Dual Cultivation

Chapter 230 Returning to the White Pearl Treasury

Chapter 230 Returning to the White Pearl Treasury

"T-This is his… it's so beautiful…" Li Xiao Mo nearly began salivating after Su Yang exposed his little brother to her.

"Do you want it?" Su Yang asked her with a grin on his face.

"I… I want it…" Li Xiao Mo nodded with a dazed expression.

Hearing her words, Su Yang pulled her body toward his own and began poking her soaking wet cave with his rod without fully inserting into her.

"Please… stop teasing me and stick it inside me already…" Li Xiao Mo muttered in a pleading voice.

"Hmmm… what should I do…?" Su Yang made a pondering expression and acted as though he was really thinking about it.

Li Xiao Mo felt like crying. However, she would rather be teased by him than having what happened last time to repeat itself.

After teasing her for a few more moments, Su Yang suddenly pierced the trembling flower before him in one fierce movement without any warnings.

Li Xiao Mo felt her heart skip a beat when a sudden wave of pleasure consumed her entire body. She was so unprepared by the piercing of her body that her voice got stuck when she moaned.

"S-S-So sudden…"

Tears filled Li Xiao Mo's eyes yet her body was screaming with delight as her little sister sprayed a large amount of love juice.

After piercing her body, Su Yang began moving his hips, thrusting in and out of Li Xiao Mo's tight cave, feeling a strong suction force with every thrust.

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhhhh~!"

With each thurst made by Su Yang, Li Xiao Mo's body trembled in joy and more of her Yin Qi would flow out from her wet cave, soaking the bed in her Yin Qi.

At this moment, Li Xiao Mo felt as though her body had entered paradise, and her mind drifted into a profound state that was unlike anything she's ever experienced before.

"Is… is this the legendary state of Sexual Enlightenment?" Li Xiao Mo wondered as her body became as light as a feather, feeling as though her body was slowly ascending towards the sky.

Time passed by much faster for Li Xiao Mo when she was in this state, and by the time an entire hour have passed, it only felt like a few minutes to her.

Su Yang released his white liquid into Li Xiao Mo at the end of the session, filling her body with rich Yang Qi that could rival even peak Heavenly Spirit Realm experts.

After their cultivation finished with Li Xiao Mo barely conscious at the end, Su Yang said to her before leaving her alone to rest, "Once you finish the task I gave you, my doors will be open for you if you ever feel like cultivating."

When she heard his words, Li Xiao Mo silently vowed to finish the task as soon as possible.

"I will leave behind five bottles of Euprohic Oil behind; it should be enough for even 100 people if you portion it properly, as you don't have to cover their entire body with the oil like I did with you. Just rubbing a little on their most sensitive areas so they can experience it will be more than enough."

After leaving behind all of his instructions, Su Yang left Li Xiao Mo's living quarters and returned to his room, where he cultivated Li Xiao Mo's Yin Qi and cleaned his body.

After doing all of that, Su Yang organized all of his resources again.

"I only have ten more bottles of Euphoric Oil on hand, but I have enough ingredients to make another twenty bottles."

Each bottle of Euphoric Oil held about a liter of oil, and if used appropriately, it will still last him for only a few weeks.

Hence Su Yang decided to only use the Euphoric Oil when he's cultivating with those that are at least within the middle stages of the Profound Spirit Realm.

In other words, only those above the fourth level of the Profound Spirit Realm will be able to experience the oil massages — at least until he finds more resources to create more Euphoric Oil.

"The Profound Blossom Sect should have most of the ingredients required to make more since the ingredients are not that rare in itself. However, in order to get them, I will probably have to use more Premium Points."

However, he barely had any left because he'd already spent the majority of his Premium Points on the Pure Yang Flower.

Su Yang pondered for ways to earn Premium Points, but because he's no longer as desperate as before to increase his power, he did not have the intention to charge people for future massages.

Su Yang looked at the Euphoric Oil and an idea appeared in his head.

"If I sell one of this to the Profound Blossom Sect for enough Premium Points to make more than just one Euphoric Oil, I will be able to make them without running out of resources!"

Su Yang has decided to just sell the Euhproic Oil for Premium Points due to its efficiency and ease.

Thus, Su Yang left the house again and began making his way towards the White Pearl Treasury, the place where all the disciples go to exchange their Premium Points for resources and vice-versa.

 Upon arriving at the White Pearl Treasury, Su Yang noticed a familiar figure casually sitting behind the desk.

It was Elder Zhao, the one who sold Su Yang the Pure Yang Flower, and as usual, he seemed to be asleep.

Once Su Yang stepped into the White Pearl Treasury, Elder Zhao opened his mouth to speak without even opening his eyes, "What do you want from the White Pearl Treasury?"

"I want to know if you have any of the ingredients on this list," Su Yang placed a piece of paper on the desk before Elder Zhao and said.

"Hm…? This voice…"

Elder Zhao snapped his eyes open when he heard Su Yang's familiar voice, immediately recognizing it.

When he saw Su Yang's handsome face and green robes, Elder Zhao sighed, "So it really is you… Why have you come here this time?"

"Didn't you hear what I said just now?" Su Yang calmly responded.

"Hmph! Still as rude as ever!" Elder Zhao coldly snorted.

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