Dual Cultivation

Chapter 229 Enslaving Her Body and Mind

Chapter 229 Enslaving Her Body and Mind

"A… A special massage, you say?" Li Xiao Mo looked at Su Yang with a dumbfounded face, and she cried inwardly, "Why didn't you say so earlier?!"

Su Yang nodded, "A massage using this Euphoric Oil. After all, you should at least be aware of the thing you are trying to share."

"But if you don't want to do it, then I will be leaving now—"

Su Yang stood up and prepared to walk away.

But just as he turned his body, Li Xiao Mo jumped from her seat and tightly embraced his back.

"W-Wait! I want it! Please give it to me!" she begged me while hugging his body to prevent him from leaving.

"Very well…" Su Yang nodded.

A few moments later, Li Xiao Mo led Su Yang to her room, which was at least three times bigger than Su Yang's little room at the Outer Court.

"Go lie on the bed," Su Yang said to her, "And take your clothes off."

Li Xiao Mo nodded and began undressing.

A few seconds later, Li Xiao Mo laid on the bed with her silky-smooth back facing the ceiling.

"This reminds me…" Su Yang suddenly spoke, "You really went all out when you were alone in my room, huh?"

"Huh? What do you mean by that—"

Li Xiao Mo suddenly recalled their first meeting and how Su Yang had left her alone to deal with the frustration he'd caused in her body.

And flashbacks of her satisfying herself in Su Yang's room appeared in her mind, causing her face to flush red in embarrassment.

"T-That was because you left me alone after everything you did to my body! I would've gone crazy if I didn't release the frustration in my body back then!" Li Xiao Mo cried out loud.

"And if you had approached me in a proper manner back then, I wouldn't have needed to tease you like that," Su Yang responded with a smile.

Li Xiao Mo immediately turned silent. She still regretted her decision to make Su Yang her 'slave' on that day to this second.

But even if she never underestimated his ability as a mere Outer Court disciple, her attitude would've still wanted to keep Su Yang for herself.

"I… I know apologizing won't excuse my behavior on that day, but I will try my best to make it up to you in the future," Li Xiao Mo looked at him in the eyes and spoke in a sincere voice.

Su Yang did not say anything and began pouring the Euphoric Oil on her back.

"Ohh…" Li Xiao Mo could feel a warm feeling slowly envelope her entire body, almost like she was wrapped around in a warm blanket.

Su Yang then began spreading the oil around her back, massaging all of her weak points along the way.

"Ahhhh… This… I have been waiting for this ever since that day…" Li Xiao Mo thought to herself as memories of her first experience with Su Yang's technique filled her mind.

Ever since Su Yang used his technique on her body, Li Xiao Mo has tried everything to recreate the pleasure Su Yang made her body feel, but alas, no matter what she tried, they all ended up in vain, even leaving her body craving for more.

Her desire for satisfaction had gotten so bad at one point that Li Xiao Mo went to Core disciples to seek a resolution. But when even the Core disciples, the most seasoned experts in the art of pleasure within the Profound Blossom Sect cannot fully satisfy her hunger for pleasure, Li Xiao Mo finally realized Su Yang's true ability and just how truly horrifying his techniques were.

She had realized at that time that Su Yang had the ability to enslave just about any female body and mind by making them experience a type of pleasure that they can only crave for after experiencing it once, and once they experienced it, they will never be able to satisfy themselves again unless it was with Su Yang.

This type of horrifying ability meant that Su Yang has the capability to enslave any female he wants with just his divine techniques, and Li Xiao Mo's heart would sink whenever she thought back to how she'd once tried to make such a dreadful individual her slave.

But fortunately for her, Su Yang is not the type of person to abuse such strength unless absolutely necessary. And while he does make all of his partners crave for him, he does not make it so that they cannot live without his techniques.

If Su Yang was such a person then he would surely be hated by the world and would've died by the hands of the countless female experts that are stronger than him in the Four Divine Heavens before he could even be imprisoned by the Heavenly Emperor.

Once Su Yang covered Li Xiao Mo's back with the Euphoric Oil, he flipped her body and began massaging her front.




Li Xiao Mo's body twitched in an erratic fashion as Su Yang teased her little sister with his slender fingers. Her bottom lips were swollen from lust and her little pink pearl was constantly trembling from the intense sensation.

Li Xiao Mo had sprayed so many times within these few minutes that her mind was on the verge of collapsing.

And compared to her session last time with him, it was a difference between heaven and earth — incomparable.

Su Yang stopped massaging her after a few more minutes.

"Haaa… Haaa… Haaa…" Li Xiao Mo took heavy and deep breathes as she laid on the bed with her body soaked in sweat and Euphoric Oil, her lower body still jerking from the lingering pleasure.

"A-Are we already finished…?" Li Xiao Mo wondered in her head, feeling like only a few seconds have passed.

Li Xiao Mo slowly turned her head to see what Su Yang was doing, and her eyes widened with shock when her gaze landed on the long and thick rod that was sticking out of Su Yang's robes.

"You didn't think that was it, right?" Su Yang asked her with a smile on his face.

"T-That is…" Li Xiao Mo stared at him with a dazed face — she was speechless and overjoyed at the same time.

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