Dual Cultivation

Chapter 223 There's No Way He Can Handle All of Us Together!

Chapter 223 There's No Way He Can Handle All of Us Together!

\"What did you experience inside the room?\" The girls asked Xuan Jinglin and Yu Yan after they were kicked out of the room by Shang Wenjie.

\"Umm… I think it'd be better if you experience it yourself without knowing beforehand,\" said Yu Yan, as she didn't want to ruin the surprise for them.

\"Ehhh… At least give us a hint… My curiosity is killing me!\"

\"Let's just say that compared to our first visit, it is at least ten times more enjoyable…\" Xuan Jinglin said to them.

\"Ten times more enjoyable?!\"

The girls stared at her with a shocked expression. If they nearly ascended to heaven during the last visit, wouldn't this truly die from pleasure this time around?

Sometime later, the door opened again and Su Yang appeared with a nonchalant expression.

However, before the next girl could even step forward, Su Yang spoke, \"I have a suggestion.\"

\"A suggestion?\"

\"In order to be efficient, why don't I take on all of you at once?\" Su Yang said to them with a smile. He figured that since the last three have all requested for the same thing that he might as well take on all of them at once. This way, he would not only save time but also get to consume much more Yin Qi simultaneously.

The girls stared at him with wide eyes. Besides Xuan Jinglin and Yu Yan, they were all confused by the meaning behind his words.

\"Senior apprentice-brother, what do you mean by that?\" one of them decided to ask.

\"What I mean is… I want to cultivate with all of you.\" Su Yang said with a calm expression, which dumbfounded the girls even more.

\"Y-Y-You want to c-c-cultivate with all of us… at once?\"

The girls asked with a trembling voice.

What shocked them the most was not the fact that Su Yang had just asked them to cultivate with him but his request to cultivate with all of them at once! In their minds, they didn't believe that a single individual would survive if he had to satisfy so many women simultaneously, as his Yang Qi and stamina would simply be insufficient!

That being said, it wasn't as though the girls did not want to cultivate with Su Yang, as he was incredibly charming and talented to the boot with his techniques. In fact, they would've asked him to cultivate with them at some point today or in the future.

They were only worried that Su Yang might not be able to handle all of them at once, as they would surely suck away his Yang Qi until there is not even a single drop left, something that could damage his manhood and cultivation base.

\"Senior apprentice-brother, I would love to cultivate with you, but… are you sure? In case you forgot, we are not your average ladies but disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect.\"

\"That's right! I will gladly cultivate with you, but don't you think that you may be biting more than you can chew right now?\"

\"We may only be Outer Court disciples, but we have a big appetite when it comes to Yang Qi, you know? Especially if the Yang Qi is coming from someone charming like senior apprentice-brother...\"

The girls reminded him that because they are disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect, their desire for Yang Qi and stamina far surpasses that of the average female.

Perhaps Su Yang may be able to handle this many females at once if they did not dual cultivate as a lifestyle, but unfortunately for him, the girls before him are all seasoned experts with abnormal stamina when it comes to cultivation.

Seeing the girls worry that he would not be able to handle all of them, Su Yang burst out laughing. Forget about nine little girls, he could handle even a hundred of them at once if he wanted to!

\"S-Senior apprentice-brother?\" The girls were slightly startled by his sudden laughter.

Su Yang wiped the tears in his eyes and spoke, \"I understand that you think that I am biting more than I can chew, but I can assure you that such worries are unnecessary!\".

\"If you still doubt me, then why don't I prove it to you?\" Su Yang spoke as he removed his robes before the girls, revealing to them his alluring body and magnificent rod.

\"Oh my…\"

The girls' eyes widened with shock and stared at Su Yang's perfect body with hearts in their eyes. They were already feeling the urge to pounce on him after being shown such a delicious view.

\"Follow me if you want to cultivate! Today, I shall show you what I am capable of!\" Su Yang turned around and walked into his room with a confident aura surrounding his body, leaving the door open for the girls.


The place turned dead silent, and the girls exchanged glances with each other. None of them spoke a word, but they all somehow understood what everybody else wanted to say and nodded their heads simultaneously.

\"Although he may be senior in terms of status, he is still younger than us by a few years! Let's show him what happens when he challenges all of us at once!\"

\"That's right! There's no way he can handle all of us together! Let's make him regret underestimating us!\"

\"I won't stop sucking away his Yang Qi even if he begs me to stop!\"

The girls took Su Yang's words as a challenge to them and decided to accept his challenge.

Sometime later, once they prepared themselves and removed their clothes, they entered Su Yang's room. With only one goal in mind — to defeat Su Yang and squeeze every last bit of his Yang Qi out of him until he collapses from exhaustion!

Once the girls beside Xuan Jinglin and Yu Yan entered Su Yang's room, the two of them exchanged glances.

\"W-What do you think? Do you think senior apprentice-brother will be able to handle all of them?\" Yu Yan asked.

Xuan Jinglin pondered for a moment and spoke, \"Junior sister… let me ask you this… did Su Yang release his Yang Qi even once when he cultivated with us?\"

Yu Yan's eyes widened with shock, and she turned to look at Su Yang's room with a dazed expression.

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