Dual Cultivation

Chapter 221 Multitasking in Bed

Chapter 221 Multitasking in Bed

"Go ahead and lie on the bed with her back facing me."

Su Yang instructed Yu Yan, who was feeling a bit terrified because of Xuan Jinglin's words.

Yu Yang sighed and laid on the bed with her eyes closed so she wouldn't have to see Xuan Jinglin glaring at her with eyes that looked as though they couldn't wait to be entertained.

Once Yu Yan was on the bed, Su Yang began massaging her as usual.

A few moments after the massage began, Yu Yan already forgot about Xuan Jinglin's presence and began indulging herself in the pleasure that drowned her body.

"Mmm… Ahhh… Nnnn…"

Xuan Jinglin watched Yu Yan moan in pleasure as her expression became filled with bliss and delight.

"If you think that feels good, just wait until you have a taste of his…" Xuan Jinglin laughed in her heart and couldn't wait to see Yu Yan fall from grace like herself.

For the next few minutes, Su Yang massaged Yu Yan normally without any tricks, which greatly puzzled Xuan Jinglin.

"Why isn't he bringing out the special oil? He should have brought it out by now…" she pondered.

And just as she had that thought, Su Yang spoke, "Would you like to try something new? It's a special oil that if rubbed onto your body, it will enhance your sensation for pleasure and even increase the strength of your Yin Qi."

"Eh? Oil?" Yu Yan looked at Su Yang and then to Xuan Jinglin, who was still glaring at her with a grin on her face.

"This must be what caused Senior Sister Xuan to be like that… If that's the case, there's no reason for me to refuse such an opportunity!" Yu Yan thought to herself.

"I want to do it!" she quickly answered.

Su Yang nodded and said, "Go ahead and remove your clothes."

Yu Yan nodded and removed her clothes without any hesitation. And although she was aware that Xuan Jinglin was watching her, they have seen each other naked many times before, so this wasn't anything new for either one of them.

Once she was naked, Yu Yan laid back on the bed and waited for Su Yang to do his thing.

A few moments later, Su Yang poured a handful of oil on Yu Yan's back, causing her body to tremble in response.

He then placed his hands on her smooth back and began spreading the oil all over her body.

"Ohhh!" Yu Yan had underestimated the pleasure the oil could bring to her and released a loud cry of joy, one filled with intense satisfaction.

Minutes later, when Su Yang began massaging her sensitive areas, Yu Yan began screaming in pleasure as her body constantly sprayed out water.

Meanwhile, Xuan Jinglin watched the scenery with an entertained expression, almost like she was watching a play.

Some moments later, when Yu Yin could no longer restraint her own sexual desires, she began aiming for Su Yang's pelvis area as Xuan Jinglin had before her.

"C-Can I cultivate with you?" Yu Yan asked him with a bashful expression, looking like she'd just confessed to her crush about her deep love for him.

Su Yang did not say anything this time around and directly pulled out his already thick rod from within his robes and placed it before Yu Yan's face for her to see its spectacular appearance.

"Oh my god…" Yu Yan gawked at the thick rod before her the moment Su Yang revealed it, looking as though she was looking at a priceless treasure.

After she awakened from her daze a few moments later, Yu Yan wrapped her small hands around Su Yang's thick rod and started licking it in a manner that made it seem as though she was afraid to damage such a perfect treasure.

Xuan Jinglin stared at Yu Yan's actions with her eyes as wide as saucers and jaw dropped to the ground. In her head, she was thinking to herself how she would no longer be able to see Yu Yan in the same light ever again after today.

"Please… I want it inside my body..." Yu Yan suddenly said in a pleading voice.

Su Yang nodded and laid her on the bed, grabbed her by the hips, aimed the tip of his rod right at her yearning entrance, and he began shoving his rod in and out of her wet hole.

"Ahhhhh~!" Yu Yan released a sharp cry that caused Xuan Jinglin's heart to skip a beat when she first heard it.

Xuan Jinglin covered her mouth with her hands and watched in silence as Su Yang dominated both Yu Yan's body and soul with his techniques and divine rod, and every moan that came out of Yu Yan's mouth would cause her body to tremble.

Xuan Jinglin felt that she was not watching sexual intercourse right now but an act of art instead, as every movement Su Yang executed was made with elegance and beauty, yet there was a sense of dominance that surrounded his presence.

And after watching the two cultivate for a few minutes, Xuan Jinglin became aroused herself and began playing with herself as she watched.

However, when Su Yang saw this, he smiled and said to her, "I can handle you too if you want to join us."

Xuan Jinglin was dumbfounded by his words at first and stared at him with a dazed look for a good minute before she quickly removed her clothes once again and joined them.

Thus, Su Yang started massaging Xuan Jinglin, who was laying right beside Yu Yan, with his hands while he also massaged Yu Yan with his rod, satisfying both of the girls simultaneously and with ease, showing his talent and experience in multitasking.

"Ah… Ahh… Ahhh..."

"Ah… so good… Ahh..."

Suddenly, the room became much more livid with two beauties moaning beside each other with erotic expressions, causing the room to be filled with a euphoric atmosphere that could only be described as a dream for men.

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