Dual Cultivation

Chapter 220 I Want to Cultivate with You…

Chapter 220 I Want to Cultivate with You…

Su Yang poured the special oil on Xuan Jinglin's back and began massaging her.

"Ahhh! This feels so good! I have never experienced anything like this before!"

Xuan Jinglin moaned loudly as the oil seeped into her pores, making her body much more sensitive to Su Yang's touch and strengthening her Yin Qi in the process.

A few moments later, once Su Yang covered her back with oil, he moved his hands toward her buttocks and squeezed it tightly, squeezing a profound cry of pleasure out of Xuan Jinglin's mouth alongside some water out of her bottom lips. 

Su Yang then proceeded to massage her butt cheeks by pressing his fingers deep into the two mountain of meats before him, sending jolts of excitement through Xuan Jinglin's body.

Once he was finished with her butt, Su Yang navigated his hands toward her slender legs, skillfully massaging her tender thighs while teasing her little sister every so often, which stimulated the lust in Xuan Jinglin's body even further.

Within minutes, Xuan Jinglin was feeling exhausted from her constant spraying, yet Su Yang had only covered her back with oil, leaving the front still untouched.

"What's wrong? Are you feeling exhausted already? Do you want me to stop here?" Su Yang asked her.

"N...No! I...I can... handle more..." Xuan Jinglin spoke with a clearly exhausted voice.

There was no way she'd give up after experiencing something as divine as this oil massage, especially when her body is still burning with lust. In her mind, she decided to not leave this bed even Su Yang might steal her last breath with his godly hand techniques.

"If you say so."

Su Yang did not try to persuade her to leave and continued to massage the front of her body.

"Ahhh... Yes... Touch me more~"

Xuan Jinglin grabbed the bedsheets tightly when Su Yang massaged her breasts, as she was afraid that she might instinctively hug him.

However, once Su Yang began massaging her little sister, Xuan Jinglin lost control within seconds and began reaching for Su Yang's pelvis area with her trembling hands, her gaze filled with the desire to cultivate.

"Senior apprentice-brother Su… please… I want to cultivate with you…" Xuan Jinglin asked him in a pleading tone, her gaze flickering with passion.

Seeing her desperate expression, Su Yang smiled and said, "Are you sure? You won't be able to leave this room by yourself if we cultivate."

Xuan Jinglin nodded with a determined face, thinking to herself that history will only be repeating itself.

Su Yang did not say anything else and retrieved his thick rod from within his robes like it was a hidden weapon.

"T-This is senior apprentice-brother's thing…?"

Xuan Jinglin stared at Su Yang's powerful rod with a gawking expression. In her mind, she compared Su Yang's rod with her partner's, but the difference was akin to heaven and earth with Su Yang's rod being former!

"W-Which bastard started the rumor that called him a cripple? Would a cripple have a such a stiff-looking rod?!" Thinking back to the rumors, Xuan Jinglin couldn't help but curse that individual for misleading them, as it ruined the opportunity for many people to experience such a divine rod!

"I will start moving now," Su Yang said to her.

Xuan Jinglin forcefully swallowed her overflowing saliva and nodded.

Su Yang slowly pushed his meaty rod into Xuan Jinglin's entrance, causing her wet lips to expand.

"Aahhhhh!" Xuan Jinglin's body jerked uncontrollably at the intense feeling in her crotch as Su Yang's thick rod pierced her body.

Su Yang's little brother was so big when it entered her body that Xuan Jinglin thought she'd experienced losing her virginity for the second time just now.

It was an indescribable feeling that will forever change her view of dual cultivation.

Once the tip of Su Yang's rod reached the end of Xuan Jinglin's tight tunnel, he began thrusting his hips, ferociously pounding her cave with his rod, overwhelming Xuan Jinglin's body and mind with pleasure.




Meanwhile, the other eight girls patiently waited in the outside room with nervous expressions.

"How long do you think senior sister Xuan will last?" one of them asked.

"Knowing how she's the most experienced out of the nine of us, she should be able to withstand at least half an hour without any problem, even if she's against someone like Su Yang."

"Half an hour? I will not leave until I get at least two hours with him!" the youngest amongst them spoke.

"Hahaha… I will call you senior sister if you last even an hour inside…"

The other girls began laughing.

"Hmph! Just you watch—"

In the midst of their laughter, the room to Su Yang's door suddenly opened.

Su Yang walked out of the room with a calm expression and spoke, "I am ready to accept the next guest."

"What? You are finished already?"

The girls exchanged baffled looks with each other. Forget about half an hour, it hasn't even been fifteen minutes since Xuan Jinglin entered the room!

"W-What happened to… never mind…"

The girls released that there was no point in asking about Xuan Jinglin's condition, as they all knew very well what will happen to them after experiencing Su Yang's godly techniques.

"I am next," Yu Yan, the youngest amongst there stepped forward with a resolute expression.

"Good luck trying to last two hours in there, Junior Sister Yu!"

Knowing very well that she wouldn't last that long, the girls cheered for Yu Yan in a teasing voice as she entered Su Yang's room.

Once Yu Yan entered the room, she was shocked to see Xuan Jinglin sitting at the end of the room like last time but with a perverted expression that shook her heart. Furthermore, her robes were barely on her body, almost like it had been taken off at one point and she didn't bother to put it back on properly afterward.

"W-What on earth happened to her?" Yu Yan was no longer feeling confident that she would be able to last two hours, especially after seeing Xuan Jinglin's appearance.

"Junior sister…" Seeing Yu Yan enter the room, Xuan Jinglin stared at her with a malicious grin and spoke, "Give me a good show like last time…"

Yu Yan's jaw dropped to the floor upon hearing such words — she was simply speechless.

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