Dual Cultivation

Chapter 226 Moving to the Inner Cour

Chapter 226 Moving to the Inner Cour

After admitting defeat, the nine girls in Su Yang's room rested for a few more hours on his bed before they left his house.

"Senior apprentice-brother Su, do you think… we can come back to cultivate with you again?" Shang Wenjie asked him before leaving.

Although she was worried that he might refuse, she still wanted to know.

The other girls also looked at Su Yang with a pleading gaze.

"It will get busy here very soon, but as long as you come back, I will not refuse you," Su Yang said to them with a smile.

The girls were immediately relieved and thanked him with gleeful expressions.

"Even if the line stretches to the horizon, I will return!" Shang Wenjie said, and the other girls agreed.

And while they wanted to return the next day, they will most likely be sore. Not to mention they still have to cultivate the Yang Qi in their bodies, which could take days if not weeks due to the richness of its quality.

"By the way, senior apprentice-brother, why don't you move to the Inner Court where the houses are far bigger? You can fit over 10 people easily in those rooms." One of the girls asked him.

After all, Su Yang is the only Inner Court disciple within the Sect that have yet to enter the Inner Court.

"If I move to the Inner Court, how will you girls be able to find me? It's against the Sect Rules for Outer Court disciples to enter the Inner Court." Su Yang reminded them.

Unless they were authorized by a Sect Elder or have an Inner Court disciple guiding them, Outer Court disciples are prohibited from entering the Inner Court. However, this rule does not apply if an Inner Court disciple wants to enter the Outer Court, so it would be foolish for Su Yang to move to the Inner Court and potentially stop all of the Outer Court disciples from receiving his service.

And because he wanted to cultivate as much Yin Qi from as many disciples as possible, Su Yang has decided to remain in the Outer Court so that disciples from all ranks will be able to reach him.

"You are right…"

The girls began sweating profusely when the thought of not being able to see Su Yang because of their status as Outer Court disciples entered their minds.

"I-I change my mind! Please don't go anywhere, senior apprentice-brother!"

"T-That's right! Don't leave us alone!"

They began pleading him to stay.

Su Yang chuckled and said, "If I wanted to enter the Inner Court, I would've done so ages ago. You don't have to worry, as I have no plans to move there."

The girls thanked him again for his thoughtfulness and left a few minutes later.

Once the nine girls left his house, Su Yang sat on the bed that was soaking in Yin Qi and closed his eyes to cultivate. However, even though he used the special oil and increased girls Yin Qi and cultivated with them multiple times, because of their low cultivation base at the Elementary Spirit Realm, Su Yang's cultivation base barely saw any growth after cleaning every last bit of Yin Qi in the room.

It was like filling an empty cup with just a few drops of water.

"Haaaa…" Su Yang sighed after his cultivation.

If he continues to cultivate with only disciples at the Elementary Spirit Realm, he will have to cultivate with tens of thousands of times before he could even attempt to breakthrough into the Heavenly Spirit Realm. Not to mention his limited supply of special oil will not last. 

Thus, Su Yang began thinking of ways for him to entice those with a higher cultivation base to cultivate with him.

"It would be ideal if I can cultivate with Lan Liqing every day, but her body will not be able to handle me every day, not to mention her worries for the sect rules. Other sect elders are also out of the picture because of the exact same sect rule that prohibits sect elders from cultivating with disciples."

"As for the Core disciples, they will most likely be too prideful to cultivate with an Inner Court disciple like me, and there are so few of them in this place that it won't be worth the effort unless I am given the opportunity."

"Liu Lanzhi is on the same boat as Lan Liqing, and because she's the Sect Leader, it will be even harder to secretly cultivate with her."

Thinking up to this point, Su Yang felt the urge to reveal his true identity to Liu Lanzhi and become the new Patriarch of the Profound Blossom Sect. However, if such a thing happened, then he will no longer be able to participate in the Reginal Tournament and meet with Xie Xingfang that way.

Not to mention that he won't stay in this place forever, so taking the position of Sect Leader will only harm the Sect in the long term once he leaves.

"It seems like the best choice would be to go for the Inner Court disciples right now…"

After some more pondering, Su Yang got off the bed to organize the room and clean his body before sleeping, as it was already late into the night.




The next morning, Lan Liqing stood inside the Medicine Hall with a dumbfounded face.

"Where the hell is everybody today?"

Her disciples are usually already working at this time, but only a single individual has shown up today.

"Disciple Xiao, what happened to everybody? Do you know they are absent?" Lan Liqing asked the only disciple there.

Disciple Xiao, who refused to follow her fellow disciples to meet Su Yang yesterday, shook her head. "I also didn't hear anything from them."

Lan Liqing then recalled that they had gone to meet Su Yang after work yesterday and sighed.

"I can go to their living quarters and find out for you, Master," Disciple Xiao said after seeing her sigh.

"It's fine, you don't have to bother with them," Lan Liqing said to her, as she could guess their reason for being absent today. "If they don't show up tomorrow, I will find them myself."

"I-Is that so…" Disciple Xiao nodded, feeling that Lan Liqing was acting a bit out of character, as she is normally very strict about such matters.

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