Dual Cultivation

Chapter 234 What Have I Done…?

Chapter 234 What Have I Done…?

"The fund has been transferred," Elder Zhao handed Su Yang back his identification badge after transferring 3,000 premium points to him.

Although he may have seemed reluctant to give Su Yang the 3,000 premium points for the Euphoric Oil, it was not as if he didn't think it was not worth it.

In fact, paying 3,000 premium points for something that has the same effect as the valuable Pure Yin Pill and even being three times more effective, it was an incredible steal for him in Elder Zhao's mind, especially when a single Pure Yin Pill alone would cost a disciple 3,000 premium points to obtain.

"If I separate them into many bottles and sell each of them for as much as a single Pure Yin Pill, then I can easily make back what I had spent for it!" Elder Zhao laughed inwardly.

"If there's nothing else you need, you can scram." Elder Zhao said to him after handing him the identification badge. "As for our agreement, I will contact you once I am ready."

Su Yang could tell that Elder Zhao no longer wanted to see his face, but unfortunately for Elder Zhao, he still needed to buy the ingredients to make more Euphoric Oil.

"I want everything on this list," Su Yang showed him the list again.


Elder Zhao did not say anything to him and grabbed the list.

"Can you get these items from the back for me?" Elder Zhao asked Sun Jingjing as he handed her the papers.

Sun Jingjing nodded and went to the back again.

A few minutes later, Sun Jingjing returned with a large bag of ingredients.

"Everything you listed is here — double-check if you want."

Su Yang did not need to open the bag to see the ingredients inside and only needed a single sniff to tell what was inside the bag.

"There's no need," he said as her as he handed 2,000 premium points back to Elder Zhao.

After selling to Elder Zhao one bottle of Euphoric Oil for 3,000 premium points and spending two-thirds of that for enough ingredients to create two bottles of Euphoric Oil, Su Yang left the White Pearl Treasury with 1,000 spare premium points to spare for the future.

All in all, his purpose has been fulfilled without any hiccups. Not to mention his little bet with Elder Zhao, which will guarantee his pockets another valuable treasure from the White Pearl Treasury.

That being said, even if he can obtain the most valuable treasure the White Pearl Treasury has to offer, it will most likely not be of any use for somebody like Su Yang, especially when he has a cultivation base at the ninth level of the Earth Spirit Realm.

Once Su Yang returned home, he removed all of the ingredients from the bag and began creating more Euphoric Oil.

Meanwhile, back at the White Pearl Treasury, Elder Zhao asked Sun Jingjing, "Do you recall every item that was on the list?"

Sun Jingjing nodded.

"I need you to keep the list and this Euphoric Oil a secret from everybody — even sect elders if they ask you — until the Sect Leader gives official word on what we should do."

"I understand," she quickly replied.

"Good. And tell your grandfather to come find me in two days, as I have important matters to discuss with him."

"I will tell him that."

"As for what happened today, you don't need to think too much about it, as it's quite natural in the Profound Blossom Sect. And when you finally find a partner for yourself, you will be doing things even more embarrassing than what you did in the other room." Elder Zhao did not want Sun Jingjing to be too bothered by her actions today, as it might affect her cultivation.

"I…" Even though she appreciated his comforting, Sun Jingjing did not know how to respond to Elder Zhao, as it would only make her feel more embarrassed and awkward.

"You can leave for today." Elder Zhao then said to her.

There are only very few people within the Profound Blossom Sect that receive that same treatment as Sun Jingjing when it comes to Elder Zhao. Because she's the granddaughter of Elder Sun, someone that has been friends with Elder Zhao since their days as Outer Court disciples, Elder Zhao could not see Sun Jingjing as a mere disciple.

In fact, in the entire Profound Blossom Sect, Sun Jingjing is the only disciple that could act so casually when around someone like Elder Zhao.

That being said, Sun Jingjing is fully aware of Elder Zhao's biased treatment towards her, yet she decided to act as though she couldn't tell, as she didn't want other disciples to start any unhealthy rumors.

After being told that she could leave, Sun Jingjing left the White Pearl Treasury and returned home.

Once she returned to her room, Sun Jingjing locked herself in her room despite being the only person living inside the house.

When she was certain that nobody was around, Sun Jingjing retrieved a small bottle that was hidden inside her robes and stared at it with a guilty face.

"I'm truly sorry, Elder Zhao…" she sighed.

Sun Jingjing had actually sneaked some of the Euphoric Oil into her own container when she was still inside the other room and brought it home.

When she experienced the pleasure that the Euphoric Oil brought to her body, she wasn't able to resist the urge to steal some for herself to use at home when she's alone.

"What have I done…? To think I would do something like this… I must be going crazy!"

Sun Jingjing was relieved when Elder Zhao did not suspect her after seeing that a third of the Euphoric Oil disappear and even accepted her excuse or she would've killed herself from shame. And while she disdained her own actions, she most definitely did not regret it!

Once Sun Jingjing was prepared and naked on her bed, she proceeded to rub some of the Euphoric Oil onto her most sensitive area.

A few seconds later, Sun Jingjing began moaning as she pleasured herself.

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