Dual Cultivation

Chapter 232 Betting with Elder Zhao

Chapter 232 Betting with Elder Zhao

After agreeing to test the Euphoric Oil on herself, Sun Jingjing grabbed the glass bottle and went back to the other room.

But before she left, she asked Su Yang, "How much do I need to use for it to be effective?"

"You will see immediate effects if you rub even a few drops of the oil on your most sensitive parts, but of course, the more you use, the more effective it will be," he responded.

Inside the other room, Sun Jingjing dipped an inch of her finger into the oil. She then loosened her robes and began rubbing her little sister with the Euphoric Oil.

Although she never imagined that she'd do something like this in the White Pearl Treasury, Sun Jingjing was not too bothered by it, as even the most unpredictable thing could even happen.

After all, when she tried to return to the Immortal Treasury a few days after meeting Su Yang, the Immortal Treasury had not only closed but also disappeared entirely, almost as though it had never existed in the first place.

Her trip to return to the Immortal Treasury had wasted not only her time but also taught her that no matter how unlikely something was to happen, it was not impossible.

After gently rubbing some of the Euphoric Oil on her bottom lips, Sun Jingjing could feel her body immediately flare up with the desire to mate.

"T-This is incredible!" she thought to herself as she started playing with her virgin hole.

Because Sun Jingjing joined the Profound Blossom Sect as an Inner Court disciple, something that Elder Sun had a role in, she became the only disciple within the Profound Blossom Sect to have become an Inner Court disciple with her Pure Yin Essence still intact!

And the fact that Sun Jingjing is still a virgin despite being an Inner Court disciple made her incredibly sought-after by every male disciple within the Inner Court, and even most of the Core disciples have tried to court her. However, because she'd only joined the Profound Blossom Sect because of her grandfather, Elder Sun, Sun Jingjing refused all of them and remained pure even to this day.

That being said, that did not mean Sun Jingjing wanted to remain pure forever, as she also would like to have a partner someday. However, because of her character, such desires are being held back, especially when it's a challenge for her to find someone that could even slightly impress her.

Meanwhile, while Sun Jingjing was testing the Euphoric Oil on herself, Elder Zhao tried to get more information on the Euphoric Oil from Su Yang, "Where did you obtain that thing, anyway? Or did you buy it from somebody else?"

"Who knows where it came from? Even I don't," Su Yang shook his head and said, "It was beside my pillow when I woke up one day."

Elder Zhao frowned and growled, "Do you really think that I will believe such crap?"

Su Yang merely shrugged. Even if Elder Zhao wanted to beat the answers out of him, the Sect strictly prohibited sect elders from taking advantage of its disciples. If a sect elder is found to have abused their status and pressured or forced disciples to expose their secrets or give away their belongings, then that sect elder will immediately receive punishment from the Sect Leader herself.

"If you don't want to tell me, just say so," Elder Zhao shook his head and sighed.

The place turned quiet afterward, and it continued to be that way for many minutes.

"How long does it take to test some oil?" Elder Zhao began feeling impatient after Sun Jingjing entered the other room for half an hour without coming out.

"You shouldn't rush a lady when it comes to things like this," Su Yang said with a calm smile.

"Hmph! What do you know? You are a hundred years too early to be lecturing me in such a subject!" Elder Zhao snickered.

He's been apart of this Profound Blossom Sect for over 100 years and has cultivated with countless disciples when he was at his prime age, and in his mind, Su Yang is far too green to be talking about ladies when before him.

"Are you sure about that?" Su Yang couldn't help but laugh at his ignorance.

Elder Zhao frowned and said, "Even if your techniques may satisfy the Outer Court disciples, the true seasoned experts, the sect elders, will not feel a thing if you used it on them!"

Elder Zhao was fully aware that Su Yang had been quite popular for his massages for a certain period, but in his eyes, it was only because all of his customers were Outer Court disciples.

"Hoh? Are you willing to make a bet on that?" Su Yang asked him with narrowed eyes.

"You want to make a bet with me?" Elder Zhao burst out laughing despite finding Su Yang to be disrespectful to even think of such a thing.

"That's right," Su Yang nodded. "Since you sounded pretty confident when saying that my techniques will not work on sect elders, then you should have confidence in winning this bet."

"Interesting…" Elder Zhao looked at him with a pondering face.

Because he cannot find anything to do that could entertain him, Elder Zhao is always sleeping his boredom away. However, now that something that could pique his interest has appeared, there's no reason for him to turn down Su Yang's little bet.

"What are the conditions?" he asked Su Yang.

"It's simple, really. You will find three sect elders that are willing to donate their time to participate in our bet, and I will use my techniques on them. If I cannot satisfy all three of them, then you win."

"Hmph! That wouldn't even be a challenge for me!" Elder Zhao snorted with arrogance.

"One! If you can satisfy just one of them, I will consider it my loss!" Elder Zhao gave Su Yang three chances to satisfy at least one of them with his techniques, something Su Yang could do even with his eyes closed and hands tied together.

"Very well," Su Yang had no reason to refuse Elder Zhao's generosity that was akin to stabbing himself in the foot when he is already on the chopping board!

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