Dual Cultivation

Chapter 227 Convincing Li Xiao Mo to Cultivate

Chapter 227 Convincing Li Xiao Mo to Cultivate

Su Yang woke up early in the morning and left the house as soon as he washed his face.

After leaving, he went directly to the Inner Court to look for Li Xiao Mo, the only Inner Court disciple he's familiar with.

Upon entering the Inner Court, Su Yang retrieved his identity jade slip and looked for the location of Li Xiao Mo's living quarters with it, as it contained information of the location for all Outer and Inner Court disciples' living quarters. However, such a function could only be accessed by Inner Court disciples and above.

The purpose of such a function was to allow its disciples to seek out other disciples for dual cultivation — even if they have never met each other before. This gives any disciple that wishes to find new partners an opportunity to do so, not to mention its convenience.

For example, if Su Yang had lost his partner for whatever reason and wanted to find a new one but is having a hard time doing so, he can use the jade slip to look for people and try to convince them to be his partner.

In fact, many Inner Court disciples use this function to look for new partners when they are bored with their current one. If they fail to convince their first target, then they will simply go to the next one.

And although some people are not fond of this system because it can get bothersome sometimes with people constantly looking for them, especially the popular disciples that already have partners, they can always request for their information to be hidden from others.

After walking around the Inner Court for a few minutes, Su Yang has arrived at Li Xiao Mo's living quarters.

Upon arrival, however, Su Yang realized that he was not the only one to have come looking for Li Xiao Mo. In fact, there were already a few male disciples that have arrived earlier than him to try their luck with Li Xiao Mo.

Four handsome young men stood before Li Xiao Mo's living quarters with Li Xiao Mo at the door speaking to them.

"Junior apprentice-sister Li, can you at least tell me the reason why you do not want to cultivate with me? I promise you that I will make you experience a whole new world of pleasure!"

One of the handsome young men spoke with a desperate expression.

If he doesn't convince Li Xiao Mo, then one of the other three men there might take her from him!

However, Li Xiao Mo stared at the young man with a cold gaze and spat, "You want to know why? It's simple! I don't want to cultivate with a man who will not be able to keep his promises!"

After experiencing Su Yang's godly techniques, Li Xiao Mo's standard for pleasure has risen a few levels, so finding a partner that could satisfy her lust suddenly became incredibly difficult even with all these men going after her.

"What do you mean by that? How can I fulfill my promises when you won't even give me the chance?" the young man said with a crying expression.

"Give it up, young man. Can't you see that you are bothering junior apprentice-sister Li? There's a line here, you know."

One of the young men waiting outside for him to finish suddenly said out loud, causing the rejected young man's face to flush red in anger.

"That's right! Junior apprentice-sister Li has already refused to cultivate with you twice! You are not worthy of her! Get lost!"

Although the rejected young man wanted to beat these young men and release his anger, he did not want to lose any more face he has to in front of Li Xiao Mo and said to her, "Junior apprentice-sister Li, I will be back tomorrow to ask you again—"

"You don't have to come back tomorrow because my answer will still be the same — I will not cultivate with you," said Li Xiao Mo, breaking the poor young man's heart even further.

However, she was not finished speaking and continued, "As a matter of fact, all of you can leave and never come back because I will not cultivate with any of you!"

"What?! But…"

The other three young men were shocked by her words.

"H-How can you say that, my darling? Don't you remember me? We have cultivated a few times before—"

"Don't call me that! I don't recall cultivating with someone as ugly as you!" Li Xiao Mo spat on the floor.


The young man's appearance was by no means ugly and nearly burst out crying, as this is the first time someone has called him ugly.

However, what the young man didn't know was that Li Xiao Mo's standard of 'handsome' had also changed due to Su Yang's significantly superior appearance.

"W-What about me, junior apprentice-sister? You promised me that we could cultivate together the last time we spoke!" another one spoke in a trembling voice.

"Hm? Did I say something like that? I don't remember it so you can forget about it," Li Xiao Mo said in a nonchalant voice.

"N-No way… you're too cruel, junior apprentice-sister…"

"Junior apprentice-sister…" the last disciple there no longer felt like trying to convince Li Xiao Mo after seeing her ruthlessly turn down the other three, especially when they are superior to him in most categories. Not to mention he wanted to prevent Li Xiao Mo from mocking him at all cost.

"I will not repeat myself! All of you can get out of my face because I will not cultivate with you!" Li Xiao Mo said to them.

The four young men sighed, wondering in their heads what had happened to her because she was not like this before.

A few seconds later, just as Li Xiao Mo prepared to close the door on them, another voice resounded in the area.

"What about me? Do you want to cultivate with me?" A calm voice spoke to her from the distance.

Before she could even take a good look at the face of this calm voice, Li Xiao Mo shouted, "No! I do not want to cultivate with a pig like you—"

"Is that so? What a pity. I was even looking forward to it…" Su Yang sighed with an expression that was filled with disappointment.

"S-S-S-Su Y-Y-Yang…?"

When Li Xiao Mo finally saw the face of the voice, she instantly regretted speaking so hastily and choked from shock.

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