Dual Cultivation

Chapter 217 Go Ahead, Stick It Inside Me…

Chapter 217 Go Ahead, Stick It Inside Me…

"Haa... Haaa… Haaaa…" Lan Liqing took heavily breaths after her climax.

But alas, Lan Liqing was only able to take a few breathes before Su Yang began rubbing her cave with his fingers that were soaked in the special oil.

"Ahhhhh~!" Lan Liqing released beastly moans as Su Yang massaged her cave, causing her body to tremble in delight.

Su Yang rubbed her around her cave, teased her little pink jewel, and massaged inside her wet garden with his fingers, sending endless jolts of pleasure through Lan Liqing's hot body.

Lan Liqing felt like she was being electrocuted endlessly, but instead of pain, her body was overwhelmed with pleasure that also awakened the lustful beast inside her heart.

A few minutes later, after Lan Liqing had several sexual climaxes, Su Yang pulled his hand away from her twitching body.

He looked at her overly satisfied face and spoke with a smile, "What do you think of the oil? It feels much better than a massage without it, right?"

"A-Are you trying to kill me, Su Yang?" Lan Liqing managed to squeeze out a few words after taking a moment to catch her breath.

Su Yang chuckled and said, "If you think that's bad, then you should experience what it feels like when I use even higher quality oil."

"Y-You have something even stronger than what you are already using?!" Lan Liqing couldn't imagine what it would feel like if her body were to become any more sensitive to pleasure.

However, that being said, she'd be lying if she said that she didn't want to try it, even if she's afraid of the results.

"Of course, I do. In fact, the oil I am currently using is the weakest of its kind."

"T-The weakest…?" Lan Liqing was truly baffled upon learning this fact.

"Anyway, let's continue…" Su Yang suddenly said.

"What? We are still not done? But I am already exhausted..." Lan Liqing looked at him with wide eyes.

Su Yang replied with a smile on his face as he began undressing his robes.

Lan Liqing could immediately see the meaning behind his actions, and as though it was magic, all the exhaustion in her body disappeared the moment her eyes saw Su Yang's stiff rod pointing towards the heavens.

"It's been a while since we last cultivated together, so let's take this chance to catch up," he said to her in a gentle voice, following with a soft kiss her on the lips afterward.

After receiving his kiss, Lan Liqing looked at Su Yang with a lustful gaze, and she reached for his hard rod with her hands.

A few moments later, after playing with it a bit, she shoved the rod into her mouth and began thrusting her head, giving Su Yang a passionate blowjob.

Many minutes later, when Lan Liqing was satisfied with the sweet taste of Su Yang's thick rod and Yang Qi, Su Yang went on the bed with her.

However, before piercing her hole, Su Yang retrieved more of his special oil. Though, unlike before, he did not pour it directly on Lan Liqing's body. Instead, he poured the oil all over his thick rod until it covered every inch, making it look like a delicious treat that was coated in a sweet substance.

Lan Liqing stared without blinking at Su Yang's thick rod that was dripping wet with the oil, seemingly mesmerized by its look and powerful presence.

Taking a deep breath, Lan Liqing spoke in an urging voice, "Go ahead, stick it inside me…"

Upon hearing Lan Liqing's alluring voice and seeing her begging expression, Su Yang shoved his thick rod deep into her yearning body with a single push.


Once Su Yang began thrusting his thick rod inside her body, Lan Liqing released a phoenix-like cry that shook the air in the room. The combination of Su Yang's heavenly technique and the special oil that enhanced her feeling of pleasure was simply too divine, and Lan Liqing felt like she had transcended to heaven from the pleasure during the moments it lasted.

Because the sensation was too intense for someone like Lan Liqing, she was only able to endure it for a few more minutes before Su Yang decided to finish it off by injecting her body with a load of his exclusive Yang Qi that was rich with nourishments and Profound Qi.

"You can wash the oil away when you can move," said Su Yang.

However, Lan Liqing rejected that suggestion and instead said, "I want you to wash my body…"

Su Yang looked at her with raised eyebrows. "You want me to wash you? I might tease your body instead," he chuckled.

"T-That's fine with me… As long as you clean my body afterward…" Lan Liqing obviously hesitated for a moment there.

Su Yang did not say anything else and carried Lan Liqing to the bathroom, as she was too exhausted to even move her own limbs.

Inside the bathroom, Su Yang laid Lan Liqing's naked back on his chest and poured water over her body. After that, he used soap that was created from a type of medical herb to wash her body.

Su Yang cleaned Lan Liqing's body properly without teasing her, which surprised Lan Liqing, who had prepared her heart, even looking forward to his teasing.

However, just as Lan Liqing relaxed her body, Su Yang began cleaning her little sister down there, which easily stimulated the lust in her body again, causing it to leak again.

"Ahhh…" Lan Liqing couldn't help but begin moaning in the bathroom as Su Yang washed her.

And although Su Yang did not purposefully invoke her lust, he found this situation to be quite funny. After all, if she keeps releasing her fluid down there, she will never be clean no matter how much he cleans that spot.

Thus, Su Yang decided to leave that spot alone after rubbing it for a few moments and move onto the next area.

Once he washed every spot on her jade-like skin, Su Yang poured water on her body to wash the soap away, before laying her body into the bathtub that is always filled with clean warm water due to a spiritual formation.

After all that, he quickly cleaned himself and went into the bathtub to join Lan Liqing, as it was large enough to fit adults and still have room to spare.

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