Dual Cultivation

Chapter 233 Selling the Euphoric Oil

Chapter 233 Selling the Euphoric Oil

"Now that we have the conditions out of the way, what will we be gambling with?" Elder Zhao asked him.

"If I cannot satisfy even a single sect elder then I deserve to lose everything I have — if I lose, I will do whatever you want," Su Yang said to him with a calm expression.

"How bold of you…" Elder Zhao narrowed his eyes at Su Yang, who was seemingly so confident that he couldn't even imagine losing.

"How about this? If you lose, you will tell me where you have obtained the Euphoric Oil." Elder Zhao did not want to bully Su Yang too much, as he was someone who valued his own face.

"That's fine with me," Su Yang nodded.

"If I lose… let's see… I will allow you to grab any one thing from this White Pearl Treasury as long as it's in stock," Elder Zhao said.

While the White Pearl Treasury has even the most valuable resources and treasures, Elder Zhao was also confident that he would not lose to Su Yang in this bet, hence why he did not hesitate to bet with such high stakes when compared to Su Yang's low seemingly low stakes.

A mysterious smile broke out on Su Yang's face when he heard Elder Zhao's words. He can pick any one item from the White Pearl Treasury? That's already more than what he could ask for!

In fact, Su Yang had only intended to ask for some Premium Points! But alas, Elder Zhao had unknowingly dug another hole for himself to fill his tears afterward!

"Very well, then I will be waiting for you to find three sect elders after this." Su Yang eagerly nodded.

"In the meantime, why don't you show me a list of everything you have at the White Pearl Treasury? I would like to see if there's anything worth picking after I win," he continued.

Elder Zhao's face sunk, and he spoke in a serious voice, "Don't get too cocky! You can look at it after you win — if you win!"

A few minutes after Su Yang and Elder Zhao made the bet, the door finally opened, and Sun Jingjing walked out of the room with her face red like an apple, and embarrassment could be seen in her expression.

"Disciple Sun…?" Elder Zhao looked at her with wide eyes. What on earth happened back there? She seemed pretty exhausted, looking like she was pretty active back there with the testing.

"I'm sorry, Elder Zhao," Sun Jingjing suddenly said to him with a saddened expression.

Thinking that she was apologizing about the time it had taken her to finish, Elder Zhao shook his head and said, "It's fine, it didn't even feel that long."

"No… I don't mean that…" Sun Jingjing held out the Euphoric Oil in front of her and said, "I… I got ahead of myself and used more than I was supposed to…"

When Elder Zhao saw that more than a third of the Euphoric Oil in the glass bottle was gone, his jaw dropped to the ground.

"T-T-This is…" Elder Zhao was speechless, but he still wanted to know the results, "W-What about the results?" he asked her.

"It worked… greatly…" Sun Jingjing spoke with a bashful expression, something Elder Zhao has never seen before from her.

"If I had to compare it with the Profound Yin Pill, then it's at least three times more effective…" Sun Jingjing continued.

"Good lord… three times as effective?" Elder Zhao was truly speechless and bewildered now. He slowly turned to Su Yang and thought to himself, "I must know where he got this Euphoric Oil now!"

"Now that you know it works, do you want to buy it from me?" Su Yang asked him with a grin.

As much as Elder Zhao hated to admit, he really wanted this Euphoric Oil for himself to study, but due to the circumstances, he will have to show it to the Sect Leader before deciding anything for himself, as this new discovery could greatly change the Profound Blossom Sect!

"How much Premium Points do you want for it?" Elder Zhao asked him with a defeated expression.

"I want three thousand Premium Points for it." Su Yang said with a nonchalant expression.

"Three—?!" Elder Zhao nearly punched Su Yang in the face for asking for such an exorbitant amount for some oil.

"What's wrong? You can't afford to pay a mere 3,000 premium points for something that is three times as effective as the Profound Yin Pill?" Su Yang spoke in a mocking tone.

"You—" Elder Zhao forcefully took a deep breath to calm himself down and continued, "It may be worth 3,000 premium points if it was a full bottle, but as you can see, there are only two-thirds left."

Although Elder Zhao was aware that it was not Su Yang's fault, he still wanted to annoy him a bit, even if he had to sacrifice some face in order to do so.

And sure enough, Su Yang raised his eyebrows in surprise. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"And how is that my problem? If it's like that, then you might as well use the entire bottle before buying it from me for free!" Su Yang said to him.

"Elder Zhao… he is right… it's entirely my fault that there are only two-thirds left." Sun Jingjing also tried to reason with him.

"In fact, allow me to pay for what I've used!" Feeling guilty about the situation, Sun Jingjing offered to pay 1,000 of the 3,000 premium points.

Elder Zhao looked at her and shook his head, "Forget it, the White Pearl Treasury will buy it for 3,000."

"You can think of the used Euphoric Oil as a reward for always helping me organize the place," Elder Zhao continued speaking.

"Elder Zhao… thank you!" Sun Jingjing bowed to him as a show of her gratitude to him.

Afterward, Elder Zhao returned to Su Yang and said, "Give me your identification badge and I will transfer the funds to you."

Su Yang smiled and quickly handed him his identification badge.

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