Dual Cultivation

Chapter 225 An Endless Supply of Yang Qi

Chapter 225 An Endless Supply of Yang Qi

Many hours have passed since all nine disciples from the Medicine Hall entered Su Yang's room to challenge him in bed.

However, they quickly realized that they were up against a monster with a seemingly immortal body that could not be exhausted, allowing him to cultivate with all of them without even breaking a sweat.

"Ahhhhhh!" Jia Biyu released a deafening cry of joy when Su Yang suddenly filled her stomach with his Yang Qi, enveloping her body with heavenly pleasure.

After releasing his Yang Qi into Jia Biyu, Su Yang laid her back down on the bed to rest.

"Who's next?" Su Yang turned to look at the other eight beauties with narrowed eyes that resembled a predator looking at his prey.

When the other girls saw that Su Yang's rod was still stiff despite just releasing his Yang Qi, they were shocked scared.

However, that was not even the scariest part.

"T-This is his 42nd time releasing Yang Qi…" Xuan Jinglin spoke in a trembling voice.

Normally, the average man will go limp after just one ejection, and even seasoned experts within the Profound Blossom Sect cannot remain stiff after a few discharges, yet Su Yang, like it's some kind of a phenomenon, managed to release his Yang Qi 42 times and still remain as energetic as his first.

It's almost like Su Yang has an endless supply of Yang Qi flowing within his body that is allowing him to have such a large quantity of Yang Qi. Another reason why Su Yang can remain so stiff after so many discharges may be due to his body having a powerful regenerating ability that is restoring his Yang Qi at a rate faster than it is being discharged.

Either way, Su Yang's body was no different from a priceless treasure for the Profound Blossom Sect, and it will without a doubt become a commotion within the Sect if the female disciples were to learn of it.

After all, the Profound Blossoms Sect is a place where its entire female population cultivates mostly using Yang Qi. In other words, the Profound Blossom Sect values Yang Qi like how the rest of the world values Spirit Stones as their main resource for cultivation.

This is why it is without a doubt that Su Yang's heaven-defying ability to produce a mass quantity of Yang Qi will cause a commotion within the Sect, as he is no different than a miracle fountain that could seemingly produce an endless amount of resources for the female disciples to cultivate with.

In the worst case that the wrong type of people learns of Su Yang's amazing ability, they might even turn him into their Yang Qi slave, whose only purpose in life will be to produce Yang Qi until he dies in his prison.

And due to the overall richness of his Yang Qi, the chances of such a tragic future would only be higher.

"I-I am next!" Yu Yan approached Su Yang after the place had turned silent because the other girls were simply too exhausted and sensitive at this moment. While she has no plans on making Su Yang a Yang Qi slave, she intends on taking advantage of the current situation to cultivate as much of his Yang Qi as possible.

"The quality of his Yang Qi is absurdly rich and high and better than any pill or resource I have used before — it'd be foolish of me to let such a chance go to waste!" Yu Yan thought to herself as she sat on Su Yang's laps, who was in the sitting position, inserting his stiff rod deep into her hole.

Like everybody there, she was determined to cultivate with Su Yang until she passes out from exhaustion because of over-spraying!

"Ohhh! Yes… Yes!"

Yu Yan began moving her body up and down, thrusting herself on Su Yang's rod.

However, her actions did not last too long, as her exhaustion began hindering her movements a few seconds later.

Once she slowed down, Su Yang held her by the butt and pounded her himself.


Yu Yan could feel her bottom lips burning with passion, and she screamed in delight.

Sometime later, when Su Yang noticed that Yu Yan was beginning to lose consciousness from the overwhelming pleasure, he injected a large amount of Yang Qi into her body, filling her body with energy, which allowed her to remain awake.

"Good lord… he came again…"

"And he's still as hard as ever…"

The girls finally understood the true meaning of the word 'indomitable' today, as Su Yang was the embodiment of such word.

"Do you still want to continue?" Su Yang asked the shocked spectators after moving Yu Yan to the side with a victorious grin on his face.

The girls looked at his smug face and his thick rod that was provoking their lust, but alas, they all lowered their head and admitted defeat.

"You are simply too amazing, senior apprentice-brother Su. Not only are your techniques unparalleled but so is your endurance — it is our loss," said Xuan Jinglin with a bitter smile.

"That's right… you have taught me a valuable lesson today… that people like you can exist in this unworthy world…" Shang Wenjie spoke with her gaze filled with awe when looking at his seemingly flawless appearance.

"Senior apprentice-brother, how can you still be so hard right now? I am speechless…" Yu Yan sighed, her body feeling incredibly sore.

"I would love to continue cultivating with you until you are tired, but unfortunately my body will not be able to handle it. Even now, I can barely move..." Jia Biyu softly laughed.

After speaking their thoughts to Su Yang, the girls exchanged glances with each other.

A few seconds later, all nine girls used what remaining strength they have left in their body to kowtow on the bed.

"Thank you, senior apprentice-brother Su, for the cultivation session today!" They said to him while in the kowtow position, their voices sincere, sounding like it came from the bottom of their heart.

It is incredibly rare within the Sect for Inner Court disciples to waste their time with Outer Court disciples like them because of their low cultivation bases, so for Su Yang to cultivate with them and even satisfy their body to such an extent, they felt nothing but respect for him.

As a matter of fact, they doubt that even Core disciples would be able to pleasure their bodies as Su Yang had.

Despite the unusual sight, Su Yang remained calm and said to them with a handsome smile on his face, "It was my pleasure to be able to cultivate with you ladies."

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