Dual Cultivation

Chapter 240 God of Pleasure

Chapter 240 God of Pleasure

"Will this be good enough for you, Elder Sun?" Su Yang turned to ask him, who was staring at him with a dumbfounded expression, seemingly in a daze.

"I… I guess?" Elder Sun didn't know how to react, as none of the sect elders had expected this situation.

"If there's nothing else you need from me, I would like to return to my cultivation," Su Yang spoke in a calm manner.

Elder Sun stood there like a statue for a few more moments before leaving the place, as there was truly no longer a reason for him to stay any longer, not to mention the sharp glares being thrown at him from the female disciples.

He was afraid that if he'd stay any longer, the female disciples there will truly see him as a villain. 

After leaving the Outer Court, Elder Sun returned to where the meeting had taken place, where the rest of the sect elders were waiting for his news.

"Elder Sun! You have returned quite faster than I have expected! How did it go with that disciple? Did he give you any trouble?"

The sect elders asked him.

Elder Sun shook his head, "Although I didn't manage to convince him to stop, the male disciples should no longer be complaining after today."

"What do you mean by that?"

While the sect elders were puzzled, no matter the situation, they were more shocked about Elder Sun being unable to convince a disciple, especially when he's the chief of the Disciplinary Squad.

Elder Sun sighed and explained to the rest of the sect elders what had happened when he tried to convince Su Yang to stop his charade.

"Who would've thought that there was such a simple yet effective solution…" mumbled the senior sect elder there.

All they had to do was to ask Su Yang to convince the female disciples to stop ignoring their partners and everything would've been solved without needing to shut down his service.

"But to think that he'd say some as bold as 'taking away the females' happiness', he sure knows how to put people in tough spots."

The sect elders there laughed, especially the female elders.

However, despite the perfect results, not every sect elder there was pleased. They disliked how Su Yang, as a mere disciple, was able to do whatever he wanted like he ran the place. That being said, none of them spoke up, as they believed that if Su Yang continued to live with such attitudes, he will one day offend someone he cannot afford to offend and learn the hard way.

"Now all we can do is wait for the actual results," said Elder Sun.

Everybody there nodded, and they all left the place a few minutes later.

Meanwhile, back at the Outer Court, the line in front of Su Yang's house did not shorten even after many hours later. In fact, it had even grown.

The word of Su Yang's cultivation techniques and the thick rod that he wields in bed were spread across the sect within the first day, and pretty much every Outer Court is aware of it by now.

Now that many days have passed, even those female disciples that have sneered at Su Yang in the past have gone to him for cultivation at least once.

There were also disciples that have vowed to stay away from Su Yang, but after hearing nothing but his name for many days caused their curiosity to overturn their resolve and seek for him.

After an entire week of cultivation within the Outer Court, only very few female Outer Court disciples that have yet to cultivate with Su Yang remained, something they view as an achievement worth bragging about.

What's more, Su Yang has become a sort of a divine figure within the Outer Court, with many females even starting to address him as God of Pleasure when speaking about him.




A week has passed since Liu Lanzhi woke up from her seemingly enteral slumber.

"It's been a week and there are no signs of your slumber returning — you should be in the clear for now. That being said, don't do anything too dangerous for the remainder of the month just in case it returns." The doctors said to Liu Lanzhi after a week of observation.

Once the doctors left, Liu Lanzhi immediately left the Yin Yang Pavilion for the first time in a week, and with a destination in mind, she headed towards the Outer Court.

"Just you wait, Su Yang! You may be thinking that you have gotten away with slapping my face because I haven't saught for you in these few days, but now that I can leave the Yin Yang Pavilion, you will regret ever slapping my beautiful face!"

However, when Liu Lanzhi arrived at the Outer Court, she was shocked by the scene before her.

There were at least a hundred female disciples hanging around Su Yang's living quarters, and there were even a few male disciples there that were seemingly trying to convince the female disciples to leave the place.

"This disciple greets the Sect Master!"

The disciples there immediately bowed to Liu Lanzhi and greeted her when they noticed her figure.

"W-Why are there so many people here? Is there a celebration or something?" she asked them with a dumbfounded expression.

Because she has been inside the Yin Yan Pavilion for the past week and the sect elders did not want to bother her, they did not mention to her about the situation here, hence her bafflement towards the situation.

"That is incorrect, Sect Master. We are all here waiting to cultivate with Senior Apprentice-brother Su."

One of the disciples there explained to her.

Liu Lanzhi's jaw immediately dropped to the floor upon hearing that. All of these female disciples were here to cultivate with Su Yang?

"What in heaven's name happened while I was absent?" she cried inwardly.

Why would there suddenly be so many people wanting to cultivate with Su Yang? Did he do something again?

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