Dual Cultivation

Chapter 236 Heavenly Massages Return!

Chapter 236 Heavenly Massages Return!

"The Sect Leader has tasked the Medicine Hall to study this substance to the best of your abilities. Even if it's just a few, try to see what ingredients were used to create this substance," said Elder Zhao.

"W-What is this substance? And where did you get it?" Lan Liqing asked with an ignorant expression, acting as though she's never seen the Euphoric Oil before.

"This is called the Euphoric Oil, and if deemed possible, it will replace our Profound Yin Pills. As for where it came from, that is something I cannot disclose. If you really want to know, you can ask the Sect Leader herself," said Elder Zhao.

"There's no need..." Lan Liqing said, confirming the source of the Euphoric Oil from his words.

There was no doubt that it'd came from Su Yang, which left Lan Liqing slightly worried. Because she's well aware of the Euphoric Oil's effects, she could see the Profound Blossom Sect going after Su Yang for its secrets.

Elder Zhao left after handing Lan Liqing the Euphoric Oil.

Once Elder Zhao left, all of the disciples gathered around Lan Liqing. They all wanted to confirm whether or not it was the oil that Su Yang had used on them.

"It really is the same oil…" Xuan Jinglin mumbled.

"Do you think they got it from senior apprentice-brother Su?" Yu Yan asked with a worried expression. "What if they're interrogating him as we speak?"

"Don't say something that obnoxious!" Shang Wenjie frowned.

"No matter where it came from, the Sect Leader is expecting us to examine it, so that is what we will do. If you are that worried about Su Yang, you can check on him after we are done," said Lan Liqing with an annoyed tone.

"Yes, Master!"

The Medicine Hall immediately began working on the Euphoric Oil. But the people there were unable to work without being distracted by their worries for Su Yang, especially Lan Liqing, who was particularly absentminded throughout the entire day.

Meanwhile, Su Yang just finished creating two more bottles of Euphoric Oil while inside his room.

"I should go once a week to the White Pearl Treasury for more ingredients," he thought to himself.

Afterward, Su Yang went outside of the house and hung up a banner on a stick like a flag in the front yard, where it used to be when he was farming for premium points.

While words that he has resumed his business will without a doubt spread by itself without needing him to do anything, the rumors will spread much faster if Su Yang himself advertised it.

After Su Yang posted the banner outside that stated the reopening of his business, he went back inside to wait for customers.

And very quickly, the disciples that pass by Su Yang's living quarters noticed his obvious flag and the large characters on it.

'Heavenly Massages Return! Free of Charge! No Time Limit! Special Services!'

"Good lord! Su Yang, that bastard has finally returned!"

The male disciples felt as though the sky has darkened once again, and their worst fears have returned. At this rate, their partners will return to Su Yang's business for pleasure and completely forget about them like before!

"Fuck! My girl has only recently started seeing me again after going to Su Yang for a massage! Once she hears about this, I won't be able to cultivate again for heaven knows how long!"

As for the female disciples, they began celebrating on the spot when they saw the sign.

"Su Yang is reopening his massage business?! And for free?! Am I dreaming right now?!"

"What kind of special services will he be providing? I can't wait!"

"Forget about all of that! There's no longer a time limit of 10 minutes! This means I can enjoy his massage for as long as I desire!"

"I was just about to go cultivate with my partner! Forget it! He can wait!"

Female Outer Court disciples immediately began lining up in front of Su Yang's house after seeing the banner.

"Senior apprentice-brother! Are you really opening again?"

Su Yang opened the door and appeared before them after they knocked on the door.

"That's right," he responded with a handsome smile.

"What kind of special service do you provide? How is it any different than what you were doing before?" one of them asked.

"You will find out inside."

"Is it really free?" another asked.

"That's what it says on the banner, right?"

"W-What about the time limit? If somebody decides to stay for the entire day, won't it take forever before the majority of us get a turn?" somebody at the end of the line asked.

"You don't have to worry about that, because the majority of you will not last for that long." Su Yang responded with a smile.

"Anyway, why don't you come inside first so we can get this started?" Su Yang said to the first person in line.


The disciple first in line entered the house with an eager expression, and her excitement could be felt by even the people at the end of the line.

Once the female disciple entered Su Yang's room, he asked her in a calm voice, "Do you want a massage, or do you want to cultivate with me?"

"Excuse me?"

The female disciple looked at Su Yang with wide eyes, seemingly in disbelief. And thinking that she heard him wrong, she asked, "Y-You want to cultivate with someone like me?"

"If that is what you desire," Su Yang replied with a smile.


The female disciple turned speechless. She never expected there to be such an option when she came here!

"I-I want to cultivate with you!" she quickly replied.

Not many Outer Court disciples would refuse to cultivate with an Inner Court disciple, much less with someone as skilled and as handsome as Su Yang.

"Very well. Why don't you take your clothes off so we can start?"

The female disciple swiftness and elegantly removed her clothes, before laying on the bed.

A few moments later, Su Yang began playing with her body before sticking his thick rod into her and absorbing her Yin Qi.

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