Dual Cultivation

Chapter 231 Testing the Euphoric Oil

Chapter 231 Testing the Euphoric Oil

"Spirit Yin Root, Crystal Ginseng, Blue Lizard Tears…" Elder Zhao read the contents of Su Yang's list. There were approximately 30 ingredients required to create the Euphoric Oil, and although none of the items needed could be considered rare, they were all ingredients commonly used by Alchemists to concoct pills.

After reading the list of ingredients, Elder Zhao turned to look at Su Yang with raised eyebrows, his gaze filled with puzzlement. "These ingredients... Are you concocting a pill or something? Since when did you become an Alchemist?" he asked with an expression of great interest.

When it comes to Su Yang, Elder Zhao found him to be unpredictable and mysterious, which only made Elder Zhao want to learn more about Su Yang.

"Just some experiments, nothing worth mentioning. Anyway, how many Premium Points would it cost to buy all of them?" Su Yang casually dodged the question and asked him.

"Hmm…" Elder Zhao looked at him suspiciously before returning to the list with a pondering face.

After a moment of silence and calculating, Elder Zhao spoke, "It will cost you 2,000 Premium Points."

"Two thousand, huh…"

While it paled in comparison to the Pure Yang Flower that cost him 10,000 Premium Points, it is still quite expensive.

"I understand." Su Yang nodded, and he continued, "Then how much Premium Points would this fetch for if I were to sell it to the White Pearl Treasury?"

Su Yang retrieved a bottle of Euphoric Oil and placed it on the desk before Elder Zhao, who picked it up and looked at it with a puzzled gaze.

"What is this supposed to be? It's transparent like water but also seems to be slightly thick in the textures…" Elder Zhao spoke as he wiggled the bottle around to inspect the liquid inside.

"Not to mention its smell… it has quite a strong and alluring aroma…"

Su Yang smiled when Elder Zhao began acting all professional all of sudden.

"It's called Euphoric Oil, and it can strengthen a woman's Yin Qi if rubbed onto their body," he explained its main characteristics.

"Say what?" Elder Zhao's eyes widened with shock, and he immediately stopped fiddling with the glass bottle.

After a moment of silence due to shock, Elder Zhao frowned and spoke with a serious expression, "If this Euphoric Oil is as valuable as you say, then you wouldn't mind me testing it first, right? If I come to find out that you are only farting, then I will personally punish you myself. Do you have anything else to say?"

Elder Zhao wanted to give Su Yang one last chance to come clean before he tests the Euphoric Oil.

"Go ahead." Su Yang responded with a confident smile on his calm face.

Elder Zhao silently stared at Su Yang with narrowed eyes for a few seconds before shouting, "Disciple Sun! Come out here for a bit!"

A few moments after Elder Zhao called for this disciple, a slim figure appeared from the door a few feet away.

"What is it, Elder Zhao?" asked the disciple as she appeared.

When Su Yang saw the disciple's familiar face, his eyebrows raised slightly.

"Hm? It's you?" The disciple also seemed to recognize Su Yang.

"It's been a while, Elder Sun's granddaughter," Su Yang said with a smile.

"I have a name, you know? Sun Jingjing," she responded with a frown.

Indeed, this disciple Elder Zhao had called for happened to be Sun Jingjing, Elder Sun's granddaughter, who was responsible for his journey to the Immortal Treasury that resulted in his meeting with Xiao Rong alongside with other events.

"Sun Jingjing, huh?" Su Yang couldn't help but chuckle when he heard her name, as it reminded him of Wu Jingjing, the Prime Disciple of the Holy Sword Academy from the Holy Central Continent.

"Is there something funny about my name?" she asked him, who laughed at her introduction.

"It only reminded me of someone else I know, that's all."

"The two of you know each other?" Elder Zhao raised an eyebrow at Sun Jingjing.

What kind of relationship does Sun Jingjing have with someone like Su Yang? Does her grandfather, Elder Sun, know about this?

"I cannot really say that we know each other, as we've only crossed path once, and it was only for a few minutes." Sun Jingjing responded.

"Is that so…" Elder Zhao felt relieved for some reason, as he was sure that Elder Sun will definitely cause a commotion if they were anything more than that.

"Anyway, why did you call for me, Elder Zhao? I was just finishing up organizing the room," she asked him.

"Oh, right." Elder Zhao finally recalled the situation, and he showed her the glass bottle in his hands, "I wanted you to take a look at this."

Sun Jingjing raised an eyebrow when her nose accidentally sniffed the sweet aroma coming from the glass.

"What is this? It smells so nice…"

"This liquid is called Euphoric Oil, and apparently it can boost the Yin Qi of any woman — at least according to this young man over here."

Elder Zhao spoke in a semi-sarcastic voice. He is clearly still sketchy of Su Yang's words.

"Is that so…" Sun Jingjing inspected the liquid with her gaze flickering with interest.

Although she didn't say anything, she did not immediately dismiss Su Yang's words no matter how absurd it may seem. After all, what he did at the Disciplinary Office had left a profound impression on her.

And his knowledge of the Sacred Language that was written in the scroll she had brought back from the Immortal Treasury managed to not only surprise her but also stump her grandfather, Elder Sun, who is considered to be one of the most knowledgable people within the Profound Blossom Sect, proves that Su Yang is an individual that cannot be underestimated and dismissed so easily — at least that's what Sun Jingjing thinks of him after her first impression on him.

"And you want me to use this on myself?" Sun Jingjing could already guess Elder Zhao's intentions.

"Yes… if you don't mind." Elder Zhao did not want to force her something she didn't want to, as she's the granddaughter of the highly respected Elder Sun.

After a moment of silence, Sun Jingjing nodded, "Very well, I will do it."

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