Dual Cultivation

Chapter 222 Can I Call You Daddy?

Chapter 222 Can I Call You Daddy?

"Wow, Junior Sister Yu actually managed to last longer than Senior Sister Xuan…"

The remaining seven girls shared their surprise in the living room when Yu Yan remained inside the room for over half an hour.

That being said, there was no way they could've known that Yu Yan only managed to last longer because Xuan Jinglin had taken some of her burdens by joining them.

A few more minutes later, the door opened again, and Su Yang appeared before the seven girls.

"I-I am next!" Shang Wenjie, the third girl, approached him on her own accord.

Su Yang nodded and went back into the room.

When Shang Wenjie entered the room and saw Xuan Jinglin and Yu Yan sitting at the end of the room, she was hit by a strong sense of deja vu, like she had been in this situation before.

"Can the both of you leave? I want to be alone," Shang Wenjie said to them, as she didn't want them to see any more of her embarrassing side like last time.



However, Xuan Jinglin and Yu Yan immediately refused her request, as they wanted to share the shame they had to endure.

"No? I was not asking you! In the first place, it's weird for the two of you to be in here while I receive my massage! If you can't move by yourselves, then I will help you move!" Shang Wenjie was determined to make the two of them leave.


Seeing how Shang Wenjie had no intentions to let them watch her like last time, Xuan Jinglin and Yu Yan reluctantly left the room while sighing with the help of Shang Wenjie.

Once they were kicked out of the room, Shang Wenjie eagerly laid on the bed without needing Su Yang to say anything.

Although she didn't show any indications, out of the nine of them, Shang Wenjie was the one who had anticipated this day the most — so much so that she parted with her partner just a few days after meeting Su Yang for the first time.

"Umm… before we start, I have a request…" Shang Wenjie suddenly spoke with a hesitant expression.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I-It may seem a bit weird… but… can you allow me to call you 'daddy'? I-It will only last until I leave this room…" Shang Wenjie's face flushed red from embarrassment after speaking those words, feeling ashamed of her own fetish.

Su Yang looked at her with raised eyebrows, clearly surprised by her unique request.

However, being the gentleman that he is, Su Yang nodded with a smile on his face, agreeing to her unusual request.

"If it makes you happy," he spoke in a calm voice.

After sleeping with countless women from all kinds of backgrounds and status in his past life, Su Yang has had the opportunity to receive more than just a few weird requests from his partners, even learning of many fetishes that he wasn't aware of prior to meeting them. As for Shang Wenjie's daddy fetish, Su Yang considered it to be one of the least bizarre fetishes out there.

Shang Wenjie's eyes brightened after getting Su Yang's approval. Although she didn't want to make that request at first, she had the feeling that Su Yang would not ridicule her for it.

"Thank you, daddy!" Shang Wenjie said with a beaming smile.

Su Yang responded with a smile of his own, but he was wondering inwardly what Qiuyue might say about all of this if she were to witness their little roleplay.

A few moments later, Su Yang finally began massaging Shang Wenjie.



Shang Wenjie, who had been craving for this feeling ever since she first experienced it, moaned to her heart's content. And without anybody there to watch her, she did not feel the need to hold back on her desires.

"Senior apprentice — daddy… I want to cultivate with you…" Shang Wenjie loosened her robes before the massage ended, feeling the desire to cultivate with Su Yang before she even reached the oil massage.

"Do you really?" Su Yang asked her with a teasing smile.

Shang Wenjie fully loosened her robes and allowed it to slip off her body, revealing to Su Yang her jade-like skin and erotic assets.

"Look… because of you, it is soaking wet…" Shang Wenjie showed him her little sister that was dripping wet with love juice.

"Hoh… then why don't you allow me to bear responsibility?" Su Yang said as he retrieved his stiff rod.

"Good lord…" Shang Wenjie covered her mouth from shock after seeing Su Yang's magnificent manhood for the first time. She did not think that something this terrifying could also appear so beautiful and majestic at the same time — it was the type of shocking discovery that could only be experienced once in a lifetime.

After spending some time to admire Su Yang's little brother, Shang Wenjie opened her legs widely to welcome Su Yang's little brother to meet with her little sister.

However, before he pierced Shang Wenjie's body, Su Yang retrieved his special oil and poured some of it onto his rod, as he wanted to benefit as much as he could from Shang Wenjie's Yin Qi.

"What is that?" Shang Wenjie did not understand his actions and asked.

"This is something I made that will strengthen your Yin Qi and make your body more sensitive to pleasure, allowing your body to feel even more satisfied."

"What a profound substance! How come I have never heard of something this wonderful?" she wondered inwardly, feeling awed by all of the effects some mere oil could bring to the table.

"But for it to be able to strengthen one's Yin Qi, it must be as valuable as the Profound Yin Pill if not even rarer..." Shang Wenjie was slightly worried. Although she was overjoyed by Su Yang's thoughtfulness for willing to use something this precious on her, she felt guilty for making him use it on someone like her. After all, she was only an Outer Court disciple.

However, almost as though he could read her thoughts, Su Yang said, "Don't worry, you are definitely worth it."

"Senior apprentice-brother Su…" Shang Weijie forgot about her fetish for that moment and looked at him with adoring eyes.

A few more moments later, once Su Yang's little brother was soaked in the special oil, he shoved it inside Shang Wenjie's wet cave, causing her to scream loudly, "Oh, daddy!"

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