Dual Cultivation

Chapter 218 The Group of Beauties Returns for More

Chapter 218 The Group of Beauties Returns for More

The atmosphere inside the bathroom was extremely peaceful and quiet, and Lan Liqing, who has her head resting on Su Yang's shoulder at this moment was feeling especially relaxed and secured, something she has never experienced before. It was a dream-like situation, and Lan Liqing wanted this moment to last an eternity.

"Su Yang…" she suddenly spoke, "When are you going to become a Core disciple? I won't have to be secretive about my relationship with you anymore if you become one."

After all, in order to keep their intimate relationship as sect elder and disciple a secret so they don't get punished by the Sect, she had to lie to her own disciples in order to meet with him, something she couldn't do without feeling guilty about.

"You are still worrying about something like that?" Su Yang shook his head. "If anyone has a problem, they can find me."

"You don't understand, Su Yang… It's not something as insignificant as just a 'problem'. Despite the nature of this Sect, it is highly prohibited for sect elders and disciples to dual cultivate. If our relationship is revealed, we can be considered lucky if the Sect cripples our cultivation base before disowning us, and worst case, punish us with death."

"What if the Sect Leader dual cultivates with a disciple? Are there any rules on that?" Su Yang casually asked.

"T-The S-Sect Master? T-That's unthinkable! Such an incident has never occurred since the Profound Blossom Sect's founding! If it happens, it will be more than just a scandal!"

Su Yang couldn't help but laugh inwardly, as history has already been made for the Profound Blossom Sect when he cultivated with Liu Lanzhi during his Inner Court assessment.

"I don't understand why such a thing would be prohibited; it's not hurting anyone, and the disciples will benefit greatly if they cultivate with the sect elders," Su Yang sighed.

"I also do not understand it, but I have heard from the previous Sect Masters that such a rule did not exist in the earlier days. It was only after a certain incident that caused great chaos within the Profound Blossom Sect did they make such a rule."

"Is that so…" Although Su Yang couldn't care less about this sect rule, Lan Liqing seemed to be worried about it.

"Anyway, you shouldn't stress over something so insignificant. And even if it is revealed to the Sect that we have dual-cultivated, nothing will happen to the both of us — this I can guarantee you," he said to her with a confident smile on his face.

"If you say so…" Although she could not fully stop worrying about it, she felt some weight lifted off her shoulders after seeing his confidence; it was almost like Su Yang could share his feelings to whoever was close by his side.

After enjoying the bath for a few more minutes, Su Yang carried Lan Liqing out of the bathtub to get her body dried, before putting her clothes back on her body.

It was only after another half an hour did Lan Liqing regain the strength to stand up without falling after a few seconds of standing. And once she could walk without stumbling every few steps many minutes later, Lan Liqing bid farewell to Su Yang and returned to the Medicine Hall, where her disciples were still working at an incredible pace, which greatly dumbfounded Lan Liqing when she saw the scene.

When Lan Liqing left, Su Yang retrieved a red pill from the storage pouch that was left behind by Qiuyue and consumed it, before closing his eyes to cultivate.

Although Lan Liqing was only at the early stages of the Earth Spirit Realm, because of the special oil that enhanced her Yin Qi and this red pill that is filled with Yang Qi, Su Yang was able to cultivate enough Profound Qi for him to take steps towards the Heavenly Spirit Realm. And while the steps being taken are slow and weak, he is growing nevertheless.

At this rate, he won't even need half a year to reach the Heavenly Spirit Realm.




While Su Yang cultivated in peace, the disciples at the Medicine Hall moved with haste in order to get their work for the day finished as soon as possible so that they could go see Su Yang, causing the place to be disoriented and chaotic.

And when Lan Liqing first saw this scene, she was baffled by their working pace, as she has never seen them work so hard in her many years with them.

However, when Lan Liqing asked one of the disciples why they were suddenly so motivated and was told that Su Yang had reopened his little massage business, she was dumbfounded by the news.

"Su Yang will be accepting customers, again?" Lan Liqing couldn't imagine what the chaos would be like once the female disciples learn of this news, as it was already hectic when Su Yang first opened his business.

"So all of you girls plan on visiting Su Yang after work today?" she asked them with a weird expression on her face.

"That's right! We want to be the first ones to be in line!"

"Hopefully senior apprentice-brother Su only spoke with us about his reopening, or else we'd be in line for days before we could see him!"

"I-Is that so…" Lan Liqing did not want to be too involved with their mess, as it could potentially lead to her secret with Su Yang accidentally being revealed, so she left them alone and went upstairs to her own room to cultivate the Yang Qi in her body.

A few hours later, after the disciples at the Medicine Hall finished their work for the day, they all ran towards Su Yang's living quarters like a bunch of hungry beasts.

When they reached Su Yang's living quarters and saw that there was not a single person in line, their eyes flickered with excitement, feeling exhilarated that they were the first ones to arrive.

"S-Senior apprentice-brother Su! As promised, we are here!" One of them knocked on the door.

A few moments later, Su Yang opened the door.

"Come inside," he greeted them with a smile, and the girls happily entered the house without any hesitation.

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