Dual Cultivation

Chapter 224 Cultivating with Nine Beauties Simultaneously

Chapter 224 Cultivating with Nine Beauties Simultaneously

When the only six girls that have yet to experience Su Yang's techniques today entered his room, they were shocked to find Shang Wenjie laying on the bed with her eyes closed, seemingly passed out.

"S-Senior sister?" The girls shook her body to wake her up, but alas, Shang Wenjie remained unresponsive.

"Don't worry about her, she fell asleep after our cultivation." Su Yang said to them.

The girls looked at him with a dumbfounded expression. She had passed out from their cultivation? Just how intense was their session?

"Now then..." Su Yang looked at the six naked beauties before him and said, "Who wants to be first?"

Even in such a situation that could only be described as every man's paradise, Su Yang remained a calm composure, controlling his lustful desires perfectly.

"I will go first!" one of the six girls stepped forward, and her name was Jia Biyu.

Su Yang nodded, and once Jia Biyu was on the bed, Su Yang massaged her body with the special oil for a few minutes to help her get into the mood.

"What is that?" The other five girls that were watching from the sidelines asked him when they saw him pull out the oil.

"It will strengthen your Yin Qi and increase the pleasure you feel," Su Yang explained.

"Something like that existed?" They looked at the oil with great interest.

"Ahhh… Ahhh… Ahhhhh…" Jia Biyu moaned like a signing bird when Su Yang massaged her little sister, causing the bystanders to swallow a mouthful of saliva.

And once Jia Biyu's body was hot enough, Su Yang pierced her body with his thick rod, increasing the volume of her song.

Furthermore, after piercing Jia Biyu, Su Yang turned to the other five girls and said, "I have enough hands for two more."

He then showed them his two free hands with a smile.


The girls were speechless. Just how much more efficient does he plan to get? Will he massage them with his feet next?

A few seconds later, two more girls laid on the bed, one to the right of Jia Biyu and the second girl on her left.

Three girls were laying on the bed before Su Yang right now, and he massaged the two on the sides with each of his hands while he handled Jia Biyu in the center with his hips and little brother.

The remaining three girls stared at the scene with their eyes popping out of their sockets, as they have never witnessed such a scene before.

"H-He's actually handling three of them at once!"

"And it doesn't even affect his pace one bit!"

"My lord… is he even a human?"

One would expect Su Yang to slow down his pace when he had to handle three women at once, but the girls were shocked to learn that such a limit did not exist for Su Yang. Furthermore, the three girls on the bed seemed to be enjoying it as much as next, meaning that even the pleasure he was giving them did not worsen despite being so busy with his entire body!

Su Yang's techniques in bed were truly heaven-defying and mind-boggling, and these girls learned that today after seeing him in action.




The three girls on the bed sprayed simultaneously after just a few moments later, filling the room with Yin Qi.

However, Su Yang was not finished with them and switched Jia Biyu's position with one of the girls on the side and began thrusting his thick rod into her.

"More… More… Ahhhh!"

"Yes… Yes… Ohhh… Yes~"

"Faster… do me faster~"

Su Yang cultivated with Jia Biyu and the other two girls for half an hour, switching their positions every few minutes so that they could taste his thick rock without fighting for it or feeling left out.

"Senior apprentice-brother… why don't you let them rest for a bit and cultivate with us?"

"That's right! We are here too!"

The three girls that have been watching were barely able to control their urges to join them by force, as their little sisters have been dripping wet from arousal for some time now.

"Don't worry, I did not forget about you girls. Come over here…" Su Yang said to them as he helped the three exhausted girls move to the end of the bed where Shang Wenjie was resting.

Luckily for Su Yang and the girls, he had prepared the room beforehand and moved the beds from the other empty rooms into this room before all of this happened, or else there wouldn't have been space to fit all of them on the bed at once, as the Profound Blossom Sect did not design this room to fit this many people cultivating at once.

After moving the three exhausted girls out of the way, three more beauties laid before Su Yang with their bodies fully exposed to him and burning with passion.

A few seconds later, Su Yang began moving again.

With his left hand, he massaged the left girl's large breasts. With his right hand, he rubbed the right girl's wet cave. With his thick rod, he pounded the center girl's tight hole.

And just like with the previous girls, he would switch their positions every few minutes so that they didn't have to feel left out.

"Senior apprentice-brother… I love you…"

"Ahh~ Me too~"

"My body is burning~"

The three girls screamed in pleasure as their bodies overwhelm with pleasure, feeling as though they were in heaven.

This continued for another half an hour with no breaks in-between — until two more figures entered the room.

It was Xuan Jinglin and Yu Yan, and they also entered the room naked, their intentions as clear as day.

"C-Can we also join?" Xuan Jinglin asked him in a nervous tone. She was worried that Su Yang might see her as greedy after already doing it two times and refuse her.

But fortunately for her, Su Yang also happened to be a greedy individual, especially when it comes to women.

"The more the merrier," he responded with a smile.

Thus, two more beauties entered the frame.

As for Shang Wenjie, she also woke up a few minutes later due to the loud moaning in the room.

Although she was bewildered at first to see everyone else in the room naked and taking turns cultivating with Su Yang when she woke up, she quickly adapted to the environment and joined them within minutes of waking up.

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