Dual Cultivation

Chapter 219 What Do You Think of My Body?

Chapter 219 What Do You Think of My Body?

Inside his house, nine beauties lined up before Su Yang in an orderly fashion, resembling the scene of prostitutes waiting for the guest to pick on his favorite.

However, instead of prostitutes, they were all Outer Court disciples from the Medicine Hall and also Lan Liqing's disciples. What's more, they were one of Su Yang's earliest customers before he was a sensation amongst the Outer Court disciples, and they are here today to experience his heavenly techniques again.

"Who wants to be first?" Su Yang suddenly asked them, "You girls can discuss among yourselves—"

"We have already agreed on the order," said one of the girls.

"Oh?" Su Yang raised an eyebrow.

"We have decided before coming here that we will go in the exact same order as before, meaning I will go first," said Xuan Jinglin, who was the first girl during their first visit to have experienced Su Yang's techniques.

Su Yang nodded and said, "That is fine with me."


The place suddenly turned quiet.

"What's wrong?" Su Yang asked them.

"Umm… what are the conditions this time?" Xuan Jinglin asked him, as there were conditions during their first visit that they had to follow before they could even receive his service.

"Oh, those? There are no conditions this time around," he casually said.

"What? There are no conditions?"

The nine girls looked at him with wide eyes filled with shock.

"W-What about the time limit? How long will the massage last this time?" one of them asked.

Su Yang replied with a smile on his face, "There are no time limits, so you can stay essentially stay here for hours without leaving, but all of you will be exhausted within minutes. That being said, I will make sure you all leave here satisfied, so you don't have to worry about me purposefully rushing the massage just to make you leave sooner."

"N...No time limits?"

"H-H-Hours of massage?"

The girls began trembling from anticipation after listening to his new conditions, and they silently swore to themselves that they will not leave his bed even if they were to die from pleasure!

"Do you have any more questions for me before we start?" Su Yang asked them.

"Um…" Xuan Jinglin raised her hands and spoke, "You mentioned that there will be more than just a 'massage'... What did you mean by that, exactly?"

The other girls inwardly praised Xuan Jinglin for asking the question that has been stuck in their head since they heard it.

However, Su Yang merely smiled at the question and said, "You will find out inside."


The girls' anticipation soared through the roof and past the clouds at this point, and their imaginations ran wild wondering what Su Yang would do to them when they are alone!

"I-I am ready!" Xuan Jinglin no longer had any patience and approached Su Yang's room with large steps. In her mind, she was certain that all of her questions will be answered once they began, so there was no reason for her to linger any longer!

Once she was inside his room, memories of her first visit rushed through her head, and her body instantly became aroused.

"Go ahead and lie down," Su Yang said to her after closing the door.

Xuan Jinglin nodded and laid on the bed like previously.

A few moments later, Su Yang began massaging her back, causing tingly sensations to appear all over her body.

"Mmmm… Ahhh… This is it… Yes…" Xuan Jinglin began moaning in pleasure.

However, despite the pleasure, Xuan Jinglin could not tell the difference between this session and her previous session; it was almost like nothing had changed at all.

With that being said, Xuan Jinglin did not mind it at all and continued to enjoy the heavenly massage.

A few minutes later, Su Yang suddenly spoke, "Do you want this to continue, or do you want to try something new?" he asked her without stopping his massage.

"S-Something new? What might that be?" she asked, her interest immediately piqued.

"I have a special oil with me that was created by mixing many rare herbs, and if you soak your skin with it, your experience will be greatly enhanced. Furthermore, it will cleanse the impurities in your Yin Qi to a certain extent and strength it."

"A-Are you serious?" Xuan Jinglin made a swallowing motion after hearing his words that sounded a little bit too good to be true.

After all, only rare pills such as the Profound Yin Pill have the ability to strengthen one's Yin Qi. Yet Su Yang was out here telling her that he has some kind of special oil that has the same effect as the Profound Yin Pill? And he's willing to use it on her for free?

However, Xuan Jinglin found it even harder to believe that Su Yang would have any intentions to harm her, so she nodded to his suggestion to use this special oil.

"Also, in order to apply the special oil to your body, I will need you to remove your clothes," Su Yang said to her.

Xuan Jinglin had long prepared her heart before arriving at this place just in case Su Yang wanted to give her more than just a massage, so she was not too surprised to see it actually happen and removed her clothes without flustering.

Su Yang looked at Xuan Jinglin's naked body with a calm expression. Although her proportions could not compare to Lan Liqing's mature figure, her pale skin and slim body would make most normal men instantly lose control.

"What… What do you think of my body?" Xuan Jinglin asked him after seeing Su Yang stare at her body, her voice sounding bashful.

"It's beautiful," he softly replied with a handsome smile on his face.

Xuan Jinglin immediately blushed until her entire face was red.

"I-Is that so…"

If Su Yang were to ask her to leave his current partner to be with him right this moment, she would definitely not hesitate to nod her head.

"You can lie down again," he then said to her.

Xuan Jinglin nodded and laid on the bed with the sound of her heart pounding like war drums, and a liquidy substance could be visibly seen leaking from the slit between her legs, looking like a pair of lips drooling due to hunger.

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