Dual Cultivation

Chapter 235 The Sect Leader's Task

Chapter 235 The Sect Leader's Task

After Su Yang and Sun Jingjing left the White Pearl Treasury, Elder Zhao went directly to the Yin Yang Pavilion to meet with Liu Lanzhi regarding the Euphoric Oil.

\"It was given to you by Su Yang, huh?\" Liu Lanzhi closely inspected the glass bottle in her grasp with a serious expression.

Anything that has Su Yang's involvement required her to be extremely cautious, as who knows what someone unexpected like him would do.

\"Indeed.\" Elder Zhao nodded and continued, \"It was already tested by Elder Sun's granddaughter, Sun Jingjing, and she determined it to be at least three times more effective than the Pure Yin Pills.\"

Liu Lanzhi did not say anything for a moment and dipped her fingers into the slimy oil, and directly in front of Elder Zhao, she proceeded to rub herself under her robes.


Elder Zhao sighed inwardly but didn't say anything and closed his eyes.

A few moments later, Liu Lanzhi spoke, \"This is indeed a substantial discovery! If we can figure out how this is made or where it came from, it will greatly boost the overall prowess of the Profound Blossom Sect!\"

If the female disciples within the Profound Blossom Sect received a boost to their Yin Qi, then the male disciples that cultivate with them will also improve! However, as excited as she was, Liu Lanzhi was not too optimistic, as who knows if they will even obtain another of this Euphoric Oil in the future.

\"Did Su Yang tell you anything about where he obtained this from?\" she asked Elder Zhao.

He immediately shook his head and spoke, \"Not only is that brat incredibly rude but he also refused to say anything — not even a hint.\"

\"Is that so…\" Liu Lanzhi sighed inwardly. Forget about him, even she, as the Sect Leader, does not know how to deal with someone like Su Yang properly.

\"However, there might be a clue…\" Elder Zhao suddenly said.

\"Go on.\"

\"Alongside the Euphoric Oil, he also brought a list of ingredients, spending 2,000 premium points without any hesitation after selling the Euphoric Oil. If I have to make a guess, that list has something to do with the Euphoric Oil — a recipe perhaps.\"

Liu Lanzhi's eyes lit up when she heard Elder Zhao's words. \"Do you recall every ingredient that was on that list?\" she asked him.

\"I do.\"

\"Good shit!\" Liu Lanzhi cursed from excitement, nearly bursting out laughing at Su Yang for underestimating their shrewdness.

However, little did they know that Su Yang had foreseen such a situation. That being said, even if they knew the ingredients to create the Euphoric Oil, if they don't have both the technique and skills required to create the Euphoric Oil, they won't be successful no matter how many experiments they do, hence why Su Yang did not care about letting them see the list of ingredients.

Elder Zhao recalled the list of ingredients from his memories and wrote it on a piece of paper according to Liu Lanzhi's wishes.

\"Here you go,\" he handed it to her after he finished.

\"This is quite the long list,\" Liu Lanzhi said after reading through the ingredients.

\"That only makes this list seem more authentic.\"

\"Very well,\" Liu Lanzhi nodded, and continued, \"Although we are not concocting pills, I want the Profound Pill Hall to study the list and see if they can find anything. Also, because we are dealing with mostly medicine and herbs, I want the Medicine Hall also involved in this. Give them some of the Euphoric Oil and see if they can figure out how it's made.\"

\"I understand, but… what about him?\" Elder Zhao asked.

\"Him…? If you mean Su Yang, I already have another business with him, so I will be seeing him very soon!\"

Liu Lanzhi still hasn't forgiven Su Yang for slapping her in the face while she was asleep. Even though it was to wake her up, weren't there any better methods than to slap a beauty in the face? Only a villain would do such a thing.

Elder Zhao left the Yin Yang Pavilion a few minutes later to complete Liu Lanzhi's task.

He first went to the Profound Pill Hall, where all of the pills found in the White Treasury Hall came from.

\"The Sect Leader has a task for the Profound Pill Hall,\" Elder Zhao said to them as soon as he entered the building.

\"Elder Zhao!\"

The alchemy masters inside greeted him.

\"What does the Sect Leader desire from us? As long as it's pill related, the Profound Pill Hall will not disappoint her.\"

\"Unfortunately, it's not about a pill.\" Elder Zhao retrieved the list of ingredients and said, \"The Sect Leader wants to know if there are any recipes out there that require all of the ingredients listed here. If none of you know, she would like for you to research it to the best of your abilities.\"

Once Elder Zhao handed them the list of ingredients, the alchemy masters at the Profound Pill Hall gathered in a circle and began their discussion.

After his job at the Profound Pill Hall was finished, Elder Zhao went to the Medicine Hall with a tiny bottle of the Euphoric Oil in his pockets.

\"This disciple greets Elder Zhao!\"

The girls at the Medicine Hall immediately greeted Elder Zhao upon seeing him.

\"Elder Zhao.\" Lan Liqing also greeted him with a courteous bow.

Elder Zhao nodded and said, \"I came here today because the Sect Leader has a task for the Medicine Hall.\"

\"What does the Sect Leader want us to do?\" Lan Liqing asked.

Elder Zhao retrieved the small bottle of Euphoric Oil in his pockets and showed it to her.

\"This aroma…\"

Not just Lan Liqing but every disciple there beside one individual immediately took notice of the sweet aroma that was around the glass bottle.

Although none of them showed it on their faces, they all recognized the Euphoric Oil by its distinctive smell, especially when their body was soaked in such substances not too long ago.

Lan Liqing felt an obnoxious feeling in her heart when she saw the Euphoric Oil. Why is Elder Zhao showing them the Euphoric Oil? And more importantly, where did he get such a thing?

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