.

Once Elder Sun left, the rest of the sect elders began expressing their surprise.

"Who would've thought that someone like Elder Sun would volunteer for a task like this…"

"Right? He's the last individual here that I'd expected to go!"

While the sect elders remained inside their meeting area, Elder Sun approached Su Yang's living quarters.

However, unsurprising, the place was packed with female disciples.

It's been a few days since Su Yang started his business again, and the entire Outer Court has heard of it by now. In other words, the majority of the Outer Court female disciples were here, which were in the hundreds.

That being said, despite the blockage in the area, once Elder Sun appeared and the disciples noticed him, they all made a path for him while greeting him as he passed them.

And because they made way for him, Elder Sun reached the entrance to Su Yang's house with relative ease.

However, while Elder Sun could enter the house at will, the doors to Su Yang's room were closed, and since he didn't want to cause a scene there, Elder Sun decided to wait outside until Su Yang came outside by himself.

A few minutes later, the door to Su Yang's room opened, and a female disciple walked out with unstable movements, looking like her legs were sore.

Elder Sun watched her leave with a raised eyebrow, and once he could smell the scent of Yin Qi coming from the female disciple, he sighed inwardly, "This brat Su Yang… to think he'd still have the strength to cultivate when there are this many people…"

Elder Sun couldn't help but feel envious towards Su Yang in his heart after seeing this scene because even he wasn't this popular during his prime days as a Core disciple, much less an Inner Court disciple like Su Yang.

"Hmm? Elder Sun?" Su Yang appeared after the disciple left, and he said with a casual expression, "I am happy that you are here, but aren't you aware? I only accept females into my room."

"What—? Screw you! I am here on a different matter!" Elder Sun quickly shouted at him to prevent any misunderstanding.

"Is that so?" Su Yang merely smiled and said, "Let's talk inside."

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