Dual Cultivation

Chapter 237 Sect Elders in Distress

Chapter 237 Sect Elders in Distress

"Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh!"

The female disciple screamed in pleasure as Su Yang destroyed her body with his thick rod, reforming her hole into the shape of his rod.

And within minutes since they began cultivating, the female disciple was already exhausted from releasing too much Yin Qi.

"If we cultivate any further, your body might be harmed from Yin Qi deprivation," Su Yang said to her.

"Un…" Although she was reluctant to leave after spending what felt like a few seconds in this room, the female disciple left after putting on her clothes.

More than a dozen more female disciples have entered the queue in front of Su Yang's house since the first service, but when the first customer to enter Su Yang's house returned after spending only a few minutes inside, everybody that was waiting outside was stupified.

"Why are you already back outside? It hasn't even been ten minutes since you went inside!" the people in line asked her, thinking that she was being silly for wasting her opportunity as the first individual to enter.

"Y-You don't understand a thing…" the female disciple shook her head and left with a sensitive body, making her pace and movements awkward.

The people in line watched her leave with a puzzled expression and wondered, "What did she mean by that?"

"Next guest in line, please come inside," Su Yang said from inside his room.

The next individual in line no longer pondered and entered the house.

Once she was inside his room, Su Yang asked her, "Do you want a massage, or would you like to cultivate?"


The girl looked at Su Yang with wide eyes and a shocked expression, resembling the last girl.

"Which service would you like to have? I can give you a massage, or I can cultivate with you," Su Yang repeated his words when the girl remained unresponsive after many seconds.

"I want to… cultivate?" still unsure of the situation, she responded in a questioning tone.

"Very well, please remove your clothes so we can begin."

The female disciple removed her robes and laid on the bed, and Su Yang began his services a few seconds later.

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhhhhh!"

The female disciple couldn't believe the pleasure she was feeling; it was like she had entered a different world!

And just like the last customer, she was exhausted within minutes.

"Senior apprentice-brother, you are amazing…" she praised him in a sincere tone.

Su Yang smiled and said, "I will be here if you want to return at any time."

The girl nodded and left soon after.

Once the female disciple left his house, when asked by the others, she said, "You can receive a massage from senior apprentice-brother or you can cultivate with him! And you get to choose!"

"What?! We can cultivate with senior apprentice-brother Su?!?!" The girls waiting in line were shocked speechless, and their expectations and excitement have soared to the sky.

"Which one did you choose?" one of them asked.

"I chose to cultivate with him… and it was… otherworldly…" she responded with a bashful expression.

"Even better than his massage?" another asked.

"Way better…"

When the female disciples heard that, their anticipation and enthusiasm skyrocketed and reached the point where it would have enough power to destroy an entire city if such emotions were to become a technique.

Once the third customer entered Su Yang's room, she immediately said, "I want to cultivate!"

Su Yang only nodded, and a few seconds later, he began thrusting the female disciple.

After he was finished with his third customer, Su Yang continued to accept female disciples into his room, and in eight out of ten customers, they would request for a cultivation session with him.

And with each session lasting no longer than ten minutes, Su Yang would cultivate with around four to eight girls every hour. However, because each sessions are short and quick, Su Yang would only release his Yang Qi after cultivating with a dozen or so girls.

The line outside Su Yang's house has increased to the point where one can no longer see Su Yang's house from the end, and there were at least a hundred people standing there.

It didn't even take an entire day for nearly every single Outer Court disciple to hear that Su Yang has reopened his business, and everybody that has gone to him before for a massage made their way towards Su Yang's living quarters once they heard of it. Furthermore, once they learned that Su Yang would be providing special services that allow them to choose between a massage and cultivation with him, they nearly went crazy from excitement, as that is something they have been wanting to experience since their massage with him!

Su Yang reopening his business caused a huge commotion within the Profound Blossom Sect, even creating heavy traffic within in the Outer Court, making it difficult for everybody else to travel, all because Outer Court female disciples flooded the area Su Yang lived in.

Meanwhile, the sect elders were flooded with complaints from the male disciples, blaming Su Yang for their lack of partners and cultivation ever since his reopening.

"What should we do? At this rate, we will see a significant decrease in the cultivation rate between disciples, and the male disciples will continue to complain until Su Yang stops his little charade."

The sect elders discussed with each other as the days passed.

"Why don't we just tell Su Yang to stop his business?"

"Unthinkable!" A few female sect elders immediately refuted that suggestion, causing an awkward silence in the atmosphere.

"Yes, I admit that I have gone to him for a massage before this, but as long as we don't cultivate, it is not against the sect rules!" one of them said.

"Let's talk about that another time…" said one of the more senior sect elders there. "We are here to discuss a solution to the disciples' complaints. As for forcing Su Yang's business down, it will only cause the female disciples to revolt and complain next, so it will not solve anything."

"We have been through this last time."

The sect elders sighed.

Just how did a single disciple manage to cause such a commotion and dire situation for the male disciples? It's not as if he is doing anything against the sect rules, either. And does a solution that will calm both sides even exist?

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